New vs Old Real Estate Investment: Pros and Cons

Deciding Between New and Old Real Estate Investment: Making the Right Choice

Deciding Between New and Old Real Estate Investment: Making the Right Choice

In the realm of social media, enticing real estate offers flood platforms like Instagram and TikTok. But are these claims too good to be true? Let's explore the disparities between these deals and reputable firms, and ultimately address whether it's more advantageous to invest in new or old real estate. Keep in mind these crucial factors:

Changing Market Dynamics:
The real estate landscape in Turkey has evolved, with inflation and material costs driving prices upward. Previous years' prices are no longer relevant.

Turkey's Development Trajectory:
Turkey's rapid advancement in various sectors, from mega projects to technological innovations, has contributed to price fluctuations and market shifts.

Genuineness of Advertisements:
Beware of fictitious companies using alluring ads to attract buyers. Distinguishing genuine offers from misleading ones can be challenging.

Professional Guidance Matters:
Engaging with reputable real estate professionals ensures expert advice, reliable service, and a trustworthy investment experience.

Pricing Discrepancies:
Prices as low as $30,000 are unrealistic. Trustworthy companies present legitimate prices, albeit higher, reflecting market realities.

Brokerage Commissions:
Experienced brokerage firms' commissions are reasonable, contrary to exaggerated claims. Established firms provide comprehensive after-sales support.

Reality of Investment:
Avoid interacting with fake companies and establish a clear understanding of investment areas, prices, and returns. Seek expert guidance.

New vs. Old Real Estate:
Analyzing both options reveals that new real estate shows rapid initial price appreciation, while old real estate offers stable long-term rental income.

Investment Strategy:
Old real estate suits long-term rentals, yielding returns of around 4-7%. New projects exhibit substantial price appreciation over the construction period.

Your Choice:
Ultimately, the decision rests with you. Property Experts Company offers various projects, ensuring both old and new properties are available.

When considering your real estate investment in Turkey, reach out to our team to experience the level of service and expertise we provide. Your investment journey starts with the right guidance.

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