Discover Istanbul districts in the European and Asian sides

Districts of Istanbul

Districts of Istanbul

Istanbul is divided into 39 districts, 25 of which are located on the European side and 14 on the Asian side.

Istanbul had 32 districts, but due to the city's growing population and the demand for modern amenities, urban restructuring was required to make modifications, maintain the areas, and expand them for the future.

With a new city planning structure in place in April 2008, the province of Istanbul was divided into 39 areas, totaling 936 neighborhoods. Local governments in each of Istanbul's districts are chosen by the residents of those areas' neighborhoods.

Additionally, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) oversees every district, and the District Municipalities are responsible for tasks like activity coordination and control, selecting locations for the disposal of solid waste, building city roads and bridges, offering funerary facilities, and managing the public transportation system.

Istanbul is made up of all of these 39 regions that are spread throughout its European and Asian (Anatolian) sides, creating a huge metropolis that is not only majestic but also a delight to explore. Each of Istanbul's districts has something unique to offer, whether it be a unique neighborhood, fantastic shopping opportunities, a lively nightlife, or an ideal family community for real estate buyers.

On the European side, there are 25 districts, and on the Asian side, there are 14 districts. Given the vast expanse of these areas, it will take a lifetime to explore them all, from the luxurious residential districts to the commercial and tourism hubs.

Some places have become well-known because of their historical claims to fame or their contemporary contributions to the metropolitan lifestyle, while others have the ideal off-grid reputation for buyers who prefer to live away from the bustle of the city.

Istanbul's European Side Districts


Beyoglu, one of Istanbul's most historic districts, is well-known around the world for being the best place to shop, party, eat gourmet food, and appreciate culture and art. Istiklal Street, Flower Passage, Turkey's busiest street, contains significant landmarks such as Taksim Independence Monument and French Avenue.


Esentepe and Nisantasi are just a couple of the well-known neighborhoods of Sisli. Two of the city's tallest skyscrapers, four malls, and the Istanbul Military Museum are among the notable landmarks in this prominent area.


The most well-known stadium, Inonu, as well as historic Ottoman homes in the nostalgic Arnavutkoy neighborhood are both located in Besiktas, one of Istanbul's most contemporary neighborhoods. The largest mosque and jacket potato streets are in Ortakoy, one of Besiktas's well-known iconic buildings and neighborhoods, whereas Bebek is a posh and well-known Bosphorus area.


One of Istanbul's most coveted Districts, Sariyer is one to explore. It is home to well-known sites including Emirgan Park, Rumelihisari Castle, Ataturk Arboretum, Belgrad Forest, and Kilyos Beach.


Middle-class workers who purchase property in Kagithane and commute to the major city centers love this area for its future potential, fantastic transportation options, and a thriving real estate market.


With its iconic buildings, including the 76,000 square meter Carousel Shopping Center, this neighborhood is well known as a commercial and shopping hub and can house more than 1 million visitors annually.


Its name, which means "homes with gardens," reflects the majority of Bahcelievler's middle-class districts. Residents like their ideal location and excellent transportation options despite the fact that tourists have little to discover in this area.


The majority of tourists and visitors to Istanbul are drawn to the Fatih area, which served as the capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, and where the Sultanahmet quarter is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fener, Balat, which are historic Jewish and Greek communities, and Eminonu, which is located in the Golden Horn, are further noteworthy neighborhoods.


The old Constantinople walls may be seen in several of Zeytinburnu's historical sites. Translation of its name: "Olive Cloak." The 13 neighborhoods that make up this area have profited from the prosperity of the neighbouring Fatih district. However, in recent years, as incredible beachfront housing projects have been built in the area, it has become one of Istanbul's most sought-after areas.


It's one of Istanbul's districts, with only 11 neighborhoods, and it's a great family vacation spot with amenities for dining, shopping, and entertainment.


Bayrampasa, an 8 square kilometer area with historical fame, is now the world's greatest artichoke producer. The artichoke sculpture, a wistful reminder of days gone by, is still visible in the area even though this trade is currently unavailable.


Even though Esenler, formerly known as Litros, has a significant internal location in Istanbul, Europe, it still avoids the mainstream network. It was one of the least publicized districts in Istanbul due to the lack of tourists and the stagnant real estate market. However, with its low housing costs, it is increasingly luring real estate investors.


Another area that has maintained its past status as a model of excellent urban planning through communal and residential developments is Bagcilar, one of the districts of Istanbul that has strong transportation networks to the entire city.


Eyupsultan is a well-liked tourist site because of the 19th-century Eyupsultan Mosque and the Pierre Loti Cafe, which views out over the gorgeous Golden Horn. Muslims and their families admire the region's historical Islamic significance, and tourists are also particularly interested in the region's historical sites.


Due to inadequate facilities, Gaziosmanpasa has remained a low-key region despite being separated into three additional districts in 2009 as a result of the area's rapid population expansion. The region now has hospitals, shopping centers, mega stores, and new housing projects thanks to the new urban revitalization developments.


Sultangazi has become known for its Ottoman stone aqueduct systems, some of which are still in operation. Sultangazi is the cosmopolitan hub of 11 minor communities and a region formed in 2009.


Due to its location along the proposed Channel Istanbul route and the presence of a large lake with the same name  (Kucukcekmece Lake), Kucukcekmece is a very popular destination for real estate investors. The TEM and E5 freeways are close together, making them the best for automobiles.


In the 1960s, the little village and wealthy summer getaway that had once been Avcilar area was turned into an industrial factory town. Recent rapid urban renewal has produced excellent residential housing complexes with expansive facilities that contribute to the high level of real estate for sale in the city.


If you want to live in a green scenery, go to Beylikduzu, which has the highest living standards. The region, which is also known for its pleasant seaside neighborhoods such as Gurpinar, is growing in Istanbul's real estate market due to its low per square meter prices. On the European side of Istanbul, it is one of the most sought-after districts.


Esenyurt has rapidly changed over the past ten years as a result of excellent real estate investments that also made it possible to build new cultural facilities and parks. This region of Istanbul's vibrant heart draws a lot of foreign real estate purchasers. It has also large three malls and excellent university.


Buyukcekmece is well-known in the local tourism industry for its Sancaklar Mosque, an internationally recognized architectural achievement, its stunning 26 kilometers of coastline, and a historic bridge created by renowned Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan.


The largest man-made lake in Turkey, the Sular Valley, a playground, and a park are all locations for themed events. One of Istanbul's neighborhoods that has seen the most recent growth in the real estate market is Basakseir. Due to the availability of the most exceptional and wonderful flats for sale in Istanbul, this neighborhood is well-liked.


One of Istanbul's most well-liked neighborhoods, Catalca, which is located outside of the city, is known for its retirees and summertime atmosphere. The two most significant landmarks in the area are Cilingoz National Park and the well-known seaside resort Yalikoy.


The district of Silivri, which borders the province of Tekirdag, is made up of 18 small villages and 8 neighborhoods. In the summer, most Istanbul residents, as well as a small number of foreign residents, visit Silivri, where the 45-kilometer coastline has been transformed into an entertainment center.


Northern Istanbul's Arnavutkoy area, which should not be confused with a nearby tiny village of the same name, has seen a threefold increase in real estate investment over the past few years as a result of major construction projects including the new Istanbul airport and the proposed Channel route.

Istanbul Districts in the Asian Side


Many daylight fans come to Kadikoy, a popular area on the Asian side, to see the vibrant nightlife and the fantastic fish market. This affluent seaside neighborhood is home to well-known monuments including Bagdat Street, a retail mecca, and the charming Haydarpasa train station. In any of these lovely districts, you can find Istanbul real estate that is both upscale and affordable.


Umraniye, one of the cleanest neighborhoods in Istanbul, has experienced urban improvement with fantastic transportation, roads, and increased food and shopping options. As a result, the local real estate market was reinforced.


The Beykoz district is one of the greatest possibilities among the Istanbul districts for you if you wish to live in a green location with a long shoreline. The old wooden Yali homes where famous and wealthy people reside at the entrance to the Bosphorus are not cheap, but they are luxurious and unique.


Even though it is busy, the area is nonetheless beautiful, attracts tourists on day trips, and has a large number of people looking to purchase homes away from the more well-known European side. Beykoz to the north, Umraniye to the northeast, Atasehir to the east, Kadikoy district to the south, and the Bosphorus to the west encircle the Uskudar region. One of Istanbul's most appealing neighborhoods, it attracts both domestic and international tourists.


Atasehir was transformed into a satellite area in 1993 as a result of urban regeneration initiatives, and high towers are ideal for housing families and students who attend the nearby universities. This area will also house the financial hub designed to resemble Wall Street in America.


Many people were interested in the urban renewal initiatives that Kartal planned to create a green city. Kartal is a Turkish word that means "Eagle." Improved commerce, real estate, education, and healthcare facilities were among the other urban renewal initiatives.


Families and first-time homeowners didn't avoid it because of its distance from the city center because the real estate market there was reasonable. It is a well-known and appealing place because to its spectacular coastline, frequent transit and social facilities, shopping, and family entertainment centers.


In 1970, rural Pendik, which was located away from the major cities, developed into a place that offered everything necessary for a comfortable way of life. The Sabiha Gokcen airport and the Istanbul Park Formula 1 racetrack are two significant monuments in the area.


Even though Sancaktepe is Turkey's largest and busiest area, its citizens enjoy the nearby forested areas since they make it simple to see the country's most natural landscapes. The domestic situation is now a new selling factor for real estate because it is only 15 to 20 minutes' drive from the coastline.


This landlocked area was farmed until 1945, when it changed from a tiny town to a working-class neighborhood. Real estate investors have shown interest in the 15 more modest areas that make up the conservative, family-oriented atmosphere.


The locations that draw the most tourists are the Islands, often known as Princes Islands. The islands, which may be reached by ferry from significant ports in Europe and Asia, are restricted to traffic and feature historic Ottoman architecture.


Many Turkish citizens from the country's major cities own vacation homes and retirement residences in Sile. It's ideal for a day excursion because to the beaches, a charming harbor, and beachside restaurants. Because of this, summertime sees a rise in population density.


Turkish residents from the bustling city center also own vacation and retirement homes in Tuzla. In the Tuzla neighborhood are the busiest and largest shipyards.


The people of Cekmekoy are renowned for and loved for their family-friendly environment. It consists of 4 tiny villages and 17 distinct neighborhoods. Due to the local university, students stay here primarily.


There are a wide variety of luxury properties for sale in Istanbul. Every form of property that satisfies your demands is available in this great city, which is well known for its real estate industry and top housing units at affordable prices. We, at Property Experts, can guide you through the process of purchasing a house in Istanbul.


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