Is It Possible and Legal to Buy The Turkish Citizenship. Is It Allowed by The Turkish Law?

Is It Possible To Buy The Turkish Citizenship?

Is It Possible To Buy The Turkish Citizenship?


First things first, some of the ideas in this inquiry need to be clarified. The ability to profit from the regulations that let foreign investors get Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey is what we mean when we say that it is not possible to buy Turkish citizenship in the strictest meaning of the word.

As a result, we can respond by saying:

Following the most recent change to the naturalization decision made by the Turkish government in 2018, obtaining Turkish citizenship is now easier and achievable in a number of ways, including real estate ownership, investment, and bank deposits.

Is It Legal to Pay Money to Become a Citizen of Turkey?

Turkish legislation places restrictions on how foreign investors can become citizens of Turkey. Whoever disobeys these regulations and attempts to travel down the twisting routes to get away from them will not succeed in achieving their objectives. This is clear from the actions of some businesspeople who attempt to get Turkish citizenship through unlawful means by paying large quantities of money.

The controls that determine Turkish naturalization laws are unquestionably clear, so it is not possible in any way to rely on deceptive methods in order to obtain Turkish citizenship within the institutions of the Turkish government. This is based on our extensive experience with Turkish naturalization laws in Property Experts.

What Are the Repercussions for Persons Who Fraudulently Get Turkish Citizenship?

The decision of citizenship shall be revoked and citizenship shall be withdrawn from it as contrary to the laws established, in accordance with the laws that permit Turkish citizenship. These laws state that any deviation from the law when obtaining Turkish citizenship or engaging in any act that violates the laws concerning investment in Turkey or the purchase of property.

Additionally, the investor is liable in court if they submit the necessary paperwork for Turkish citizenship in violation of the law or if they present forged documents at the time of filing. If it is discovered that he or she obtained Turkish citizenship illegally, whether through the purchase of real estate, financial investments, or the paperwork submitted, citizenship is revoked, and the decision to naturalize is deemed invalid.

What Is The Best Legal Way to Get Turkish Citizenship?

One of the best and most practical ways to acquire Turkish citizenship is through real estate ownership, particularly since this approach combines acquiring a home in Turkey with the chance to live as a Turkish citizen in a developed and civilized nation.

Additionally, there is a chance to profit from the house through leasing if you decide not to live there or investing by selling it after three years for a profit.

Following amendments to the executive regulations of Turkish citizenship laws in 2018, many investors were able to get Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth $250,000, rather than the previous decision of one million dollars.

However, as of April 2022, the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate has been amended to become $400,000 rather than $250,000.

Property Experts Services for Those Willing to Obtain Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Property Experts Real Estate Agency puts its many years of expertise in selling real estate, as well as all of its options, at the service of its clients. This includes offering services from the moment a client lands at the airport, booking hotel accommodations, and continuing through the time the investor and all of their family members receive Turkish passports.

You are invited to visit our Turkish Citizenship page, which provides comprehensive details on the topic and offers the ability to contact us for further details.

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