International Schools in Istanbul: Nurturing Global Education

International Schools and Education in Istanbul

International Schools and Education in Istanbul


Families who have recently relocated to Turkey can discover multilingual schools that offer their children a highly successful education with ease. Your kids can attend schools that offer instruction in their mother tongue even if they don't understand Turkish. Turkish and other languages are taught to children simultaneously in foreign schools without any issues with adaptation.


What are the Advantages of Istanbul International Schools?

First, Istanbul is a desirable location in and of itself. Istanbul is a great choice for those seeking a secure and tranquil lifestyle in addition to being a business, settlement, and residence hub. It is a metropolis with many facets that emerged from the coexistence of tradition, history, modernity, luxury, stunning landscapes, and an incredible array of social life. In a metropolis where every nationality is welcomed, newcomers never feel isolated.


From a financial perspective, Istanbul's cost of living is more reasonable than that of many other large towns worldwide without compromising on quality.


The government has ordered collaboration between the Ministry of Education and foreign embassies to establish a school in the area of education. According to the ideals and guiding principles of the Turkish government, schools can fulfill the needs of every society.


Istanbul's international schools offer instruction at every grade level, including kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and high school. The average class number is lower than in public and private schools.


With the help of extracurricular activities and foreign language instruction, these schools make certain that students obtain a high-quality education.


Naturally, bilingual or multilingual education is crucial for the adaptation of international students, and depending on your nationality, the language will play a major part in selecting the best school for your child.


In addition to Turkish, at least one additional language is taught in every Turkish classroom. This increases to at least 3 or 4 especially in Istanbul's top private institutions.


Istanbul's English-language institutions are extremely well-liked. However, you'll also discover that German and French institutions in Istanbul are currently very popular.


Additionally, you'll feel at ease because schools provide a wide range of extracurricular activities, including gyms, football fields, swimming pools, computer laboratories, auditoriums, dance and art studios, choirs, cafeterias, and libraries.


The Accreditations of International Schools in Istanbul

Turkey has two foreign accreditations: the Council of foreign Schools (CIS) accreditation and the International Baccalaureate (IB) accreditation. (CIS).


International Baccalaureate (IB)

There are four IB programs:


- Children ages 3 to 12 are served by the primary years program. 

- Students ages 11 to 16 are served by the middle years program. 

- Students ages 16 to 19 are served by the diploma and career-related program.


IB's objectives are:


- Children's self-reliance is encouraged.

- They are taught to take responsibility.

- They are taught a foreign language to broaden their cultural knowledge.

- They are guided to earn diplomas from top universities.


The Council of International Schools Accreditation (CIS)

It is the biggest organization of foreign institutions that accredit elementary and secondary education. Istanbul is home to 15 CIS-accredited institutions.


The goal of CIS is to give kids the knowledge and abilities they need to exist as global citizens and meet the highest standards of international education.


The cost of attending a foreign school in Turkey varies depending on the program and grade level. It can range anywhere between 12.000 TL and 750,000 TL, to give you a ballpark figure.


The Best International Schools in Istanbul


The School Name

Primary Years Program (3 - 12 Years)

Middle Years Program (11 - 16 Years)

Diploma Program (16 - 19 Years)

Languages Classes

Offered by School

The British International School

English, Turkish, German, Spanish, French

Istanbul American Schools (IAS)

English, Turkish*

The Canadian Keystone International Schools

English, French, Turkish*

Elite International School

English, Turkish*

Brights International School

English, Turkish, Arabic

The Saudi School in Istanbul





The Sudanese School in Istanbul





Al-Jazari International Schools

English, Turkish, Arabic*

LWIS School

English, Turkish, French, Arabic

Al Ihsan International School

English, Turkish, Arabic

Milestone International School

English, Turkish, Arabic

Al Safeer International Schools

English, Turkish, Arabic

Huda American Schools


Al-Fanar Palestinian School

English, Turkish, Arabic*

Lycée Pierre Loti d'Istanbul

English, Spanish, German, Turkish

Liceo Italiano


English, Turkish, Italian*

Sankt Georgs-Kollegs Istanbul


English, Turkish, German*

Leader Russian International School in Istanbul

English, Turkish, Russian*

Tarabya British Schools

English, Turkish

MEF International School Istanbul

English, Turkish, French, Spanish



Istanbul's international schools offer a truly world-class education for students of all ages and backgrounds. With a diverse array of schools and programs, ranging from IB to American-style curricula, students in Istanbul have access to some of the best education resources available anywhere in the world. Whether you're interested in pursuing a rigorous academic program, exploring new cultures and languages, or simply making new friends from around the world, Istanbul's international schools have something to offer everyone. So if you're looking for an exceptional education experience in one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world, Istanbul is the perfect destination.

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