Explore Golden Horn - Halic in Istanbul

Explore Golden Horn - Halic in Istanbul

Explore Golden Horn - Halic in Istanbul


The Golden Horn, sometimes referred to as Halic, was the commercial hub of ancient Istanbul and is now one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the city. It has served as the city's main harbor for many years and is the only large bay in the Istanbul Strait.

Things to Do and See

From taking in Eminonu Square and shopping at the historic Egyptian Spice Bazaar, to strolling through the restored, colorful, and narrow streets surrounding the former Greek neighborhood of Fener and the old Jewish quarter Balat, with the Bulgarian church, one of the few prefabricated cast iron churches in the world, and relaxing at the open-air cafe located on the renowned Pierre Loti Hill (by taking a cable car ride), with its breathtaking views of the Golden Horn, to visiting, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The little boats that zigzag between the quays on either side of the Golden Horn are another way to cross it.

Southern shores of Golden Horn

Eminonu Area

The two districts around the Golden Horn, on the shores of the Topkapi Palace, are the Eminonu and the close-by Sirkeci. Excellent visitor amenities are available in Eminonu, including top-notch hotels and restaurants as well as storied cafes.

The most well-known places to visit and see in Eminonu are the ferry decks, Eminonu Square, the renowned Egyptian Spice Bazaar, and Yeni Mosque.

Fener and Balat Area

The former Greek suburb of Fener and the adjoining old Jewish neighborhood of Balat, both of which are located on the southern beaches of the Golden Horn, both have a highly rich historical legacy and are very well-liked tourist destinations in Istanbul.

Due to recent developments in the tourism industry, Fener and Balat have developed into a popular tourist destination. Both residents and visitors know a lot about the area. The main squares are quite vibrant and filled with tourist-oriented cafes and eateries. In addition, there are many antique stores in the area.

Eyup and Sutluce Area

On the southern side, at the extreme end of Golden Horn, sits the holy neighborhood of Eyup. With numerous significant mosques, dervish lodges, and cemeteries, Eyup might be regarded as Istanbul's holiest shrine.

The most significant and well-known one is the Eyup Sultan Mosque, built in the 15th century over the grave of Eyup Sultan, a bearer of the Prophet Mohammed who perished in the siege of Istanbul in the year 670. Near the mosque, there is a lovely cemetery and tourist attractions.

Northern Shores of Golden Horn

Haskoy Area

The Haskoy area is where the northern shores of Golden Horn begin. An old Jewish cemetery and the renowned M. Rahmi Koc Transport Museum, Turkey's first museum of industrial heritage, are located in this sparsely visited district.

The M. Rahmi Koc Transport Museum, a science and technology museum built in a former anchor foundry, is a must-visit location. Here, you may discover a treasure trove of machineries, classic cars, trains, and submarines.

Kasimpasa Area

The Galata region connects Kasimpasa district to Haskoy. Ayanlikavak Pavilion is a famous landmark in the region.

This building, which has adorned the Golden Horn's coasts for three centuries, is just one of the structures that made up the complex known as Aynalikavak Palace under the Ottoman Empire's rule. In the Byzantine Period, the region also served as an emperors' resting place.

During the summer, there are cafes, performances of traditional Turkish art music, and national and international receptions. On the ground floor, there is a music museum where you may view exhibits of reeds, drums, sheet music, and stone plaques.

Karakoy and Galata Area

The Golden Horn begins in the Karakoy and Galata region to the north and crosses the Eminonu region to the south.

A magnificent area of the Beyoglu district, Galata is full of historical and cultural treasures. It is located below Beyoglu, and the Golden Horn and the well-known Galata Tower surround it, as well as the neighborhoods of Azapkapi and Karakoy.


The Golden Horn area of Istanbul is a historic and culturally significant region that is worth exploring for its rich history, diverse architecture, and vibrant atmosphere. From the iconic Galata Tower to the lively streets of the Grand Bazaar, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this lively part of the city. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or simply enjoying the sights and sounds of the city, the Golden Horn area has something for everyone. So if you find yourself in Istanbul, make sure to take the time to explore this fascinating and vibrant part of the city.

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