Guide About Kartal District in Istanbul And It's Features

Guide About Kartal District in Istanbul

Guide About Kartal District in Istanbul

An overview of Istanbul's Kartal District

In the fifteenth century AD, Kartal, which dates to the Byzantine era, was included into the Ottoman empire. In 1888, Istanbul's city limits were expanded to incorporate it (in the era of the Ottoman Empire).

In accordance with Law No. 1282, Kartal, Istanbul was likewise given the status of an independent municipality in June 1928.

Kartal District Location in Istanbul

On the Anatolian side of Istanbul (Asian Istanbul), Kartal Municipality is situated directly on the Marmara Sea's coast and continues inland to its lovely green hills.

Kartal overlooks the Princes Islands from the seaside and is encircled by Pendik, Sultanbeyli, Maltepe, and Sancaktepe.

The Most Important Features of Katal District in Istanbul

Kartal is regarded as one of the lively regions. According to the most recent figures published in 2021, the population of Kartal municipality according to its district is 480,738, with a close percentage of males and females (49.33% males - 50.67% females).

The pleasant weather in Kartal, Istanbul is characterized by soothing sea breezes from the Marmara, which draws many Kartal locals to the area's lovely parks.

Due to its picturesque sea and mountain vistas, which are seen as being of considerable value in terms of tourist demand, considering its proximity to the Princes' Islands known in Turkish as Adalar, Kartal is among the most significant destinations to visit in Istanbul.

The Palace of Justice of Asian Istanbul, one of the city's two main justice palaces (the other is in the alayan district), is located in Kartal, which also features Aydos Hill, Istanbul's highest point. The Armenian Surp Nşan Church, the old Kartal Bazaar, Dragos Hill and its surrounds, the Kartal Mosque, Yakack Square, City Park, Aydos Forest, and Soanlik Boulevard are a few of its most well-known tourist attractions in addition to the aforementioned Aydos Hill.

What are the benefits of owning a real estate and residing in Istanbul's Kartal?

Kartal has become a popular location for high-end real estate ownership in the capital of beauty Istanbul because of its many benefits, which are reflected in the quality of the real estate product there. These benefits include its distinct climatic and aesthetic qualities, its calming atmosphere, and its breathtaking views of the Marmara Sea, as well as the integration of its services and the development of its infrastructure. It is also full of shops.

You can view a collection of enormous structures in the Kartal area of Istanbul from the water, and if you drive down one of the Kartal motorways, you won't miss the many kinds of apartment buildings that are adorned with the most gorgeous designs.

Infrastructure in Kartal, Istanbul

1- Roads and transportation

Kartal is well connected to the rest of Istanbul thanks to its access to a motorway network and its availability of a variety of quick public transit options.

Along with the coastline road and the Samandra Kartal road, which connects the D100 to the E80 highway and the July 15 Martyrs Bridge over the Bosphorus, the D100 highway splits Kartal into north and south sections. Kartal is also connected to a road that extends into the Eurasia Tunnel beneath the Bosphorus.

A vital lifeline for Kartal is the public transportation system, particularly the subway lines like the Kadköy-Tavsantepe metro line in addition to the significant Marmaray metro line.

2- Schools and universities

Along with the nearby colleges and private and public schools, Kartal has an educational system that is not to be undervalued in order to give a well-rounded education for all study groups.

The following are a few of the most renowned universities with their main campuses in Kartal, Istanbul:

İstanbul Gedik University

Marmara University Dragos Campus

3- Hospitals and health centers

Along with specialist medical facilities, Kartal is home to a large number of public and private hospitals. Some of the most well-known hospitals in Kartal Istanbul include:

  • Kartal Dr. Lütfi Kırdar Şehir Hastanesi
  • Megapol Hastanesi
  • Tuzla Devlet Hastanesi

4- Recreational places

Kartal has a magnificent shoreline and offers breathtaking views of the lush Princes Islands. Among Kartal's most well-known tourism and entertainment destinations:

  • Aydos Forest Lake
  • Marina Dragos Yelken Ihtisas Kulubu

Apartment costs in Kartal, Istanbul

According to the Zingat website, the average price per square meter of property (across all of its sectors) in Kartal is roughly 10,839 TL, which represents a significant price increase for homes for sale when compared to prior years.

Due to the diversity of the supply, the expansion of the services, the location, and the views, it stands to reason that apartment prices in such a location fluctuate.


Kartal in Istanbul is an important part of the city due to its historical and cultural significance. It has been a prominent area for centuries, and its importance is reflected in its architecture, monuments, and landmarks. For centuries, Kartal has been a hub of trade and commerce, and today it is home to some of Istanbul’s most important businesses and industries. Additionally, Kartal serves as a cultural hub, with its vibrant nightlife and unique cuisine. In short, Kartal is an integral part of Istanbul, and its importance to the city should not be overlooked.

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