The Most Important Hospitals In Istanbul And The Quality Of Their Services

The Most Important Hospitals In Istanbul And The Quality Of Their Services

The Most Important Hospitals In Istanbul And The Quality Of Their Services

The Advantages of Istanbul's hospitals and health sector

The Turkish government has prioritized the growth of the health sector during the past 20 years, which is shown in the rise in the number of public and private hospitals and health facilities across all of Turkey's states.

The digitization of the Turkish health system, which connects Turkish citizens with electronic applications via their personal phones to follow their health and medical system periodically, as well as the ability to book appointments and follow up the results of their medical tests and the necessary treatments, is one way that the Turkish health system is being developed through the introduction of modern technology.

In order to meet the demand for growth and the significant expansion of the health sector from hospitals and health centers in Turkey, the Turkish health system has also worked to increase the number of qualified doctors and specialists in Turkey in collaboration with medical faculties and health professions in Turkish universities.

According to the evidence of the World Health Organization, the global crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated the efficacy and success of the Turkish health system in containing the epidemic, in contrast to many industrialized nations, where the entire health system failed.

Turkey's health system has beyond self-sufficiency and local medical service provision, but it has also turned the nation into a significant global destination for therapeutic travel. The President of the Turkish Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who announced in multiple speeches that one of his administration's top priorities is to make Turkey one of the world's top medical treatment hubs, was among the many Turkish government officials who made this claim.

In order to compete in this market, the private sector should be given the right to build private hospitals that offer their services with a five-star medical system and services, as well as large medical cities and specialized government hospitals with standard specifications and statistics in the number of beds and the use of medical technology.

Istanbul, the city with the biggest population and the capital of the nation historically and economically, provided the majority of these services as well as the expansion of specialized and public hospitals.

In addition to various medical facilities specializing in dentistry, cosmetology, and hair transplantation, Istanbul has a network of central, specialized, and well-known hospitals in Europe, drawing patients from all over the world.

The Best Hospitals in Istanbul

1. Acıbadem hospital in Istanbul

The IHH Berhad Group, an international healthcare organization that focuses on high-end healthcare services and is the largest A private healthcare group in Asia, owns the chain of private hospitals in Turkey, which consists of 21 hospitals and 16 medical centers, a mix of general and specialized hospitals, central laboratories, and outpatient clinics.

2. Medipol Hospital in Istanbul

a chain of opulent private hospitals that offers the best healthcare and treatment options available in Turkey, as well as the best local and international medical professionals.

3. Medical Park Hospital in Istanbul

The Medical Park brand is one of the most significant and well-known hospital chains in Turkey. It is the largest hospital chain in the country and offers its services to both Turkish and foreign residents.

4. Medical City in Basaksehir, Istanbul

A massive government facility with an internal space of one million and 21 thousand square meters was opened in the year 2020 and is one of the largest medical projects the Turkish government has ever undertaken in the state of Istanbul.

There are 2,682 beds there, along with 3 helipads, 456 acute care units, 725 clinic rooms, and 90 operating rooms with the most recent medical technology.

5. Memorial Hospital in Istanbul

It’s a group of Turkey's best medical facilities. It is the first hospital in Turkey to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI). According to the classification of the same organization, the hospital was placed 21st in the globe and offered its services to patients from 167 different nations.

6. Eurasia Hospital in Istanbul

Istanbul is home to two Eurasia Group hospitals, one in the Zeytinburnu region and the other in the Gaziosmanpaşa region. It is a Turkish corporation for private hospitals that operates a network of hospitals made up of three core hospitals functioning in Turkey.

7. Anadolu (Anatolia) Hospital in Istanbul

It is a private hospital company with three main hospitals in Turkey, two of which are in Istanbul and one of which is in Konya. The 1991-founded Anatolia Hospitals has a skilled medical staff made up of doctors and consultants that specialize in their particular disciplines of medicine and have years of experience and advanced degrees in those fields.

8. Esencan Hospital in Istanbul

One of Turkey's most significant and well-known private cosmetic hospitals. The hospital's main outpost is situated in Istanbul's Esenyurt neighborhood. Through a group of skilled Turkish and foreign specialists, the hospital specializes in hair transplantation and plastic surgery.

9. Erdem Hospital in Istanbul

One of Turkey's private hospitals is this one. The medical staff at the hospital is renowned for their expertise in cardiovascular surgery. The hospital has three locations in different parts of Istanbul and operates in several Turkish provinces.


Overall, the hospitals in Istanbul are of good quality, with a variety of facilities, experienced doctors and nurses, and modern technology and equipment. The Turkish health care system is highly developed and the quality of care is consistently high. The city is home to some of the most renowned medical centers in the world, and its hospitals provide excellent services to the people of Istanbul. Despite the high cost of health care in Istanbul, the quality and range of services remains top-notch.

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