How To Get Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate Investment In 2022

How To Get Turkish Citizenship By Investment In 2022

How To Get Turkish Citizenship By Investment In 2022


Interest in owning property in Turkey has grown recently, particularly in the area of real estate investment, where this crucial industry has received unprecedented backing from the Turkish government.

Turkey's Foreign Property Ownership

With 235,055 flats sold and 17% of all real estate transactions in 2018, Istanbul led the list of best-selling Turkish states, according to the data that explains the reality of ownership in Turkey.

With 131,161 flats, or 9.5% of all apartment sales in Turkey, Ankara came in second.

With 75 thousand and 672 units and an increase of 5.5%, the state of Izmir came in third on the list of the most popularly purchased residential apartments.

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate

Following the 2018 change to the Turkish Nationality Law for Investors, it is now feasible to gain Turkish citizenship for a real estate investment of just $250,000 as opposed to the previous decision's $1,000,000 requirement. But later, the legal limit for purchasing Turkish citizenship in exchange for property has been changed from $250,000 to $400,000 as of April 2022.

By making a three-year commitment to not sell a home worth at least US$400,000 that you purchase. The owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship under the property's ownership.

We shouldn't overlook the investing side of Turkish nationality, which is reflected by the economic viability of the investment process.

Turkish Passport Strength by Numbers

The Turkish passport ranks 39th globally depending on Passport Index website, scores 112 points on the Visa Index website, and entitles its holder to entry into more than 72 nations without a need for a prior visa!

The holder of a Turkish passport may also enter 73 countries without the need for a visa and 50 countries with a visa that is provided right away after arrival. 

Recent law changes have encouraged more foreign investors, particularly Arabs, to purchase property in Turkey in order to get Turkish citizenship. Indeed, after closing deals at a record pace, investors started to get Turkish citizenship.


Investing in Turkey for the sake of obtaining Turkish citizenship is a big opportunity as the Turkish passport has a decent strength and enables its holder to travel the world freely and enter many countries easily without suffering from visa rejections.

At Property Experts, we can help you choose the best investment opportunity and guide you through the whole process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

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