The 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Istanbul

The 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Istanbul

The 10 Best Souvenirs to Buy from Istanbul


Istanbul has historically been a distinctive trading hub due to its beautiful location at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Its extensive cultural diversity, deep-rooted handicraft heritage, and influences from all over the world as a result of its advantageous position have turned it into an incredible shopping paradise. In summary, shopping in Istanbul is also a cultural experience. The Grand Bazaar is likely one of the most precise addresses to better comprehend this. In this incredible ancient arcade, you may find a lot of the most unique products you might encounter while exploring Turkey.

How will we choose what to buy, then? It is almost impossible to avoid getting lost in the sea of choices. Not to worry! The most well-liked ones were listed for you. Here are 10 of the best mementos from Istanbul, including Turkish rugs, Turkish tea, Turkish coffee, coffee pots, Turkish delight, and more.

Turkish Tea

Turkish tea, often known as çay locally, is unquestionably the most popular hot beverage in Turkey. It is prepared in a traditional double teapot called a çaydanlk and is a type of black tea from the Black Sea region. It is a crucial component of Turkish culture and is drank throughout the day. Therefore, throughout your vacation to Istanbul, you can be sure that you will observe people sipping tea in homes, parks, and even stores all day long. Last but not least, keep in mind that the easiest method to get to know someone here is to drink tea together. What a drink!

Turkish Coffee & Cezve

Turkish coffee is popular not only in Turkey but also around the world. It is traditionally served with a cup of water and boiled in a unique pot called a cezve. To improve the taste of your coffee, you must drink water before it. One of Istanbul's best arcades, the Grand Bazaar, is where you should go if you want to get some Turkish coffee to take home. Along with Turkish coffee, you may stock your kitchen with this genuine tradition by purchasing a cezve or Turkish coffee set.

Lokum and Turkish Baklava

We advise you to acquire some lokum before leaving Istanbul. Because they are among the most well-liked traditional sweets in Turkey and are known as Turkish delight over the world. They contain gel starch, crushed dates, and icing sugar on top. There are several varieties, including ones with rosewater, lemon, almonds, and pistachios. You could go to The Spice Bazaar, which offers all the conventional flavors, to decide which one best suits your palate. While we're still talking about desserts, we should bring up Baklava, which is even more well-known than lokum. Baklava is a dessert that consists of delicate layers of dough filled with chopped pistachios or walnuts and presented by being drenched in sweet syrup. This really tasty dessert is unquestionably one of the greatest options to bring home!

Turkish Spices

The homeland of spices is Turkey. That its cuisine is so wonderful is therefore not surprising. Among the most well-known are allspice, paprika, and especially sumac. They might be the tastiest mementos you bring back from Turkey. We are aware of a wonderful location where you may find a variety of spices. The Spice Bazaar, located in the center of Istanbul, has an abundance of all the spices you would desire to experience. You can also sample numerous regional flavors and unique teas in addition to spices.

Mosaic Lamps

The mosaic lamp is another another of Istanbul's most well-liked mementos. They can be found in almost all historic bazaars. Glass objects, miniature hanging lamps, and chandeliers all have distinctive designs. They will undoubtedly be a fantastic option to enhance the elegance of the rooms in your home. To make them easier to transport on your trip, you might get smaller ones.

Iznik Ceramic

The typical themes of znik tiles, which feature tulip patterns and turquoise colors, can be seen in many of Istanbul's medieval mosques and palaces. Imagine having some of these lovely patterns on home decor items as well. Here is a compelling argument for visiting the Grand Bazaar.

Count on finding a wide variety of ceramic pieces there, including vases, bowls, ashtrays, and plates. It will be impossible to forget Istanbul's beauty and recollections, regardless of whether you return home.

Olive Oil and Olive Oil Soap

You must try such olive items before leaving Turkey, which is the olive's native land. Thanks to the numerous olive oil facilities in this location, it is offered in a wide range of product alternatives. Start with the olive oil. Unquestionably, one of the most fundamental components in Turkish cooking is olive oil. In a sense, we may say that this is where the delectable Turkish cuisine originates. Handmade olive oil soap is an additional memento to purchase. Because among the most popular souvenirs in Turkey are both bath and beauty goods.

It is obvious why Turkish bath products are so well-known when one considers the country's prestigious bathing tradition, or hammam. As an alternative, you might try black soap, different aromatic aromas, and natural care items.

Turkish Jewelry

Since the Ottoman era, designing priceless stones has been a highly esteemed tradition. Istanbul in particular has had a long history of skilled craftspeople due to its rich cultural heritage. Even now, it's simple to find unique designs here. The best spot to look for glistening diamonds, gold and silver accessories, and valuable stones is Grand Bazaar, a historic jewelry market.

Blue Evil Eye

Nearly all Turkish souvenir shops display the blue evil eye when you are shopping. This jewelry, which is known locally as Nazar Boncuu, features a blue stone in the shape of an eye. Many people once thought those shielded them from the evil curse. Today, though, it's typically employed for aesthetic purposes rather than for superstitious ones. This catchy item is offered in a variety of forms, including jewelry, key chains, and refrigerator magnets. If you like them, you might want to purchase one for yourself as a memento.

Turkish Rugs and Turkish Carpets

It's not surprising that Turkish rugs and carpets are among the most sought-after souvenirs in Istanbul given their distinctive designs and vibrant colors. The art of carpet weaving has been passed down through the generations and continues to showcase the talents of great artisans. Particularly Turkish rugs, also called as kilim locally, may make ideal souvenirs from Istanbul because they are portable. Genuine, handcrafted carpets and rugs can be a little pricey, but they are definitely worth it.

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