Living in Istanbul: Discover the Top 10 Reasons to Choose This Vibrant City

What Are Your Top 10 Reasons to Live in Istanbul?

What Are Your Top 10 Reasons to Live in Istanbul?


Located in one of the most significant regions of the world, Istanbul is a magnificent city. There are many benefits to residing in Istanbul, starting with its location at the crossroads of the two continents, Asia and Europe. The top 10 reasons to live in Istanbul are listed on our blog.


The most congested metropolis in Europe is Istanbul. Istanbul is home to more than 16 million people, and each of them has a unique cause for residing there. In Turkey's northwest is where it is situated. The precise location of where the continents of Europe and Asia are thought to collide is Istanbul.


The city has been a focal point throughout history because of its strategically significant position. In this city, the cultures, religions, customs, and civilizations have either become well-known or have been lost. Istanbul is a city that has quickly adjusted to almost all changes made throughout human history.


1- Rich History

There were numerous distinct cultures and civilizations in Istanbul. In the city, there are numerous historical sites to visit. The Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, Grand Bazaar, and Basilica Cistern are the most significant locations.


The city was a significant historical event. Here, significant individuals, cultures, and events occurred and were created. Living in Istanbul means being close to a fantastic historical wealth.


2- Developed Facilities

The level of life quality in a major city depends on the development state of its facilities. This community has highly developed facilities for security, general infrastructure, transportation, and health care. As a result, residents can get around the city more quickly and readily access the services they need. There are numerous facilities and services from which to choose.


Istanbul's transportation infrastructure is the most advanced. With such a high population density, a city must have well-developed transportation infrastructure. Istanbul is situated on two distinct lands that are separated by a sea. These areas must be linked.


Istanbul's neighborhoods have been developed to provide the simplest links. The city's two sides, as well as its different neighborhoods and sections, are all well connected. It has created transit infrastructure today. Sisli, Besiktas, and Kadikoy are regarded as some of the best places to reside in Istanbul based on the developed facility status.


3- Ideal Climate

A transitional mild temperature is how experts describe the city's climate. There are warm, sunny summers and mildly chilly winters. Therefore, all four seasons can be readily experienced in the city.


Long beach seasons and brief periods of extreme cold are provided by the ideal climate characteristics. It is one of the best cities to reside in when the climate is taken into account.


4- Well Developed Entertainment

Families who want to participate in leisure activities and individuals who want to experience Istanbul's nightlife will be pleased. It provides one of the most varied amusement options. This includes historical and cultural sites, performances, theaters, museums, football games, sports events, and numerous other things.


In Istanbul, there are numerous nightclubs, entertainment venues, and speaking groups. The newbies adjust and feel more at ease in these social settings. As a result, this city is more than just a dull ancient one. Istanbul has a cheap cost of living, making it possible to participate in these activities for a reasonable price.


5- Business Opportunities

Istanbul serves as the location of all major corporations' Turkish offices. Istanbul is also home to the headquarters of foreign corporations with Turkish subsidiaries. Istanbul is a great location for career planning due to the employment possibilities provided by technology hubs, businesses, and other organizations.


The bazaar in Istanbul is sizable. It generates 40% of Turkey's overall GPD. The metropolis is thus appropriate for both working and investing.


The businesses established in Istanbul aim for the nation's highest profit margin. Compared to employees in Turkey's other cities, Istanbul workers receive significantly higher monthly salaries. In this way, both employees and business owners benefit.


6- Center of Education and Healthcare

Turkey made good progress in the areas of welfare and education. The city provides more chances, including cutting-edge healthcare and educational systems on a global scale.


Families who want to purchase real estate always take these factors into account. One of the most significant decisions made by families can be to invest in their children's education and access to a modern healthcare system. Istanbul's international schools and state-of-the-art medical facilities are highly favored by foreign residents.


Additionally, property buyers in Istanbul view Istanbul as an excellent place to start their real estate investment.


7- Diversity in Places

There are 39 distinct neighborhoods in the city. Some of these neighborhoods are situated in lush, natural settings. And some of them have distinctive shoreline vistas of the Bosphorus.


Istanbul's neighborhoods are diverse in more ways than just where they are. They are divided into groups according to whether they are better suited for domestic or commercial use.


The best areas in Istanbul for foreigners to reside are Besiktas, Kadikoy, Sisli, and Fatih. They bring together the city's rich history, cutting-edge design, and business possibilities.


Turkey's biggest city is Istanbul. There are two aspects to it: an Asian side and a European side.


They provide various lives. The city's commercial hub is thought to be on the European Side. There are more residential neighborhoods on Istanbul's Asian side.


Thanks to the well-developed transportation system, which includes the Bosphorus Bridge, it is also feasible to live and work in Istanbul from either side.


Istanbul's renowned Taksim Square and the Sariyer neighborhood are just two of the city's significant locations on the European Side. Large residential areas on Istanbul's Asian Side are regarded as some of the best places to live.


There are expat groups in almost every area of Istanbul. Both sides' average expenses are lower than in the majority of western nations. Because of this benefit, living in Turkey is marginally better than in other nations.


In conclusion, it is one of the world's most distinctive cities. There are millions of residents here, and they all decided to do so for various reasons. It offers a wide range of benefits.


There are general knowledge items. However, each person should independently explore the city and decide which neighborhood in Istanbul they like best.


8- Affordable Cost of Living

Istanbul is one of the cities in Europe with the lowest cost of living. The cost of living there is the highest in all of Turkey. It offers a lower cost of living when compared to other cities like Paris, London, and Berlin.


It blends a wide range of business opportunities with reasonably priced living costs. It establishes itself as one of the distinctive places to move. There are locations on both edges of Istanbul that provide lower prices at every stage of life. Istanbul is a great place due to its low cost of living in addition to its other benefits.


9- Center of Attention

Turkey's economy, trade, society, and history are all centered in this city. Another truth is that it is one of the most significant cities in the Middle East. People come to this city primarily to take advantage of the amenities that big cities have to offer.


Istanbul's citizens are conscious that their city is one of the few truly unique ones in the world. Due to Istanbul's structure, which is made up of different cultures, foreigners who relocate there aIn this city, everything fresh to the nation begins. 


In this city, everything fresh to the nation begins. Istanbul is where amenities, facilities, and services first appear before spreading throughout the nation. Living in Istanbul places one in Turkey's geographic center.


10- Rich Options for Amenities

One of the first things that influence a buyer's decision is the everyday amenities. In terms of every amenity, Istanbul provides a broad range of choices. Istanbul offers a wide range of amenities, including numerous hospitals, schools, retail malls, sports venues, and other facilities. Therefore, there are many options available to Istanbul residents when they want to or need to do something.


All utilities are present in the city because it is the largest network point in Turkey. In most locations, the amenities are also only a short walk away. Istanbul is a great place to live due to its accessibility and abundance of choices. Visit our site for more information about the ideal neighborhood in Istanbul.



Istanbul is a city that has something to offer everyone, whether you're a history buff, a foodie, or simply looking for a vibrant and dynamic place to call home. From its stunning architecture and rich cultural heritage to its bustling markets and vibrant nightlife, there are countless reasons to love living in Istanbul. Whether you're exploring the city's ancient monuments, taking in its stunning waterfront views, or simply soaking up the energy of its diverse neighborhoods, there's always something new and exciting to discover in this incredible city. So if you're considering a move to Istanbul, be prepared to be enchanted by its many charms, and get ready to experience one of the most fascinating and dynamic cities in the world.

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