The 7 Best Running Routes in Istanbul

The 7 Best Running Routes in Istanbul

The 7 Best Running Routes in Istanbul


Running can be a nice diversion from the typical tourist route and lead you to locations you might not otherwise notice. You can gain sight and learn about the countless hidden beauties of the city while exercising, especially in Istanbul. You just need to dress appropriately and work up a sweat to burn off your hectic agenda as we list the top running spots in Istanbul in this post. Together, let's explore the running paths in Istanbul!

Istanbul’s Parks

There are many parks in Istanbul where you can go for a run. Maçka Park, Gezi Park, Yldz Park, and Fenerbahçe Park are the four that we have selected for you.

Maçka Park is perfect for stair exercises and intermediate training. The track here is around 2.5 kilometers long, but it's fairly enjoyable and lets you build circuits of any size. Given that they are so close to one another and that Gezi Park serves as an addition to Maçka Park, you may think of them as one park. You'll need to do this by beginning in Taksim Square and moving through Gezi Park to get to the cable car station close to Maçka.

Yldz Park, which is situated in Istanbul's Beşiktaş neighborhood, is a favorite among runners. Because of its tough construction, it is ideally suited for advanced running and cross training.

On the Asian side of the city, Fenerbahçe Park serves as a different running route. As said in the title "A stroll through the Bosphorus Strait," this park offers breathtaking views of the Bosphorus and the Historical Peninsula.

A 5 km Circle Around The Historical Peninsula

If you want to take a jogging tour of Istanbul, we recommend running close to Tarihi Yarmada, which is Turkish for the Historical Peninsula of the city. The Sultanahmet (Blue) Mosque and Hagia Sophia are two buildings in this area of the city that have actually come to represent the entire city. You should be aware, though, that it would be best to begin your run early in the day before the peninsula is overrun with tourists.

To go to Hagia Sophia and the Topkapi Palace grounds, you can start at Sultanahmet Mosque and proceed through Sultanahmet Square. After passing through the palace's neighboring Gülhane Park, you will reach J.F. Kennedy Street, a 4-kilometer seaside promenade.

A Stroll Through The Bosphorus Strait

You may already be aware that Istanbul spans two continents and the Bosphorus Strait. Have you ever considered the city's waterfront neighborhoods as a running route? You really ought to!

The most attractive running routes in Istanbul are found along the Bosphorus, which runs from Kuruçeşme to Tarabya. These districts, which are on Istanbul's European side, offer stunning Bosphorus views that enthrall runners. There are stunning houses and residences from the Ottoman era, hip stores, renowned eateries, and third-generation cafés. There are numerous locations along this route where you can stop for a moment to get a drink of water or just to sit down and breathe deeply while you're out running.

A district along the Bosphorus that comes to mind is the affluent Bebek neighborhood of Istanbul. Bebek has a plenty to be proud of, including a beautiful embarkation with a view of the Bosphorus Strait. There are many people that want to come here to run in this region, especially close to Türkan Sabancı  Bebek Park.

A Personalized Run in Istanbul’s Rich Forestry

Istanbul offers extensive forests and running trails. Belgrade Forest and Aydos Forest are the two we'll mention in this article. You can pick one of these based on where area of Istanbul you'll be visiting!

Belgrade Woodland, which is 15 kilometers north of Istanbul, is a shaded forest with numerous hiking and running trails. Local fitness lovers who come here to work out in groups adore it because it is ideal all year round. The 6.5 kilometer running track is located in a forest that covers more than 5,000 hectares, so you can design your own course that is any length you like. Nine nature parks, a lake, and numerous recreational places are all located within the forest. You're likely to be impressed by its abundant fauna and gorgeous greenery!

There is also a well-known, drinkable spring in the woodland by the name of Neşet Suyu (Neşet Spring). You may reach the Atatürk Arboretum, a botanical collection of indigenous plants and trees located in Belgrade Forest, by traveling 2.5 kilometers north of the spring.

The trailheads of Aydos Forest are situated in Istanbul's Kartal district and are easily accessible by public transit. The city's highest point is covered by a forest, which provides a vantage point from which to view the city's sights.

A lovely lake can also be found in the woodland. Make sure to visit Aydos Forest if you are staying in Istanbul's Asian neighborhood or have the opportunity to drive across the city.

A Waterfront Route in The Golden Horn

Here's another running path for you if we caught you at "waterfront": The Golden Horn (Haliç). In this area, you can create customized running routes of various lengths. You may either make a longer course by starting in the Fener (Phanar) neighborhood and stopping close to Haliç Park, or you can start at the Galata Bridge and run all the way down to the Haliç. If you choose the latter and finish the return route as well, your run will be little under 7.5 kilometers long.

There are some colorful homes along this path, which residents refer to as the Balat neighborhood, that can tempt you to pause and take a snapshot. It includes several highlights, including the renowned Phanar Greek Orthodox College, also known as the Red Castle, and the Istanbul Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, similar to the other routes.

You should get an early start for these first three running routes because they might be overrun with both domestic and foreign tourists later in the day. You might wish to consider the options listed below if you're looking for quieter running paths.

Waterfront Trails on The Asian Side

The Caddebostan coast, the Moda coast, and the Dalyan-Pendik coast, the latter of which is the longest, are among the waterfront running trails on Istanbul's Asian side. Your run will be 27 kilometers long if you run through the palm-lined parks along the coast from Dalyan to Pendik. This running path is still a little-known treasure and is less congested than the other ones we've previously described. Running along the about 6-kilometer-long Suadiye-Fenerbahçe will allow you to make a shorter trip.

Between Kadköy and Kalams, one of the most popular running routes is the Moda coast. The route is 1.2 kilometers long and runs from Yourtçu Park to the end of the coast. It is unquestionably among the most idyllic areas of the Asian side.

Princes’ Islands - A more Tranquil Option

Istanbul's Princes Islands are among of the best areas to run if you have time for a day excursion. We've settled on Büyükada, one of the nine islands in the Marmara Sea off the coast of Istanbul. Following the perimeter road, you can create your own unique tour of the entire island. An added plus is the view of its Ottoman-era homes and unending greenery.

You can run freely on the island because cars are not permitted there; just be careful of bikers and electrical carriages. It is advised that you visit the island during the workweek when conditions are normally quieter. Don't forget to look at the boat cruises' schedule.

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