The Most Famous Districts in Istanbul and Their Features

The Most Famous Districts in Istanbul and Their Features

The Most Famous Districts in Istanbul and Their Features


In this article we present detailed information about the major characteristics of Istanbul's European and Asian regions. Learn about their infrastructure, key characteristics, and type of dwelling there.

The Most Famous Districts in The European Side of Istanbul

Beyoglu District

Beyoglu is situated between the Bosphorus Strait and the Golden Horn in Istanbul's European region, 40 kilometers from the city's airport and 50 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the city's Asian region.

With the well-known Istiklal Street, Taksim Square, the Flower Passage, the Galatasaray Tower, and Kamar Hatton Mosque, Beyoglu is a vital, service-integrated neighborhood full of shops, beautiful gardens, opulent buildings, public and private hospitals, multiple markets, restaurants, high-end hotels, and social facilities. The district also has Imam and Khatib religious schools, such as Beyoglu Anadolu Imam Hatip Lisesi, in addition to the Galatasaray High School, known as Turkey's most renowned high school, and the German School in Istanbul, a private high school established in 1868.

Investment in the area is crucial because buying property in the thriving and strategically located Beyoglu region, whether it is for rent or sale or the purchase of real estate suitable for tourism businesses and offices, or both, opens up opportunities for financial and investment growth. This is because the region is home to some of the most significant tourist destinations.

The value of investments is equivalent to the value of homes. It's all about making it the best location for a privileged high-end lifestyle and the best option for investors.

The Beyoglu region offers a significant level of profit to real estate buyers due to the lifestyle it offers with its historic buildings, busy streets, and robust infrastructure.

Atakoy District

Atakoy district, which is about 40 kilometers from Istanbul's new airport, is situated in the European part of the city and has views of the Sea of Marmara. It is surrounded by a huge network of services and public transportation used for both essential and recreational purposes.

With its distinctive infrastructure and accessibility to educational institutions like colleges, schools, and institutes, the Atakoy region stands out. An array of support facilities surround Atakoy. The Bahcelievler State Hospital, Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Research And Training Hospital, and Memorial Hospital are just a few of the state and private hospitals and health institutions in the area that offer extensive and varied medical services to the populace.

The neighborhood is known for its luxurious modern design, which includes shopping centers, hotels, upscale restaurants, a combined amusement park, nearby universities, the Atakoy Coast, one of the most entertaining locations, the Bakirkoy Botanical Garden, which has many entertaining games, and the renowned Istanbul Aquarium, the largest water park in Europe and the Middle East.

Modern residential developments, hotels, shopping centers, and near proximity to tourist and maritime areas are all contributing to the region's rapid development.

Atakoy is a significant investment location because of its guaranteed real estate development, the area's liveliness and proximity to Istanbul's major metropolitan centers, the increased pace of real estate development, and the building of contemporary housing complexes along the Sea of Marmara.

Beylikduzu District

West of Istanbul, the region of Beylikduzu is surrounded by the regions of Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and the Sea of Marmara to the south. Due to efficient planning and the development of advanced infrastructure from hospitals, shopping malls, factories, new real estate projects, transit lines, higher schools, and universities, the region is enjoying an unheard-of surge in high-quality real estate investment. The proliferation of international schools and universities in the area, in addition to the malls' presence, has increased the region's significance and raised the demand for housing units for rent in the area.

There are several upscale lodging options in the region, including beach resorts and opulent apartment buildings with attached amenities. In comparison to other areas, Beylikduzu is going through a dramatic development. It is well-organized, and the villas in Beylikduzu have drawn real estate investors' attention. This is especially true now that the city's transportation issues have been resolved, and the "Metrobus" bus line has connected it to the city center.

Cumuhriet, Gurbinar, Marmara, Yakubi, Adnan Kahwaci, Buyuksehir, Deryagzi, Kavakli, and Sahil neighborhood are the ten principal neighborhoods that make up the area. Additionally, there are sizable green spaces, parks, and woods in the region. Perhaps the most notable of these is Life Valley Park Beylikduzu, also known as Green Valley Park, which connects many adjacent parks to sizable regions in the Beylikduzu region close to the Sea of Marmara.

Due to the size of the flats and their proximity to the Metrobus, the residential complexes in Beylikduzu come in a broad variety and are all priced differently.

Basaksehir District

Basaksehir is located in Istanbul, Europe, and is bounded on the north by Arnavutkoy, on the northeast by Ayub, on the east by Sultangazi and Esenler, on the south by Bagcilar, and on the southwest by Esenyurt.

Due to the region's novelty and establishment, it has the most developed infrastructure in the city, and it is one of the most appealing areas for investors due to infrastructure, social, cultural, health, and educational facilities, and it is located very close to the new Istanbul International Airport.

Basaksehir has a protected forest in the Samlar area that is home to a variety of wildlife, as well as huge green areas for trekking allocated by the municipality of Basaksehir for the residents of the neighborhood, encompassing 50 square kilometers.

One of the largest natural valleys and an archaeological garden may both be found in Basaksehir. The largest man-made lake in Istanbul, Lake Basaksehir, is situated on a 26,000 square meter plot of land and is encircled by expansive gardens that cover more than 300,000 square meters. In addition to restaurants, game parks, private clubs, cafes, and other establishments, it has become one of Istanbul's most lucrative real estate markets, where Basaksehir properties are in high demand from real estate investors.

Based on significant factors like actual living space, a high level of internal and external cladding, delivery dates of apartments still under construction, proximity to key local projects like the municipal central square, the botanical garden, transportation stations, and even housing within contemporary complexes and malls, Basaksehir offers a wide range of apartment options.

Bahcesehir District

The region of Bahcesehir (Garden City), or the outstanding city as some would like to refer to it, is situated at a key location northwest of Lake Kucukcekmece. Its territory is naturally beautiful due to the distribution of small hills, cliffs, and valleys.

Within the boundaries of the municipality of Basaksehir, it is situated in the center of Istanbul on the European side of the city and is easily accessible from all parts of the city via the surrounding modern road network as well as the railway that connects the city of the European side of Istanbul.

The region is home to numerous opulent residential complexes with the highest levels of comfort and safety features, as well as social and health services, a large number of shops, including stores, offices, and commercial centers, and Turkey's largest man-made lake, measuring more than 3,000 square meters. Numerous dining establishments, coffee shops, nightclubs, and other social venues line the perimeter of the lake.

The building of around 15,000 apartments is planned for the over four million square meter Bahcesehir area. The region boasts a wide variety of trees and diverse plants, with an estimated twelve square meters of green space per person.

Real estate investors have paid close attention to the area since it has recently emerged as a key hub for luring them in. Property values in Bahcesehir are also increasing, especially in locations close to the lake.


The Most Famous Districts in The Asian Side of Istanbul

Kadikoy District

The neighborhoods of Uskudar, Atashehir, and Maltepe surround the Kadikoy region in Istanbul's Asian district, while the Sea of Marmara lies to its south. It has developed into a crucial, distinctive, central neighborhood that tourists always seek because of its proximity to the Maiden's Tower and the Bosphorus Bridge, among other considerations.

Given that it has a variety of land, air, and sea transportation options, its infrastructure provides a source of income and facilitates easy access. The Haydarpasa train station, a seaport from Eminonu, and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport are all within 20 kilometers of the area's core.

In addition, Kadikoy has a number of attractions for tourists, including the Haydarpasa Train Station, Bride Hill, Bostanci Park, and Umbrella Street, one of Istanbul's most beautiful streets, as well as the Kadikoy Coast, one of the city's best tourist destinations with its clean beaches and clear water.

The aforementioned considerations have led to an increase in large-scale infrastructure and development initiatives, making real estate ownership much safer in the area. Due to the neighborhood's mix of historic and contemporary structures in its real estate and buildings, investment in the area has recently experienced extraordinary development. Recent years have seen a progressive rise in the cost of real estate and flats for sale, as well as an increase in investment prospects.

Uskudar District

Kadikoy, Umraniye, and Beykoz regions surround the Uskudar region, which is situated where the Bosphorus Strait meets the Marmara Sea on Istanbul's Asian side. The largest mosque in Turkey, the Camilca Mosque, is located on a hill inside its boundaries that is 68% above sea level.

The Turkish government has given the Uskudar region a great deal of attention because of its historical significance, distinctive location, and increasing tourist traffic, which is highlighted by its public transportation system, municipal services, and well-known landmarks, as well as an extensive network of healthcare facilities. Specialized university hospitals are among them (such as cardiovascular hospitals, pediatric hospitals, etc.). One of Istanbul's most green regions is home to physical treatment and rehabilitation institutions and clinics, whose infrastructure is among the city's newest.

Uskudar is home to a large number of educational institutions, including 86 state primary schools, 22 private primary schools, 168 state intermediate schools, 10 private medium schools, 26 government secondary schools, 23 private secondary schools, 18 student residences, 14 private training institutes, 12 private teaching institutes, a State university, and 2 private universities.

All of this has gained significant significance, making Uskudar a key location for real estate investment. A lot of elements have an impact on this, with the ambiance of its tourist attractions playing a crucial role. Maiden's Tower, the bridge across the 15th of July Martyrs, Kuleli Military High School, Beylerbeyi Palace, the Mihrmah Sultan Mosque, and the Semsi Pasa mosque.

Umraniye District

The Umraniye district, which lies in Istanbul's Asian neighborhood, is bordered on the west by Uskudar, the south by Kadikoy, the east by Kartal, and the north by the Beykoz region, one of the city's most condensed green spaces.

With fourteen neighborhoods, six towns, four villages, and a total area of 22,000 hectares, it is one of Istanbul's most developed districts for population expansion and the real estate industry.

It is one of the regions to which investors have been particularly drawn in recent years because it has shown to be the fastest-growing Istanbul region and one of the central regions of Asian Istanbul. Additionally, its close proximity to the Uskudar metro line and the Istanbul International Money Center would greatly increase the investment value of its real estate.

Modern housing projects and a growth in population have coincided with the urban infrastructure development renaissance in recent years, which has led to a large increase in real estate prices, especially in the last eight years.

It has been dubbed one of Istanbul's most prestigious areas of modern life and has many recreational and cultural facilities that have been connected with the luxury and modernism of construction. Its housing features include the fact that its buildings, as described by experts, are anti-seismic given that the majority of them have been established by companies specializing in this area.

Maltepe District

The Maltepe district is around 25 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport and is situated in Istanbul's Asian neighborhood with views of the Emirate Islands and the Sea of Marmara.

Maltepe is regarded as one of the most significant areas of advanced infrastructure, with all means of subsistence and stability, including colleges, schools, government services, health centers, and coastal resorts, as well as markets, shops, parks, and hospitals, a vast transportation network, fine dining establishments and hotels, and social facilities that cater to all contemporary needs. A noteworthy aspect of contemporary urban development is the area's wealth of specifics.

The largest Istanbul island in the Sea of Marmara, Tuzla Marina, is located there. It is also home to the largest park in the world, with an area of 1 million and 200,000 square meters and eight distinct islands, each of which has a number of recreational areas.

Real estate investment in Maltepe is a realistic choice with all the high-profit indicators for real estate investors thanks to the combination of infrastructure and geographic location factors that have created an urban setting with a neat modern design, integrating the best ocean and scenery. High-end residential complexes that are outfitted with all the conveniences and guidelines for earthquake resistance, firefighting systems, the presence of picturesque sea-Atlantic parks, markets and malls, and recreation spaces are also added to the region's means of subsistence, making it a new location for investment.

Sancaktepe District

It is 22 kilometers from Sabiha International Airport, in Istanbul's Asian neighborhood, and has a sophisticated infrastructure with both public and private educational institutions, including schools, institutes, and colleges. The most well-known of these are the private institutions, Basil International Schools, and Ozyegin University, which has a number of public and private hospitals and health facilities, with Sancaktepe Hospital at the top.

Numerous ancient sites, including the Paskoy Rumi Cave, the Sarigazi Koyu Mosque, the Sivkenhak Usta Fountain, the Sarigazi Koyu Well, and its proximity to woodlands, can be found in the Sancaktepe region.

The Sancaktepe region has undergone significant development with the growth of luxury housing and government service projects, which have made it particularly relevant due to its proximity to the forest area and the tourist region of Sile, which has increased the rate of stability, especially after old neighborhoods have been modernized by real estate investors.

One benefit of investing in them is their high appeal as an investment following the factors we discussed, which hastened its physical growth, with modern designs, especially as they are distinctive patterns in apartment buildings with horizontal extension and varying elevations as well as the availability of large indoor gardens.

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