Turkey Property Management and Maintenance

Property Management and Maintenance

Property Management and Maintenance

After purchasing a vacation home or an apartment for investment in Turkey, buyers may feel lost regarding how to manage and benefit from the property. An efficient guide and after-sales services provided by some real estate companies can help buyers keep their properties in good condition. Housing maintenance is very important for year-to-year vacation homes and most importantly for apartments for investment. Buyers must know how to ensure a good rental income and high return on investment and an opportunity to make a good profit in a possible house sale.

Maintenance requirements for the property:
          1. Houses by the sea: Many buyers tend to buy vacation homes by the sea to enjoy the beautiful view and fresh air of the sea whether in Istanbul or in other cities like Fethiye, Antalya, or Bodrum. These houses are dream homes for some however nothing can damage the walls paints or wood like the sea weather, in this case, good maintenance is required, and aerating is a must at least once in 2 weeks even when the house is empty.
         2. Houses with swimming pools: Private homes and villas are in high demand lately for the privacy and luxury lifestyle they offer for some buyers. These villas come with private pools which require high maintenance to keep them in good condition for a long time so it is important to add chemicals and clean insects and leaves at least daily.
         3. Gardening: Some houses with private gardens need to take care of the grass and bushes issue which will grow fastly due to the humid weather of Turkey if not cut and trimmed regularly so it doesn't make the house look abandoned and cause other issues.
        4. Property Renting: Buyers who own properties in highly demanded areas whether by the sea, touristic area, or city center may tend to rent their properties monthly for short period visitors or tenants. In this case maintenance (cleaning- fixing utilities and more) must be done every month after the tenants leave.
        5. Regular checking: Even if the houses are in good shape and well take care of, small normal issues might happen like water leaking, bathroom fixtures breaking, kitchen materials not working. These issues you cannot avoid at any house no matter how luxurious it is and can affect the house value if not fixed.

To start with, buyers need to find experts in housing management whether certified professional individuals or professional companies to ensure that their properties are in good hands and not facing any kind of fraud or miss handling.

How to manage your property from overseas:
In case the property is within a complex/ compound, owners share several facilities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, social areas, and gardens. The complex owner or shareholder provides these services and appoints a team of experts to deal with the maintenance and the property owners have required fees to pay for this service.
These management and maintenance fees are defined in the purchase contract and it is a share of total expected costs divided by the number and size of the units. For example, 2 bedrooms apartment owner pays less proportionate comparing to 3 bedroom apartment owner in the same complex.
Property owners who want additional personal management services for their homes can have an agreement with the management company with extra fees.

            Management and maintenance fees:
               ⦁ Fees for 2 bedroom apartment in a complex around 800 Euros per year.
               ⦁ Fees for 3 bedroom apartment or villa in a complex around 1200 euros per year.

Once the complex is finished and delivered, the developers maintain good management in order to make the project in the best shape for maximum sales. After a while, the owners have to appoint a third-party management company to take care of all the shared facilities maintenance of the complex and not individual properties. Property owners can make aside agreements with the same management company. In case they rent their homes and need regular cleaning and maintenance the fees are defined as we mentioned before and can be different according to the number of services given.

In the case of private property/villa, owners have to appoint their own management company to take care of their property. Renting the house will need regular normal cleaning and overall maintenance but the Private management can cost higher fees around 1600 euros per year.

Houses with onsite housekeepers: Some new luxurious projects in Turkey have private large houses and villas with huge gardens and space that need daily care. Some of these properties contain maid houses for their accommodate caretakers. For these mansions and big villas in luxurious areas, it is a good solution to have an accommodate housekeeper to ensure regular management and maintenance and helps with cooking and cleaning. Owners must provide accommodation and a monthly or yearly salary of around 6000 euros/per year for all the services.

In Property Experts we provide multiple services for our clients from after-sales services, maintenance, management, and rental procedures. During the purchase process, a bond and trusty relationship are built between us and our clients which makes it more comfortable for the clients to handle their properties to us to manage.




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