Discover Istanbul's Maslak Area And Its Key Features In 2022

Discover Istanbul's Maslak Area And Its Key Features In 2022

Discover Istanbul's Maslak Area And Its Key Features In 2022

Information about Istanbul's Maslak Area

Due to its liveliness and strategic location in between the Asian and European sides of the city, the Maslak region is not only Turkey's most significant commercial hub but also one of the most promising for investment and great financial rewards. Due to its extensive infrastructure, which includes skyscrapers and substantial commercial towers with distinctively modern and contemporary designs that promote business flow for entrepreneurs, it has become a recognized trading hub for major international corporations and hotels. It is now referred to as "The City of the Rich" and is the stable of traders and businessmen.

Where is Maslak located in Istanbul?

It is located in Istanbul's most upscale suburb, Sariyer, overlooking the Sariyer forests in the country's northeastern region. It is in a unique strategic location because it is only 5 minutes from the famous Bosphorus, which divides Istanbul into its European and Asian parts. It is also only 10 kilometers from Taksim Square, 46 kilometers from the Asian end's Sabiha Gokcen Airport, and 35 kilometers from Istanbul's brand-new airport.

Since Ottoman nobles, princes, and sultans have called this region home since the 17th century, it has become the top destination for upper castes, merchants, celebrities, and businesses. You can experience this for yourself if you visit their historical palaces and museums.

Benefits of living in Maslak

Unquestionably, the area is among Istanbul's most elite and distinguished neighborhoods. You read about a region that unites civilization via amazing urban evolution, from skyscrapers and apartment complexes that are innovative for large, powerful corporations as well as for housing and stability, by the lovely, enjoyable, light, and dynamic life classes all at once. As a result of its lengthy history of regeneration and prosperity, the area is now Istanbul's first investment hub and one of the greatest regions for real estate development overall. They not only house sizable shopping malls, markets, a transit system, hospitals, schools, and universities, but they also make future housing and investment prospects conceivable.

Best Places in the Maslak Area

Maslak is regarded as a tourist destination of distinction because of the quality of its structures and the aesthetic of its age. It offers its guests a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of ongoing upliftment because to its proximity to well-known Istanbul attractions like:

Maslak Pavilion: To take on its current form, it was started during Sultan Mahmut II and finished under Sultan Abdulaziz.

The Bosphorus Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge: One of Istanbul's most remarkable bridges, it connects Europe and Asia.

Vadistanbul Shopping Mall: It is one of Istanbul's most significant commercial markets because of its height, popularity among locals and visitors, 103,000 square meters of space, and presence of numerous well-known international brands and businesses.

Belgrad Forest: The forests of Belgrade are among Istanbul's most picturesque parks, and they rank among the most popular tourist destinations for both locals and visitors from around the world because of their picturesque nature, which promotes relaxation and tranquility through lush vegetation and wildlife, providing visitors with daily doses of barbecues and recreation.

The Maslak Area's Infrastructure

The Maslak area benefited specifically from the Turkish government's interest in infrastructure development and new developments because it is home to key transportation hubs like the E80 expressway and the M2 metro line, both of which are crucial for real estate investment. Benefiting from the existence of the highest-quality service facilities, hospitals, schools, colleges, trade, and shopping centers, particularly at the rental, sale, and buy levels.

The Schools and Universities in Maslak

The region has a large number of educational institutions, including schools, universities, and institutes. The educational process includes phases (kindergarten, primary, and preparatory), and is separated into public and private schools, imam schools, kindergartens, and child care facilities. The Bosphorus School and the British School in Istanbul are two of Maslak's most well-known international schools. Istanbul Technical University is one of Istanbul's oldest and most respected universities.

The most well-known of these is the private Bahcesehir University, founded in 1998 and one of the best-known universities in Turkey, favoured by students in more than 45 countries worldwide. Famous universities are also located 9 kilometers away.

Maslak's Hospitals and Medical Facilities

The people have access to a number of public and private hospitals and health facilities that offer comprehensive and varied medical services; Acibadem Hospital is one of Istanbul's most significant hospitals.

Markets in Istanbul’s Maslak Area

Maslak is unlike any other neighborhood in Istanbul in terms of the variety of its marketplaces and the wealth of shopping malls that give it a certain way of life, such Vadistanbul Shopping Mall.

And Kanyon Shopping Mall in particular is a popular location for wealthy people looking for luxurious residences, luxurious lifestyles, and affluent daily routines that suit this sector of society.

Investment Opportunities in Istanbul's Maslak Area

Maslak in particular is considered as the investment that will secure the future of real estate today, regardless of the region's expanding vitality in other areas of the economy like tourism and its adoption of the Istanbul Trade Center. This motivated the building companies in charge of constructing residential and commercial complexes to add an appealing creative twist to the designs in the unique engineering form of construction. There was intense competition among construction firms in the area to win over consumers and investors.

In this case, it is important to mention that the Turkish investment citizenship program has created one of the best offers for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership. By paying $400,000, the investor can get a Turkish passport in 3 months. In addition, the landlord has the option of investing in the property by leasing it out or selling it after 3 years for a profit.

Benefits of Buying an apartment in Istanbul's Maslak

  • A location that continuously attracts capital investment and business permanently.
  • It’s near to all of Istanbul's key locations.
  • Expectations that it will eventually be the ideal location in Istanbul for real estate ownership.
  • The presence of amazing housing complexes serves to guarantee the maximum level of population comfort and well-being.
  • Comprehensive medical, educational, and commercial facilities.
  • Permanent address for people looking for peace, tranquility, and comfort.


Maslak is among the best promising areas to invest and live in Istanbul. It has many facilities and is suitable for those looking for luxurious and peaceful life. We, at Property Experts, have many projects in the Maslak area, and we recommend that you check them. You’re welcome to contact us to help you choose the property that suits you the best.

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