Discover the beauty, features and housing in the countryside of Istanbul

The Countryside of Istanbul

The Countryside of Istanbul

Discover The Countryside of Istanbul

For those seeking a house that blends Istanbul's sophistication with peace and natural beauty, away from the city's bustle, the countryside is the perfect location. Which led those looking for apartments in the suburbs of Istanbul to prefer living a healthy lifestyle in the country, including eating fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, and cheese, and benefiting from the clean air provided by the abundance of trees and crops, as well as the lack of factories, cars, and other sources of air pollution.

Istanbul rural areas


Catalca, a rural region renowned for its huge green areas, lovely orchards, and horse farms, is situated about 60 kilometers northwest of Istanbul's well-known Buyukcekmece Lake on the European side of the city. It is one of the largest municipalities in Istanbul, bordered by Arnavutkoy, Buyukcekmece, and Silivri, as well as the cities of Tekirdag on its western edge and the Black Sea on its northern side with a long coastline. It has also become a popular destination for people seeking the pleasure of staying in villas with a welcoming rural atmosphere.


Silivri is often discussed in conjunction with its beauty and opulent homes. On Istanbul's European side, it is situated just to the west of Lake Buyukcekmece and its municipality. Silivri mixes the beauties of the countryside and the city; it combines the tranquility and quiet of its residents with their well-being in their villas facing the Sea of Marmara and their lovely orchards. Due to this, it has become a crucial residence for people looking to purchase villas in Istanbul on the European side. In addition to its gorgeous rural homes and vast villas scattered along its coastline, Silivri is renowned for its reasonable real estate costs when contrasted to its sophisticated and lovely qualities.


Given the numerous variables that make Arnavutkoy the focus of investors' attention, it is important to always mention the assured investment. As it gets closer to the future airport and the potential Istanbul Canal, prices are predicted to rise. In Istanbul's northwest, more precisely in the northern municipality of Basaksehir, close to the Black Sea.

The famed Belgrade woodlands cover a sizable portion of the municipality of Arnavutkoy, which is well known for its embrace of the largest airport in the world. The real estate market in its municipality is particularly well-known for its villas, which have grown to be a popular choice for people looking for Istanbul villas for sale with the greatest features and the lowest rates.

Benefits of living in Istanbul's countryside

Depending on the nature of the social environment and the simplicity of the business being done there, housing in the Istanbul countryside is distinguished by a number of features, including the simplicity of rural life and its distance from the complexity of urban life, as well as the advantage of being calm, away from the noise of cars, machinery, and factories. For those looking for flats in rural Istanbul so that the air is clean, a healthy way of living in terms of eating habits is also a crucial prerequisite.

Benefits of Investing in The Countryside of Istanbul

The availability of rural homes for sale in Istanbul at affordable costs, created with innovative designs that maximized the use of the land, and providing lovely areas for living and relaxing are just a few of the numerous benefits of investing in the countryside of Istanbul. Additionally, investing in the Istanbul countryside is a great choice for a permanent home, retirement, and summer vacations in the picturesque nature and peaceful rural atmosphere, with all local amenities readily available from restaurants and shops nearby. One benefit of having a variety of alternatives is that some rural homes only have one floor, while others have two or more.

One of the most significant benefits is the strategic location close to the city, together with the plans and projects the Turkish government is working to make it easier to buy homes in rural Istanbul and provide Turkish citizenship as a result of investment in that area.


Living and investing in the countryside of Istanbul provides many benefits and advantages. Its close proximity to the city, natural beauty, and excellent access to transportation, shopping and leisure make it an ideal location for anyone looking to make the most of the city. The strong economic growth and wealth of job opportunities also make it an attractive option for investors looking to build their wealth. Whether you are looking for an affordable place to live, an investment opportunity, or simply to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, Istanbul is the perfect place to call home.

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