Explore the top attractions to Kadikoy in Istanbul

Explore Kadikoy in Istanbul

Explore Kadikoy in Istanbul


One of Istanbul's most well-known and vibrant neighborhoods is Kadikoy, which boasts a vibrant urban atmosphere, historical buildings, a market, a sizable young and student population, cafes, pubs, and restaurants both near the sea and inland, as well as a lively nightlife, particularly along its renowned "Bar Street" and the lovely Moda neighborhood. You can observe and enjoy local life in Istanbul at Kadikoy.

Turkish for "the Village of the Judge" is Kadikoy. When Byzantium was located on the ancient peninsula, across the Bosphorus, Kadikoy was a separate urban area. The Chalcedon of the Megarians, in 635 BC, marks the beginning of the Kadikoy's history.

Things to Do & See

The finest activities in Kadikoy include strolling through the Moda, Fenerbahce Kalamis, and Kadikoy Square areas while observing the crowds, relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee at one of the many cafés by the water, going to Bahariye Street, and shopping. The young people love to hang out on the Kadikoy seashore.


The Moda coastlines and parks are particularly well-liked by the young inhabitants. Moda is a relatively quiet and green area of Kadikoy. On Istanbul's Asian side, Moda is a well-liked neighborhood.

Within 15 minutes, you may reach Moda by walking down the Kadikoy shore. Along the Moda beaches and inland, there are a variety of charming cafes, tea gardens, and eateries. Another popular activity in Moda is to take a break and watch the sunset at one of the city's cafes. In Moda is also the House Museum for internationally renowned Turkish singer and artist Baris Manco.

Kadikoy Market and Bahariye Street

The two most visited and prominent locations in Kadikoy are the market and Bahariye Street. The Kadikoy market area and Bahariye Street are both referred to be "the Beyoglu of Istanbul's Asian side" and "the Istiklal Street of Istanbul's Asian side," respectively. The Kadikoy market area has a wide variety of establishments, including bakeries, cafes, pubs, and restaurants as well as spice shops, fishmongers, and greengrocers.

It is worthwhile to go and observe the renowned fish market in the Market neighborhood. Antique businesses and used book stores may be found along Tellalzade Street in the Kadikoy market district. On your journey to Bahariye Street, you'll pass another well-known street called Sanatcilar (Artists), where you can discover a variety of stores selling attractive ceramics, paintings, and other works of art made by local potters.

The busiest and most well-known location in Kadikoy can be said to be the traffic-free Bahariye Street. Additionally, a vintage tram runs from Kadikoy harbor. Bahariye Street is constantly bustling and populated. The Bahariye Street is home to a wide selection of charming cafes, pubs, bars, and restaurants as well as high-quality stores and venues for cultural events. The Sureyya Opera House is the Bahariye Street structure that draws the greatest attention.

Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church

The Kadikoy Market area square is home to the Ayia Efimia Greek Orthodox Church. The Church was founded in 1694.

According to mythology, Ayia Efemia was the victim of a murder committed in the year 305 as a result of his rejection of the Pagan beliefs of the neighborhood and preference for Christianity.

The Bull Statue

One of Kadikoy's most well-known icons and gathering spots is the Bull Statue. When you stare at the monument and assume it is just a statue, you might not realize that its official name is "fighting bull statue" and that it has a fascinating history. The Bull Statue was created by a French artist in Paris in the 1860s to represent the victory of France over Germany in the war. Additionally, it represents strength and power. However, Germany defeated France in a war in the 1870s, and as a result, the Bull Statue was transferred to Germany. The Bull Statue was a gift from the German Emperor to the Ittihat and Terakki Community in 1917, and the community gave it to Enver Pasa.

The Bull Statue in the royal garden of Enver Pasa was neglected during the First World War when Enver Pasa left Turkey for another country. The Bull Statue has also relocated after 50 years, first to the Taksim district's Hilton Hotel, then to the Lutfi Kirdar Congress Center, and finally to Taksim Gezi Park. About 20 years later, the Bull Statue moved to Kadikoy, where it is now located in the garden of the Municipality Building. Finally, the Bull Statue was transferred to its current location for the last time in 1990. The Bull Statue, which is more than 150 years old, has gone from Paris to Istanbul. It's not your typical statue, is it?

Osman Aga Mosque

One of Kadikoy's most stunning mosques is Osman Aga Mosque. Osman Aga constructed the mosque during the reign of Sultan I. Ahmed (1603–1617).

Sultan Mahmud II updates the wooden structure in 1811.

Sureyya Opera House

Certain Opera House Sureyya Ilmen Pasa created Süreyya in 1927 with an opera house, theater, and ballroom in mind, although it was primarily utilized as a movie theater for many years. Sureyya Opera House was meticulously restored to its original state in 2007 and is now the first opera house on Istanbul's Asian side and the sixth in Turkey.

The structure is particularly alluring thanks to its front, which features the Muses' lusts and masks of art, tragedy, and comedy, as well as its exquisite interior. By the structure is a marble sculpture by the name of Vodvil.

Selimiye Barracks ve Florence Nightingale Museum

Another impressive sight around the Haydarpasa Railway Station is Selimiye Barracks. The Sultan III. Selim gave the Selimiye barracks its name in 1799 for his initiative to create a new army because the famed Ottoman army known as the "Yeniceri" had turned out to be a trouble-making army.

In 1825, under the reign of Sultan II. Mahmud, the structure was updated. Additionally, there is a museum dedicated to Florence Nightingale, who founded nursing and provided nursing care for the injured during the Crimean War between 1853 and 1856. Today, Florence Nightingale's chamber is secured with her belongings, presents, and other items.

Akmar Passage

Akmar Passage, formerly a hub for heavy metal fans to enjoy music markets, CD stores, and clothing stores, is now home to a number of used and new bookstores. a favorite hangout for book lovers and students.

Romantika Fenerbahçe Park

On the Fenerbahce Peninsula, in the Fenerbahce suburb of Kadikoy, is the Romantika Fenerbahce Park.

The park features lovely open and enclosed areas and is particularly well-liked by Istanbul residents.

Bagdat Street

For natives in Istanbul, Bagdat Street (Bagdat Aveneu) is one of the most opulent streets. Bostanci marks the start of the 14 km long Bagdat street, which continues to Goztepe. Along the Boulevard, there are a lot of upscale cafes, eateries, and stores.

Bagdat Street, which was once ranked as the fourth-most popular shopping street in the world, provides fantastic entertainment and nightlife options on Istanbul's Asian side.

Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier

One of the well-known Kadikoy features is the Haydarpasa Railway Station and Pier. First seen by those arriving in Kadikoy via ferry is this magnificent structure. German engineers first constructed the Haydarpasa Railway Station in 1908 as a symbol of the Berlin-Bagdad railway project.

Ferry rides to Haydarpasa Pier are also a lot of fun since passengers may feed the seagulls and observe the hundreds of cormorants and herons that live along the breakwater.

Cultural Centers

The Kadikoy neighborhood is home to a number of excellent cultural institutions where you can catch plays for kids, concerts, symposiums, seminars, exhibitions, and more. The most well-known ones are the Sureyya Opera, Kozyatagi, Baris Manco, Halis Kurtca, and Caddebostan Cultural Centers.

Istanbul Toy Museum

An adorable museum called the Istanbul Toy Museum is located in Kadköy's Goztepe district. On April 23, 2005, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, Turkish poet and novelist Sunay Akin launched the Istanbul Toy Museum.

The Istanbul Toy Museum features the most well-known examples of toy history from the 1700s to the present. Sunay Akin has spent 20 years collecting the toys in the museum from more than 40 different countries' antique shops and auctions. On Mondays, the museum is closed.

Baris Manco House Museum

One of the most well-known singers and artists in Turkey is the internationally renowned Baris Manco (1943-1999).

In order to preserve Baris Manco's recollections after his passing, his home in Kadikoy's Moda area has been turned into a museum. His possessions, things, records, works, photos, and more are on display at the Baris Manco house museum.

Eating Out

It's great to eat out in Kadikoy. The tourists visiting Kadikoy have a variety of dining options. It may be claimed that the entire Kadikoy district is brimming with high-quality eateries and coffee shops. The Kadikoy Market area, Bahariye Street, along the shoreline, and the close-by Moda district are home to the majority of the town's eateries, cafes, and tea gardens. You may find every type of food or drink, as well as Turkish and international cuisine, to suit your preferences.

Popular dining and drinking establishments in the Kadikoy neighborhood include the Baylan Patisserie on Muvakithane Street, Ciya (kebabs and home food) on Guneslibahce Street, Denizati Restaurant - Cafe at Kadikoy Harbor, Viktor Levi Wine House, and Ali Usta Ice Cream in Moda. Additionally, we advise you to visit the Turkish coffee shops on Serasker Street near the Kadikoy Market.


The people of Istanbul's Asian side enjoy Kadikoy's vibrant nightlife much. The most well-liked locations for vibrant evenings and entertainment in Kadikoy are the parallel Kadife Street, often known as the Bar Street, and the adjacent Moda Street. Numerous excellent cafes, pubs, bistros, and taverns with live music can be found here.

The most well-known cafes, pubs, and bars in Kadikoy are the Monks, Komodor, Dora King Gastro Pub, and Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen in Moda Street and the Arkaoda, Karga, Incir Pub, Hera, Zincir, Lal, Teachers Pub, and Buddha Bar in Kadife Street.

Where to Stay

Given that Kadikoy is one of Istanbul's most populated and vibrant neighborhoods, Kadikoy and Moda offer a wide selection of accommodations, including affordable apartments, aparthotels, and three to five-star hotels. At first glance, the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, A11 Hotel Cadde, and Sidonya Hotel are the most well-known hotels in Kadikoy. Through Booking.com, you may look up and locate your ideal Kadikoy. Hotels in Kadikoy, Turkey, with hotel details, pictures, user reviews, and price comparison.


Kadikoy is one of Istanbul’s most lively and attractive destinations to visit. It’s full of history, culture and fun.

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