Discover the most luxurious districts in Istanbul

The Most Luxurious Districts in Istanbul

The Most Luxurious Districts in Istanbul


Istanbul is home to Turkey's most renowned upscale neighborhoods and receives millions of visitors each year. The map of Istanbul is full of gorgeous places! A district's worth can be increased by both breathtaking Bosphorus vistas and avenues packed with upscale shops. Whatever the reason, Istanbul has a ton of well-known landmarks and sights that are worth seeing! The hardest part is choosing where to go because there are so many possibilities, but we can help! The upscale areas of Istanbul that are ideal for spending time with loved ones are described below. Together, let's look at this!


Levent is arguably Istanbul's most contemporary district. You'll fall under the spell of these enormous plazas! On the European side of Istanbul, the district of Levent is well known for its shopping malls, which are home to luxury retailers and brands from around the globe. Istanbul's elite like to reside and do business here. In addition to exclusive shops, Levent is home to numerous five-star hotels, upscale eateries, and prestigious entertainment venues.


Bebek, a beachfront district on the Bosphorus' European shore, enchants tourists with its posh and inviting ambiance. It is the ideal location for a riverside stroll while admiring the vessels traveling down the Bosphorus. Soak a quick stop in Bebek Park to take in the sea air and the natural surroundings. Bebek is also quite green. Additionally, you can rent a bike and explore the coastline while riding it!

Bebek's side streets are teeming with cute cafes, stores, and eateries. Choose a sea restaurant with a view of the Bosphorus for an amazing dinner!


On Istanbul's European side, the Nişantaş district is a shopping paradise! The stylish and artistic crowd of Istanbul is drawn to Nişantaş because of its abundance of shops selling well-known national and international brands, as well as high-end clothing stores with stunning window displays. This is a fantastic location for outdoor shopping and the ideal location for quaint cafés and upscale dining. Visit the hippest restaurants that serve both Turkish and international food on Abdi Pekçi Street. Don't be shocked if you see many of famous people here! Nişantaş is renowned for its art galleries where both Turkish and foreign artists exhibit their work as well as for its nightclubs and pubs.


Saryer is situated at the northernmost part of the Bosphorus, where the strait meets the Black Sea, on Istanbul's European side. The locals flock there for weekend breaks and delicious Turkish breakfasts! Saryer promises tranquil sea vistas and unending vegetation. You can observe a variety of tree species at the Atatürk Arboretum. It is a fantastic option for running, walking, and taking pictures. For visitors seeking a cultural experience, the area also has a number of museums.

Rumelihisar, also known as Rumeli Castle, is another important landmark in this area that dates back to the Ottoman era. The enormous walls of the stronghold provide a beautiful view of the city. If you appreciate seafood, stop by one of the most well-known fish restaurants in Istanbul, which are located in Saryer, and have an incredible meal.

Bağdat Avenue (Bağdat Caddesi)

There is one district in Istanbul that is unavoidable when discussing upscale, exclusive areas: Badat Avenue! With a length of exactly 14 kilometers, it is one among Istanbul's longest streets. It is a tidy, well-kept boulevard that travels through a number of upscale neighborhoods on the Anatolian side. Along it, you'll find a lot of upscale stores, hip cafés, and renowned eateries. Not to be missed, it is a pleasure!


On the European side of the Bosphorus, between Kuruçeşme and Bebek, is Arnavutköy. It is well-known for its old wooden homes that overlook the river.

This is the place for you if you like seafood! The Arnavutköy coast is lined with numerous fish restaurants. savor delectable seafood while taking in the sea's perfume and unwinding in the Bosphorus' warm breeze!


Exactly below the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus Bridge is where Beylerbeyi is located. You'll be amazed by the lovely coastal mansions and the people fishing along the Bosporus shore when you view it from the water. But don't just stop at observing it from a distance! Beylerbeyi Palace must be seen in person! The palace is a magnificent 19th-century relic, and the white marble front is just as intriguing as the tiles within!

In one of the vintage cafés with views of the palace and the Bosphorus, have a cup of tea while unwinding. Or perhaps you'd prefer to visit one of the area's well-known seafood eateries for a delectable lunch.


Beykoz is another another pearl of the Bosphorus. In contrast to the bustling metropolis, this area offers a calmer and more tranquil atmosphere. The several ancient pavilions in Beykoz, including the Küçüksu Pavilion and the Hidiv Pavilion, are very well known. With their exquisite construction and the huge green spaces that surround them, these lovely structures will mesmerize you.

The Anatolian Castle, also known as Anadolu Hisar, is a must-see location in this area. The best place to see the most breathtaking perspective of the city is from this stunning castle, which is situated just across from Rumelihisar (Rumeli Castle). Numerous eateries in the area have outside seating so you can relax with a drink while taking in the view.

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