How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship through Marriage


When you marry a Turkish citizen, you used to automatically become a citizen of Turkey in the past, up until the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. That was all there was to it.

Although for a while foreign spouses were free from that convenience, Turkey opted to implement new laws and criteria for obtaining citizenship by marriage in 2009 to curb the surge in fictitious partnerships, which also abolished that automatic entitlement.

Nowadays, acquiring citizenship through marriage is still rather simple but comes with a lot more paperwork. This strategy is the most time-consuming when compared to others, especially those that involve investment.

Who Can Apply?

Foreigners may seek for citizenship if they meet the requirements of Article 16 on the acquisition of the Citizenship Law by marriage.

Article 16 of the "Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Marriage" Act states that marriage does not immediately confer Turkish citizenship. According to the legislation, you must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and remain so in order to seek for citizenship.

The following requirements must also be met in order to obtain citizenship.

You and your spouse:

  • Must be a family unit residing together.
  • Should abstain from acting in a manner that is incompatible with your marital partnership (such as prostitution, multiple partners, etc.).
  • Should not act unethically or constitute a threat to public order or national security.

The following should also be noted:

  • You can still process your citizenship application even if your Turkish spouse passes away after you submit it.
  • You still have the right to apply for citizenship, say, for 3 or even 10 years after your spouse's passing, if you were married for a long time but never got around to applying for citizenship and your Turkish spouse passed away.
  • You won't lose your citizenship if you were married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years, obtained citizenship, and then got divorced. However, you might lose your Turkish citizenship if authorities decide that you acted dishonestly or with malice when you were married and weren't sincere about starting a family.

Why Could The Application Get Rejected?

If you haven't been married for at least three years, got divorced, or your Turkish spouse passed away before you filed your application, it goes without saying (and it has not been 3 years). The application will be refused, you may be sentenced to prison for falsifying records, or you could be on trial for a crime for which you could be found guilty and/or sentenced to prison.

Additionally, obtaining Turkish citizenship shouldn't be viewed as a given because there are a number of prerequisites. Turkish officials have the final say on the matter.

Documents Required to Apply for Turkish Citizenship

  • Application form (VAT-6).
  • Two biometric images.
  • Your passport or other identification card that proves your nationality (A notarized Turkish translation must accompany it).
  • Birth certificates/identity registers for you and your spouse.
  • If you reside in Turkey, a residence permit (the card and its photocopy).
  • Criminal record.
  • Statement confirming your marriage and your living together as one unit (rental lease, joint bank accounts, etc.).
  • Receipt of the application fee payment.

Below points should be taken into consideration:

  • According to Turkish law, you must additionally provide proof of the legality of your marriage. If you have ever been married before, you will be required to present your marriage certificate as well as any divorce judgments.
  • If the precise day and month of your birth are not listed on your birth certificate, you may need to get in touch with the relevant authorities in your home nation to obtain a document attesting to these particulars.

Do I Need to Apostille My Documents?

You will need to have all non-English submissions you make translated and notarized. No apostille is necessary. In rare instances, you could also be required to acquire your home institution's documents apostilled in accordance with the 1961 Hague Convention, to which Turkey is a signatory.

Where Can I Apply For Turkish Citizenship?

Once you have acquired all the required paperwork and satisfy all the requirements, you will submit your application to the Directorate of Population and Citizenship.

If you are in Turkey, you should submit your application to the province's governor's office. An extraordinary power of attorney can be used to submit your application at foreign missions if you are headquartered outside of Turkey and reside abroad. Sadly, submissions submitted by mail will not be considered.

Your application will be based on your Foreigner ID Number, which is nineteen digits long and starts with 99.

You will process your application after paying TL 115 in cash at the payment counter and turning in the receipt.

By visiting this  web page and entering your application number and birthdate, you can track your application.

What's The Application Procedure Like?

The provincial police directorate will first thoroughly review your background and supporting documentation. It will establish whether you and your Turkish spouse have cohabitated as a family and haven't done anything to jeopardize your relationship. The evaluation committee then receives your application file.

The committee will invite you and your spouse to an interview so they can determine whether your marriage is sincere and serious and so they can get a sense of the circumstances that led to your decision to get married. Your application will be turned down if it is determined that your marriage is fictitious, purely for financial gain, and you have no intention of starting a family.

If approved, the Interior Ministry will receive a copy of your application, and after receiving their final approval, you will be contacted and asked to provide your fingerprints at the local police station.

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