The Best Trekking Spots Within And Around Istanbul

The Best Trekking Spots Within And Around Istanbul

The Best Trekking Spots Within And Around Istanbul


Some people use walking as a form of mental rest that is based on a particular ideology. Some people make walking more than just a sport or hobby; it becomes a way of life. You will formally become a trekker the day you start looking for new places to walk. Make sure that the ultimate result of your nature-centered hiking is worth all of your lovely weariness. The top hiking areas in and around Istanbul will be included here.

Experience the Natural World in Belgrad Forest

Serbia may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term Belgrad, but this is incorrect. A beautiful woodland may be found north of Istanbul. This location is a secret green oasis in the middle of the city. Belgrad Forest, one of Istanbul's most significant natural areas, is situated between the Saryer and Eyüp districts. The Belgrade foresters who lived in this area gave it its name.

When we examine its history, we find that during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, it was Istanbul's primary source of drinking water. Aqueducts and embankments are therefore visible in the forest. Seven ancient embankments and six different nature parks are distributed across the woodland at various locations. When you grow weary of the rush and bustle of the city, it is the ideal location for trekking and resting!

Polonezköy Is a Place Where Nature Lovers Find New Love

Polonezköy, a village in Istanbul's Beykoz neighborhood, was established by Poles who fled their country in the middle of the 19th century. One of the most popular weekend getaway routes for Istanbul residents is this one. Polonezköy, which is home to Istanbul's biggest nature park, offers the perfect setting for hiking. On its 5 km long walking track, you can jog and engage in outdoor activities at any time of the year. We heartily urge you to travel to Istanbul and experience the Polish atmosphere firsthand!

Watch the Colors Dance in Sülüklü Lake

Sülüklü Lake was created by a landslide that occurred in Tavşansuyu stream about 300 years ago. Sülüklü Lake, which lies in the village of Mudurnu in Bolu, is a stunning natural setting where you can go fishing, camping, and hiking. Sülüklü Göl has a variety of rare plant species and forests, making for a very attractive walking route in the fall.

Chase the Sky in Uçmakdere

The Tekirda neighborhood of arköy has the historic village of Uçmakdere. The village's Turkish name makes you think of flying. This is due to the close proximity of the paragliding slopes. In addition to paragliding, Uçmakdere may be your best-kept trekking secret if you're looking for a tranquil, spacious environment.

Enjoy a stroll here while listening to the majestic Ganos Mountains and the turquoise Marmara Sea. The path that passes through the villages and the trail that leads to the coast can both be followed. If you like to go camping, Uçmakdere is a great place for you.

Keep the Rhythm of Water in Erikli Plateau

After traveling 6 km from Teşvikiye Village in Yalova's narck district, you can reach Erikli Plateau. When you arrive, Teşvikiye Urban Forest, ifte Waterfalls, and Dipsiz Lake welcome you. With an average walking pace, the ascent to Erikli Plateau takes about an hour. The presence of numerous waterfalls along the trail is this hiking trail's most noteworthy characteristic. You get the chance to stroll along the creek and under the trees on the trail. There are so many trees along the trail leading to the Ifte Waterfall that it can occasionally be difficult to see the sky. Trekking enthusiasts should explore this beautiful, verdant vegetation in Erikli frequently.

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