Discover the most beautiful parks and gardens in Istanbul

The Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

The Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens in Istanbul

Gülhane Park (Gülhane Parkı)

Gülhane Park is the ideal option for a peaceful stroll in the middle of nature in Istanbul. It's a historical park in Istanbul's Fatih neighborhood, and it's home to the lovely plant-covered archway that can be seen here. One of the city's oldest and largest public parks, Gülhane Park had functioned as a focus for festivities and ceremonies throughout the Ottoman era. The park was formerly the garden of the nearby Topkapi Palace during the Ottoman era. The name "Gülhane," which means "the home of roses," refers to the fact that the park was created to cultivate roses for the palace.

The refurbished artificial pools in the park complete the park's image as a recreational place. Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Bosphorus from the park. Make sure to visit and take in the serene setting that is surrounded by lovely gardens, pools, and gorgeous vistas.

The Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam is located in Gülhane Park, which is also close to many of Istanbul's most well-known tourist destinations, including the Sultan Ahmet Mosque and Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya). It is strongly advised to visit the park during the last three weeks of April, when the annual Istanbul Tulip Festival takes place. The tulip has come to represent Istanbul, and Gülhane Park is only one of the numerous locations where you can see stunning displays of tulips. Numerous sculptures may be found both outside and inside the garden at Gülhane Park. Here, in 1926, Heinrich Krippel's first statue honoring Turkey's renowned leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was constructed.

Belgrad Forest & Atatürk Arboretum

The Belgrad Forest is Istanbul's biggest forest, stretching between the Saryer and Eyüp districts. It is a popular area for jogging and strolling and is located on the Atalca Peninsula 15 kilometers northwest of Istanbul. It offers visitors a variety of routes and walking trails and is a natural haven in the spring with blossoming flowers and lush trees. The presence of multiple old reservoirs sets it apart from other parks and gardens in Istanbul. It is the ideal location for an outside supper surrounded by greenery and historical tidbits thanks to its numerous picnic tables.

Aqueducts and antiquated channeling systems can be found throughout the forest, the majority of which date back to the Roman and Byzantine centuries. The magnificent Ottoman imperial architect Sinan improved the buildings. The roadways in the area of Istanbul's Kemerburgaz district are now crisscrossed by a number of aqueducts.

When you're in Istanbul, make sure to stop by this lovely woodland to feel yourself reconnected to nature.

Belgrad Forest has the Atatürk Arboretum, which is home to over 2,000 different plant species. Most people go there in the fall to properly observe the collection of oak trees from all over the world. The arboretum's collection provides the ideal setting for your photos, so grab your camera and get ready for some incredible shots!

Yıldız Park (Yıldız Parkı)

Yldz Park, one of Istanbul's biggest public parks, adorns the city's Yldz neighborhood. It is situated between the Yldz and Raan palaces, which are both located inside the Beşiktaş district. The garden has developed into a well-liked picnic area and a beautiful getaway for groups of friends and family. Yldz Park is the ideal place for a stroll and some downtime in the middle of nature because it stretches along a sizable green space.

There are two sections of Yldz Park, with the outer section accessible to the general public. The Yldz ini Fabrikas (Yldz Tile Imperial Factory), the Ale Pavilion, the Malta Pavilion, and the Adr Pavilion are all located here. Along with restaurants, the park has locations that serve coffee and tea. Magnolias, bay trees, Judas trees, silver lindens, horse chestnuts, oak, cypress, pine, yew, cedar, and ash trees are among the plant life.

Two man-made lakes in Yldz Park round off the perfect scene of foliage. Because of the park's size, it's always simple to find a spot to oneself. If a squirrel, hedgehog, or other animal approaches and requests food from your picnic basket, don't be shocked!

Emirgan Park (Emirgan Korusu)

On the European side of the Bosphorus, in the renowned Istanbul neighborhood of Saryer, is where you can find Emirgan Park. It is one of Istanbul's biggest and most well-known parks and provides a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city.

The park is surrounded by tall walls and is perched on a slope. It has about 120 different plant kinds and two ornamental ponds. The park is a very well-liked entertainment location for locals, especially on the weekends and holidays, thanks to its numerous jogging trails and picnic tables. Emirgan Park is a great spot for biking because of its extensive routes.

Similar to Yldz Park, Emirgan Park is home to three historic pavilions called Sar Köşk (Yellow Pavilion), Pembe Köşk (Pink Pavilion), and Beyaz Köşk (Pink Pavilion) after the colors of their exteriors (White Pavilion). An annual tulip festival is held in the park's special garden, which was built in the 1960s to carry on the city's tulip-growing legacy. The tulips, which are Istanbul's emblematic flower, are truly breathtaking during the festival.

Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park

Turkish Sabanc The Bebek area of Istanbul is home to the urban park known as Bebek Park. It served as a personal garden for Hümayunabad Pavilion in the 18th century. It turned into a public park in 1908. The Turkish poet, writer, and intellectual Fuzuli, who is regarded as one of the greatest contributions to the divan tradition of literature, is depicted in a lovely sculpture in the park.

The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Köprüsü (Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bosphorus Bridge) is perfectly visible from the park. Local fishermen also favor it as a destination.

Türkan Sabanc Bebek Park's Asian brother is Yourtçu Park. It is in Kadköy, Istanbul, close to Moda Pier, and it covers a huge area that stretches from Kurbaaldere to the shore in Moda. Since the 18th century, Yourtçu eşmesi, a popular leisure area in Istanbul, has been known by that name.

A mermaid sculpture and a statue of Yunus Emre, a Turkish folk poet and Sufi mystic who had a significant impact on Turkish culture, respectively, are two sculptures in the park that provide an artistic touch to the surroundings.

The park has walking paths, a basketball court, a tennis court, kid-friendly play areas, fitness equipment, and cafés where you can get tea, coffee, and other refreshments. It holds concerts, festivals, and bazaars where people sell handicrafts, secondhand furniture, and apparel. Additionally, Kurbaaldere, a neighboring brook, will charm you with its tranquility.

Bakırköy Botanical Park

Bakrköy Botanical Park is home to eleven themed gardens and a variety of tree types. It is decorated with numerous sculptures, kid-friendly play areas, and wind turbines to support an eco-friendly way of life and supply the park's energy requirements. In addition to having both natural and man-made pools, the park is also home to numerous bird and turtle species.

Baltalimanı Japanese Garden

Fortunately, you do not need to go to the Far East to enjoy the pink mist of the Sakura cherry blossoms!

Baltaliman Japanese Garden, a discrete walled park tucked away on the Bosphorus shoreline, was established with the assistance of Japan and Türkiye. It was finished in 2003 as part of the "Japanese Year in Türkiye" with assistance from Shimonoseki, a sister city of Istanbul in Japan.

With its tea garden (Yogetsuan), waterfalls, and gullets, the garden is the ideal place for a leisurely stroll as it views out onto the Istanbul Strait, popularly known as the Bosphorus. It is frequently used as a recreational location by both domestic and international tourists, and its Sakura cherry trees transform it into a beautiful natural setting where two cultures meld into one. The Japanese maples, pink camellias, and native plants and flowers all contribute to the peacefulness of this lovely garden.

Çubuklu Park and Khedive Palace (Çubuklu Korusu ve Hidiv Kasrı)

Hidiv Kasr (Khedive Palace), an early 20th-century cultural icon, is situated atop a hill overlooking the Bosphorus between Istanbul's ubuklu and Kanlca neighborhoods. Its marble terraces and tall tower, which are now a part of a restaurant, are the ideal places to enjoy a beautiful view of the Bosphorus. The structure was built in the Art Nouveau design while using elements and specifics from Neo-classical Ottoman architecture. Indicators of both Ottoman and Western influences can be seen throughout the palace, which looks to be embroidered with a variety of geometric and floral designs.

Hidiv Kasr is surrounded by ubuklu Park, which is only a short distance from the Kanlca and ubuklu quarters. Despite being similarly attractive, it is typically less busy than the other parks and gardens in Istanbul. This park's hilltop location makes it perfect for vigorous walks or exercise. It has manmade lakes that are beautiful to look at, just as Yldz Park.

Ubuklu Park is a popular location for picture shoots honoring significant events. You should definitely bring your camera with you! You might also wish to go to the nearby Kanlca neighborhood, where you can sample the delectable yogurt and take in the wonderful examples of urban architecture.

Maçka Democracy Park

Maçka Democracy Park, which is ideally situated in the center of major metropolis, provides the best routes for jogging, strolling, and walking your dog. Many folks can be seen exercising or simply enjoying the fresh air in the park in the early morning. There are play areas and ornamental pools throughout the park. It is located above a huge area that stretches from Harbiye to the Nişantaş neighborhood of Istanbul. Photographers frequent this setting since it is so picturesque.

The Maçka Democracy Park has a diverse range of plant life, including hundreds of different tree species like chestnut, lime, and poplar trees. Since the 19th century, it has served as a recreational place. Between Maçka and Istanbul's Taksim neighborhood, there is an aerial tramway that provides stunning views of the park and the neighborhood. On the Nişantaş side of the park, there is a café where locals like to eat breakfast while taking in the scenery.

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