Explore the top attractions of Taksim area in Istanbul

Explore Taksim in Istanbul

Explore Taksim in Istanbul


Taksim is a cosmopolitan district, a communications hub, and a significant commercial, entertainment, and shopping destination for travelers to have a pleasant walking tour of Istanbul. It is Istanbul's central and modern area. You can discover a brief guide to exploring Taksim here, along with the best things to do and see and insider tips.

The name Taksim, which in Turkish means "share out," is derived from a legend about the water needs of the local population in the Bosphorus region in earlier times. To deliver water to the nearby regions, a warehouse was constructed near Taksim Square. The name is derived from this fact.

Things to Do and See

One of the best things to do in Taksim is to stroll around Taksim Square, observe the population, then walk through Istiklal Street and take in the active environment. You may reach extremely close to the famed Galata Tower if you continue walking all the way to the end of the lengthy, colorful pedestrian Istiklal Street.

You can have a beautiful walking route in Taksim by visiting Galata Tower, relaxing at the local cafés and eateries nearby, and then returning to Taksim Square.

Taksim Square

The busiest square in Istanbul and all of Turkey is Taksim Square, which connects to the monument, Gezi Park, the dome-shaped Aya Triada Church, the vintage tram, the Huseyin Aaa Mosque, and the renowned Istiklal Avenue. It is identical to the well-known ones in the European nations. check out images of Taksim Square

Gezi Park

The Gezi Park, Taksim's only significant green space, is a lovely park that is just next to Taksim Square. Under the large trees and gardens, you may have a wonderful nap while seeing the bustle of the city.

Istiklal Street

Istanbul's most well-known entertainment district and roadway is Istiklal Street (Istiklal Avenue). It is a lengthy, vibrant pedestrian strip that is home to a wide variety of stores, eateries, cafes, and street performances. There, you may check out the magnificent St. Anthony of Padua Church, the wonderful Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and the wonderful Pera Museum.

Spend the evening in the renowned Asmalimescit dining and drinking street if you'd like to enjoy dinner and some entertainment. More information about Istiklal Street.

Cihangir and Cukurcuma

The renowned neighborhoods of Cihangir (to the left) and Cukurcuma are located along Taksim Square as it descends from Siraselviler Street (to the right). Beautiful Cihangir is known for the bustling Firuzaga Coffee House. Day and night, there are always patrons in the coffee shop.

Additionally, Cukurcuma, which is situated on Taksim's Siraselviler street on the way down, is a bustling and authentic neighborhood. It is a popular tourist destination known for its antique stores, beautifully restored homes, art galleries, and cafes.

Visitors love taking leisurely strolls through Cukurcuma's picturesque streets. There are several lovely cafes to relax at.

Eating Out

Taksim is open twenty-four hours a day and offers a wide variety of dining options, from fine dining establishments to well-known, high-quality eateries and cafes where both visitors and residents frequent. In Taksim, you may get any type of food or drink, as well as Turkish and international cuisine, to suit your tastes.

Istiklal Avenue and Taksim's tourist district, where all the hotels are clustered, are where the majority of Taksim's well-known eateries and cafes are concentrated.

The well-known dining and drinking establishments in Taksim are located along the Nevizade Street, French Street, Flower Passage, and Asmalimescit. Among the top 10 restaurants in Istanbul are the world-class award-winning The Nicole Restaurant on Tomtom Street, the 360Istanbul Restaurant on Istiklal Street, and Asmali Cavit in Asmalimecit.

For vegans and vegetarians in Istanbul, Taksim is home to a sizable variety of vegetarian eateries and marketplaces.

Nightlife in Taksim

Taksim has a thriving nightlife that is well-known throughout all of Istanbul. The district of Taksim is also known as the neighborhood without sleep. The busiest nightlife and entertainment districts in Taksim are Istiklal Street and Siraselviler Street.

Numerous excellent cafes, bars, taverns, bistros, live music establishments, and nightclubs can be found here.

The 360Istanbul (a well-known rooftop restaurant, bar, and nightclub) is a world-class winner and one of Istanbul's top 10 clubs.

Where to Stay?

One of the greatest neighborhoods in Istanbul to stay in is Taksim. most popular with tourists who truly love the city life and enjoy the city's energetic nights and vivid streets.

The Tarlabasi Boulevard tourism area, which is close to Taksim Square, is full with high-quality hotels that are popular with visitors and are conveniently located near the city's most well-known attractions as well as a range of upscale stores, pubs, and eateries.

You may check our selection of the best hotels in Taksim.

By comparing prices and using Booking.com or Agoda's hotel information, photographs, and reviews, you can also check out and book your ideal Taksim hotel.


The Taksim area has always been one of the top attractions in the European side of Istanbul. It’s one of the liveliest places in Istanbul. Rich of activities, shops and fun.

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