The Stages and Duration of Naturalization in Turkey

The Stages and Duration of Naturalization in Turkey

The Stages and Duration of Naturalization in Turkey


Whether through various forms of investment, marriage, Ottoman ancestry, unique citizenship, or other elements, there are many uncertainties regarding the phases and procedures of naturalization in Turkey. You must be aware that the steps involved in becoming a citizen of Turkey are the same for everyone, regardless of the diverse motivations behind the nomination of your name.

For those who are curious about the process of becoming a Turkish citizen and the most crucial information surrounding it, we provide clarification in this post.

The 7 Stages of Naturalization in Turkey

All Turkish naturalization files go through the same seven stages from the time the application is registered until the owner of the file is informed that he has completed all stages. However, the speed at which these stages are completed varies between investors of all types and other owners of Turkish citizenship files, whether exceptional or not.

1. First stage: the application is registered and approved

Beginning on the date that the initial application is registered and accepted by the Immigration Department during the initial interview, the process of applying for Turkish citizenship begins.

Depending on the applicant's position, different documents are needed at that time, albeit all parties agree on a few fundamental ones. Before being forwarded to the Directorate of General Population in Ankara, the documents are given to the Department of State Population for assessment and inspection.

2. Second stage: sending the file to the competent directorate

Before moving on to the third stage, the application file for Turkish citizenship is sent to the General Directorate of Population in Ankara for assessment and analysis.

3. Third stage: the initial check of the file

At this point, the citizenship file is sent to the authorities in charge of conducting a thorough search for the person after it has been examined and reviewed by the General Directorate in Ankara.

4. Fourth stage: extended audit and archiving

It is the stage of examination, research, and audit, and it is regarded as the most delicate stage among the seven stages of Turkish citizenship. It is also one of the most important stages for the owners of the files because it is here that a thorough search is made for the file owner and an investigation is made in the directorates of security, foreign affairs, finance, and intelligence, etc... and if any party objects, the owner of the file is subject to further scrutiny. The application may be frozen and the filing denied if any party opposes to the individual in question or any violations are found against him.

5. Fifth stage: sending to the Council of Ministers for approval

The candidate's name will be added to the list that will be provided to the appropriate authority for signature if the examination of the files, the examination, and the search procedures are finished at the fourth stage of the application for Turkish citizenship from the relevant authorities.

6. Sixth stage: making the final decision on the matter

It is the penultimate stage, meaning the responsible authority has received the citizenship application and is awaiting approval to grant the file holder the status of citizen.

7. Seventh stage: reporting the result through the entity through which the application was submitted

The concerned individual is notified in the last stage with a message of congratulations that the file's owner has become a Turkish citizen, has full citizenship rights, and has to review the Population Department to get the decision on naturalization.

The Turkish identification is presented to the Department of Population to which he belongs after getting the verdict on citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

- What is the duration of the stages of naturalization in Turkey?

The steps of naturalization vary in length according on the circumstances. The process of real estate ownership in Turkey through Property Experts Real Estate company was the fastest, with waiting times between each stage's completion averaging no more than 90 days. In other cases, however, the time between the date the citizenship documents were requested and when they were obtained and the ID card was received was longer.

While it is possible that the seven stages extend to more than 9 months at a minimum in cases of exceptional nationality or nationality through marriage or work permits, in many other cases, it took nearly two years at the very least.

- Does the length of the naturalization process vary depending on how someone is nominated?

A: According to the type of nomination—marriage, a work permit, or a nomination for extraordinary citizenship—the time needed for the candidate to pass through the stages of citizenship differs significantly between investors and other situations.

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