Beykoz Region in Istanbul: A Comprehensive Guide

Comprehensive Information On The Beykoz Region In Istanbul

Comprehensive Information On The Beykoz Region In Istanbul


Detailed information on the Beykoz neighborhood of Istanbul, including its location and the key aspects of its infrastructure as well as its tourist attractions and recreational facilities. Discover the benefits of purchasing an apartment in Beykoz, Istanbul.


About Beykoz District in Istanbul

The Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara, or the Black Sea beaches are popular destinations for Istanbul residents and tourists who are seeking a peaceful and picturesque getaway. At the gates of the caliphate's capital, Istanbul, the Ottoman caliphs occasionally used the Beykoz as a hangout spot. 


The name "Beykoz" has a lengthy history and appears to be a combination of two old words: Bey, which in Persian means a hamlet or a particular kind of fruit called a walnut, and Koz. 


Beykoz is well-known for its stunning natural features, including its verdant forests, streams, and estuaries from the Kucuksu and Goksu districts, where the Bosphorus and the Black Sea converge.


A collection of villages known for their stunning natural settings can be found in the Beykoz municipality, including the lovely Riva neighborhood, which has a view of the Black Sea and is not far from the Bosphorus and Istanbul's European side. 


The Ottomans opened Beykoz early, and Sultan Bayezid I later constructed it. The most famous remnants of this time period are the fishing hut in Kucuksu, numerous fountains and waterways, and mosques with villages along the coastal area. Beykoz was once open lands and forests for ottoman sultans to hunt and seek tranquility.


Beykoz Location

On the Asian side of Istanbul, Beykoz is situated on the northeastern bank of the Bosphorus. 

You may drive from Beykoz to Taksim, the city's center, in about an hour by using the Yavuz Salim or Sultan Muhammad Fatih bridges. 

Since 1928, Beykoz has been and continues to be a separate municipality.


What Makes Beykoz Stand Out in Istanbul?

Beykoz experiences cold and mild winters, as well as warm summers. The area is frequently impacted by the cold winds from the north, particularly during the winter. The region encompasses both the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, two of the city's most stunning natural features and popular tourist destinations, as well as sizable open spaces.  


Beykoz is home to tourist destinations, historical and archaeological landmarks, including palaces from the past, that are situated alongside the Bosphorus and its waters, in addition to lovely woodlands and rolling hills.  


Living and Property Conditions in Beykoz, Istanbul

According to the most recent official statistics for 2021, Beykoz has a smaller population than other areas of Istanbul, with a total area of 239.2 square kilometers and a population of 248,595. 


Beykoz's extensive area of lush forests and expansive parks is the primary factor in its lower population density when compared to other regions, giving it a distinct advantage among big investors and landlords who prefer to enjoy Beykoz luxury villas and apartments away from Istanbul's bustle.


Infrastructure in Beykoz Istanbul

Beykoz is just as significant as other parts of Istanbul, and its facilities are the most crucial things to be informed about:


1- Roads and Transportation

Two highways, the Northern Marmara route to the Sultan Yavuz Salim Bridge and the E80 route to the Sultan Muhammad Fatih Bridge over the Bosphorus, connect Beykoz to the remainder of Istanbul and neighboring cities. 

In addition to other forms of public transportation, Beykoz has excellent connections to all areas nearby via these two routes.


2- Schools and Universities

Beykoz is home to a wide variety of public, private, and international schools that offer an integrated learning environment for all age groups and academic levels. 

Beykoz University, which is next to the city's European bank, is one of the most significant universities in the area in terms of higher education, along with the nearby Uskudar University, Koc University, and Istanbul Technical University.


3- Hospitals and Health Centers

Despite the fact that Beykoz does not have as many hospitals as other parts of Istanbul, it is happy with the medical services it offers, the most well-known of which being the State Hospital in Beykoz. 

Additionally, hospitals close by as well as clinics and private clinics are set up in the Uskudar region or on the European side of the city.


4- Tourist and Leisure Venues

Among Beykoz's most well-known and stunning sights are:

  • Polonezkoy Zoo - Dooal Yasam Park: A forest-surrounded natural park. 
  • The newest and most exquisite museum in Istanbul is the Beykoz Glass and Crystal Museum, which debuted in April 2021. It's surrounded by a 395-acre historical garden and forest. A remarkable collection of glass and crystal objects may be found in the museum, which is housed in a restored medieval brick building.
  • Yusa Hazretleri Hill: With a view of the Bosphorus, it is home to the tomb of the Yusa Prophet. 
  • Yoros Castle is a castle from the Roman era that is situated in Istanbul on the Anadolu mountain range. The castle is flanked by eateries and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Black Sea and Bosphorus.



The Beykoz region in Istanbul offers a world of possibilities for residents and visitors alike. With its unique blend of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and modern amenities, Beykoz is a captivating destination worth exploring. Whether you're seeking tranquility amidst picturesque landscapes or indulging in the vibrant local culture, Beykoz has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the charm of this remarkable region and discover the wonders that await you in Istanbul's Beykoz.

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