The Best Areas to Invest in The European and The Asian Sides of Istanbul

The Best Areas to Invest in Istanbul

The Best Areas to Invest in Istanbul

A Guide to Istanbul’s Best Areas to Invest

Istanbul is a great area to invest in real estate because of its thriving market, but where should you really buy it? Despite the city's recent population growth, there is still opportunity for expansion, making all parts of the city appealing to investors, regardless of whether they intend to rent out their homes or simply stay onto them for the long term.

What Are The Best Areas to Invest in Istanbul?

It makes sense that people are continuously trying to purchase real estate in Istanbul given that it has been slowly becoming one of the largest cities in Europe. Real estate investors and house purchasers alike are paying more attention as a result of the increasing demand, but where precisely should you be looking if you want to get the most value for your money? In order to help you decide where to invest in real estate before buying a home in Turkey's largest city, we have divided down the greatest neighborhoods in Istanbul.

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey and the center of the nation's economy, has seen remarkable growth in recent years, particularly in terms of investments in real estate and infrastructure. It might be challenging to know where to invest your money or which regions will provide you with the highest returns on your investment if you want to invest in Istanbul or if you already live there and are looking to buy property. This guide will assist you in deciding which areas in Istanbul are ideal for investing in residential or commercial property as well as the ideal time to do so in order to reap the greatest rewards.

Invest in The European Side of Istanbul

Those who wish to reside in Istanbul's center and take advantage of its nightlife can consider investing in the city's European side. Since the last ten years have seen such significant development on the European side, there are numerous neighborhoods that have great investment possibilities.

Istanbul's emerging communities include the Bosphorus and Küçükçekmece, both on the European side of the strait ity. These districts are still reasonably priced in comparison to other European cities, but as the city's urbanization continues, property values are rising quickly. These two neighborhoods provide a variety of housing options, from apartments to villas, close proximity to central Istanbul, and stunning views of the Bosphorus Str ait.


One of the most well-known neighborhoods in Istanbul and Turkey generally is Taksim. The neighborhood is close to several of the city's most well-known attractions and has a lot of growth potential. For both domestic and foreign investors, it also provides a nice mix between accessibility and affordability.


Istanbul is a busy city, making it challenging to decide where to put your money. The following are a few of our favorite emerging neighborhoods in Istanbul that present investment opportunities: One of Istanbul's most well-known neighborhoods, Bakirkoy, has a lot of open space, making it a place that may develop and evolve along with the neighborhood.


Beylikduzu and Başakşehir are two of Istanbul's emerging neighborhoods. Investing in these two regions today will increase the value of your house dramatically over the next five years because they are now undergoing a surge in development.


The neighborhoods on Istanbul's European side are developing, and some of them are becoming extremely popular with both foreigners and locals. One such neighborhood is Beylikdüzü, which has a lot of open space, great regional cuisine, and a traditional Turkish atmosphere.

Invest in The Asian Side of Istanbul

If you're looking for the next hot neighborhood, think about making an investment in Istanbul's Asian side. Since it lacks any tourist attractions and is often more attractive than its European side, this region has gone unnoticed until lately. However, recently, foreigners have begun to go to Istanbul's Asian side to reside there with locals.


It's challenging to choose just one or two neighborhoods that are ideal for all investors in a city as large and diverse as Istanbul. However, Uskudar ought to be at the top of your list if you're seeking for emerging neighborhoods in Istanbul. The variety of establishments in this region includes anything from fast food outlets to upscale department stores. Additionally, it is simple to reach many areas of Asian Istanbul due to its close proximity to the Bosphorus Strait.


One of Istanbul's most thriving, stunning, and eclectic neighborhoods is Kadikoy, and it has a lot going for it. Residents have a variety of mobility alternatives and easy access to public transportation, which can take them anywhere in Istanbul. The neighborhood is also quite close to Taksim Square.


Umraniye is an up-and-coming neighborhood in Istanbul with lots of promise, so investing there is a solid choice. There are numerous eateries in the region that are well-liked by both locals and visitors, and recent years have witnessed an increase in foreign investment. The Çamlıca  Hill and the Çamlıca  Mosque, the largest mosque in Turkey, are both very close to Umraniye, which also has a number of lovely parks, including Umraniye National Park.

How to invest in the best areas in Istanbul?

Once you find suitable homes with the best price offer, investing in Istanbul is quite simple. We are delighted to assist you in finding the greatest deals available to you as a seasoned firm in the real estate industry. Our local experienced team, in Property Experts, allows us to offer thorough information on properties and support throughout the purchasing process. To learn more, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.


What should I invest in Istanbul?

One of the best and safest investment options in Istanbul is real estate.

Is Istanbul a good place to invest in property?

Yes, provided that there is a favorable investing climate, a low cost of living, and a profitable rate of return.

Where is the best place to buy a house in Istanbul?

Istanbul is home to some of the best locations ever, including Kadikoy, Taksim, Uskudar, Bakirkoy, Umraniye, and many more, whether on the European or Asian sides.

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