Discover the best places for shopping in Istanbul

The Best Places for Shopping in Istanbul

The Best Places for Shopping in Istanbul


Istanbul has a long, multicultural history dating back thousands of years. Even in the shopping is where the city's multiethnic structure from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras is evident. This article lists numerous places to shop in Istanbul, including well-known streets found within shopping malls and historic areas like the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar.

Visiting a historical site or a street market in Istanbul is a very different experience from going to a mall. Locals, Visiting a historical site or a street market in Istanbul is a very different experience from going to a mall. However, it's actually impossible to favor one over the other! Therefore, while visiting Istanbul, you should make sure to visit each and every one of the shopping locations we'll be discussing in this post, from the contemporary streets to the historic alleys.


Abdi Pekçi Street and Mim Kemal Ke Street stand out as the most well-known streets in Nişantaş, which is home to boutiques where you can find exceptional design products as well as luxury shops.

You can get lost in Nişantaş's back streets, especially if you're seeking for evening dresses, and stop by the businesses that sell the newest styles of these dresses. Abdi Pekçi Street, which stretches from Maçka to Nişantaş and has more than 50 upscale stores, is similar to an outdoor shopping mall.

Istiklal Street

As embassy structures, banks, and hotels began to emerge in the Ottoman capital, wealthy non-Muslim city residents began to compete with one another to construct magnificent structures in this region. Despite the fact that we often overlook the architectural wonders of Beyolu as we travel down stiklal Street nowadays, looking at the bright windows at eye level. Numerous stores are scattered to the right and left of the street as you take in this old ambiance. Everything you could possibly think of, including clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs, may be found only here!


One of Istanbul's rising stars is Galata. Wonderful gift shops have just popped up everywhere around Galata Tower. Also included are several lovely concept stores. Galata stands out among the major shopping areas in Istanbul without a doubt. While shopping here, you may enjoy an architectural feast.


Sultanahmet was among the most significant shopping areas in Istanbul both today and during the Ottoman era. The Sultanahmet neighborhood and other areas like Beyazt, Eminönü, and Unkapan are the most significant shopping areas in the city when you look at the Ottoman era. Famous Istanbul shopping centers like Arasta Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, and Nuruosmaniye Street may be found in Sultanahmet.


Between the Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar are shopping areas in Eminönü. On the weekends, it can be challenging to find a spot to even take a step between Uzunçarş Street and Mahmutpaşa Hill, which are located between two iconic bazaars in Istanbul.


Let me briefly describe Sirkeci, a neighborhood in the very center of Istanbul. Since Istanbul's Byzantine and Ottoman eras, Sirkeci Shore has been the commercial hub of the city. It is one of the oldest trade ports in human history. Its numerous streets still have the unmistakable bustle that permeates the entire day that one would anticipate from its past. The shore still has a lot of gift shops, bazaars, bibliopoles, and antique stores because the spirit of the past hasn't completely disappeared. You can find all of these there!

Here are some additional details on Sirkeci for you! The current Sirkeci Terminal was previously the terminus of the Ark Express, also known as the Orient Express and once operating between Europe and Istanbul. After stepping off the train, passengers—most of whom were top administrators and writers—used to go straight to the Pera Palace to find a fantastic place to stay. Agatha Christie was one of them! In one of the chambers at Pera Palace, the great novelist composed "Murder on the Orient Express." Understanding the history of Sirkeci quarter will undoubtedly bring back some fond memories from your visit!


During the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, the city's pier was located in the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Karaköy. The 19th century, which was the final era of the Ottoman Empire, saw a complete revival of this port neighborhood, which has been active throughout Istanbul's history. In Karaköy, where all of the city's local and international businessmen have invested, there are also pieces of art like Minerva Han.

Nowadays, the shops that sell outdoor gear dominate Karaköy's commercial districts. There are locations where you might find souvenirs, including clothing and jewelry.

There are bazaars selling all different kinds of equipment on Tersane Street, which runs from Karaköy to the Golden Horn. Clothing stores for divers may be seen lined up side by side on Kemeralt Street, which continues in the Kabataş direction.

Grand Bazaar

The Grand Market comes to mind when we think of an actual bazaar in Istanbul. You may be sure that visiting this ancient market, which is filled with many mementos, will give your journey a special flavor. Regardless of what you choose to purchase from Türkiye, this location will inspire you much. You may find here handmade Turkish carpets with classic designs, unique golden jewelry, delectable Turkish delicacies, seductive local spices, and much more!

Spice Bazaar

For many years, spices from India and silk fabrics from China were transported to Egypt by caravans before being shipped from there to Istanbul. These priceless trade commodities were shipped to Europe by Genoese and Venetians who resided in Istanbul. The public was given access to some of these crucial trade goods in Istanbul's Spice Bazaar. In the center of the Eminönü neighborhood, near to the Yeni Mosque, the Spice Bazaar is still a popular destination for both locals and visitors from abroad.

Uzunçarşı Street

The name of the gradual slope that runs from Eminönü's beach to the Grand Bazaar Türkiye is Uzunçarş Street. On the street, you may find a variety of offices, stores, and dining and drinking establishments.

We advise you to visit this store if you wish to have a vintage shopping experience in the Historical Peninsula. Many purchasing items are likewise far less expensive here than they are elsewhere.


For the past few years, Balat has been one of Istanbul's busiest shopping areas. Combining eating and drinking with sightseeing, experiencing local culture, and shopping is the finest part of visiting neighboring areas like Fener and Balat.

After a leisurely breakfast in one of the cafes outside the Fener Greek Patriarchate, you may explore Vodina Street, which links the two neighborhoods, and take in the vintage shops nearby.

You'll notice that several of the businesses to the right and left are holding auctions as soon as you enter the Balat Bazaar. You may see people moving from the stores to the streets during these small-scale auctions when antiques are offered for cheap prices that can be referred to as a deal.


On the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Kadköy is one of the first places that come to mind for shopping. From Bahariye Street to Badat Street, there are numerous shopping streets that lead from Kadköy's beach to the fish market. It is unquestionably a wise decision to stroll through clothes boutiques and past gift shops while bringing a cup of coffee with you.

Bağdat Street

Badat Street is a fantastic option if you want to go shopping in the open air. On this nine kilometer long Badat Street, there are a wide variety of alternatives, from stores to restaurants. The majority of premium brands want to advertise on this street because it is so near to the ocean. Do not forget to add Badat Street to your list of locations to visit if you want to shop with the people in Istanbul and explore the city. Alternately, you can go to Stinye Park in Saryer for a greater selection of goods including upscale brands and jewelry with unique designs.


As you can see, Istanbul has a wide variety of shopping options. There are plenty of other places to shop and go sightseeing in addition to the dozens of malls or streets we highlighted here.

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