Explore Eminonu And Serkeci in Istanbul

Explore Eminonu And Serkeci in Istanbul

Explore Eminonu And Serkeci in Istanbul


As one of the busiest, most vibrant, and most visited neighborhoods on the ancient peninsula, Eminonu and its neighbor Sirkeci are also among Istanbul's most popular tourist destinations. Oriental district is another name for the area. A major transit hub for Istanbul is located in this location. The main activities to do and see in Eminonu & Sirkeci, as well as insider tips, are listed in this fast guide.

Eminonu, which derives its name from the docks' affiliated courts and customs, meaning "in front of justice." And Sirkeci refers to a "vinegar-seller" despite the fact that there are no records of this.

Things to Do and See

One of the best things to do in Eminonu is to take a stroll around the Eminonu Square, taking in the market area and busy city vibe beside old buildings, taking a walk by the sea, watching the ships, and relaxing at one of the many cafés and restaurants nearby. The primary attractions in Eminonu and Sirkeci are the Yeni Mosque, the Sirkeci Train Station, and the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar. Cheap electronic products and restaurants can be found on the back streets of Sirkeci and Eminonu.

Eminonu Square

The center of Eminonu, Eminonu Square, is where most visitors and residents congregate throughout the day. By the square are the Yeni Mosque, the ferry docks, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar, and the tram station.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar

The so-called Spice Market, also known as the historical Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi), is a vibrant and ethereal covered spice market with spice stalls, located just opposite the Eminonu square. In addition, together with the renowned Grand Bazaar, it is one of the most visited covered markets in the world. Also known as the Egyptian Spice Market, it is a well-known attraction and the ideal location for travellers to buy some mementos for their loved ones before departing Istanbul.

Yeni (New) Mosque

One of the well-known landmarks on the Eminonu coast is the Yeni Mosque, which is Turkish for "new." With its expansive courtyard and Iznik tiles in turquoise, blue, and white, the mosque is worth a visit.

Galata Bridge

Neighborhoods in Galata and Eminonu are connected by the Galata bridge, which is located near the mouth of the Golden Horn. Under the bridge, there are a number of cafes and eateries.

Gulhane Park

One of Istanbul's most picturesque parks, Gulhane Park (Rose Garden), is situated halfway between Sultanahmet and Eminonu and is popular with both tourists and locals. The park occupies a huge area. There are many stunning gardens, trees, swimming pools, and outdoor cafes with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus. The park also has a museum that is one of a kind in the world and well worth visiting: the Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam.

Museum of Islamic Science and History of Technology

The Museum of Islamic Science and History of Technology is housed in the Imperial Stables building in Gulhane Park and exhibits examples of tools and devices, some of which are still in existence as original pieces and others that the University of Frankfurt's Institute of Arabic and Islamic Sciences prepared based on illustrations and descriptions in reference books.

Sirkeci Railway Station

The German architect constructed Sirkeci Railway Station between 1887 and 1889 in an Oriental-Gothic style.


Mystical night out at the Whirling Dervishes Show

One of the tourist attractions in Istanbul that receives the most visitors is the Whirling Dervishes Show or Ceremony (known as "Sema" in Turkish). The Hodjapasha Cultural Center in Sirkeci, which is housed in a 550-year-old historical structure that was previously an Ottoman spa, is where the best performances are held. Please take note that you should purchase your tickets at least two or three days prior to the play because this show is very well-liked by the majority of tourists.

Fun night out at the Rhythm of the Dance Show (Turkish Dance)

The Rhythm of the Dance Show, commonly known as Turkish Dance, is one of Istanbul's must-see attractions for visitors looking for a unique show experience. The renowned Hodjapasha Cultural Center is where the performance is held.

Eating Out

There are several dining options in Eminonu and Sirkeci, including high-end establishments and well-known, high-quality eateries and cafes that are popular with both tourists and locals. The inexpensive dining options at the artisan restaurants are also highly well-liked. In the Eminonu and Sirkeci region, you may find every type of food or drink, as well as Turkish and international cuisine, to suit your tastes.

Famous Fish Sandwiches are served aboard boats along the Eminonu shore

A popular and delectable street dish known as a "fish sandwich," or "Balik Ekmek" in Turkish, is comprised of grilled white fish, raw onions, and salad that is packed inside of a half-loaf of white bread. When people take a rest on the Golden Horn side's Eminonu shore, it has become a classic activity for both locals and visitors.


Eminonu and Serkeci are two distinct neighborhoods located in Istanbul that offer visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Eminonu, with its bustling markets and iconic landmarks such as the Galata Bridge and the Egyptian Bazaar, is a vibrant and lively neighborhood that is perfect for those who enjoy a more traditional and authentic Istanbul experience. Serkeci, on the other hand, is a more modern and upscale neighborhood that is known for its beautiful parks, upscale shopping, and trendy restaurants. Both Eminonu and Serkeci offer something for everyone and are worth exploring for their distinct and diverse offerings. Whether you prefer the hustle and bustle of Eminonu or the more laid-back atmosphere of Serkeci, these two neighborhoods are both essential stops for anyone visiting Istanbul.

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