The Ranking and Strength Of The Turkish Passport In 2022

The Ranking and Strength Of The Turkish Passport In 2022

The Ranking and Strength Of The Turkish Passport In 2022


According to Turkish law, international investors who buy a $400,000 home have the option to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years if they don't sell the property. Real estate ownership is cited as one of the best, quickest, and most practical methods to become a citizen of Turkey. As it combines buying a home in Turkey with the chance to live in a developed and civilized nation, as well as the chance to earn from the property by renting it out in the event that you do not want to live there or investing in it by flipping it after three years with a profit.

Consequently, it is a chance to invest, own, and gain Turkish citizenship with a powerful passport all at once! Given the significance of this subject, we shall address many inquiries regarding the durability of the Turkish passport in 2022 in the lines that follow.

What is the Ranking Position of the Turkish passport in 2022?

According to the Passport Index website, which specializes in ranking passports internationally, the Turkish passport for 2022 is ranked 39th.

According to the website mentioned, a number of factors determine how strong a passport is, including the number of countries that can be visited without a visa, the countries that require an airport or electronic visa, the countries that require passport holders to obtain visas, and the length of the visa.

The Turkish Passport Strength in 2022

Despite the fact that 75 countries demand a visa for entry, many of those that do offer them to holders of Turkish citizenship on simple terms due to the Turkish passport's reputation as one of the most powerful passports in the world.

Not to add, having a Turkish passport offers you the freedom to travel to any country in the European Union as long as you have a valid Schengen visa.

Will the Turkish Passport Become Weaker or Stronger in the Future?

It is undeniable that Turkey's political stability, the international accords it has signed with other nations, and the influence Turkey has on the worldwide stage all contribute significantly to the country's stability and, consequently, the validity of its residents' passports.

The following European countries are also accessible to Turkish passport holders: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro. Entry to the Union's member countries will unquestionably be possible in the event that Turkey joins.

Is Obtaining a Turkish Passport Worth $40000 in Exchange for Purchasing Real Estate?

We offer the following details to address this query:

  • Turkish law offers a variety of options that best suit the investor's needs, including housing, land, commercial buildings, and other types of real estate, rather than requiring the purchase of any particular types of real estate as a condition for obtaining citizenship through real estate investment.
  • Investors can maintain their original citizenship as well as the Turkish citizenship they are pursuing and benefit from it thanks to Turkey's dual citizenship system. The laws of Turkey allow one the option of obtaining Turkish citizenship while retaining the right to one's original citizenship, with neither option having any bearing on the other.
  • The character of Turkey and its old Islamic civilizational legacy, the space for freedom in it, and the amenities it offers to investors are the reasons why many Arab and foreign investors choose Turkish citizenship and even offer it over some European nations.
  • Ease of allowing a foreign investor's family the ability to become Turkish citizens; the investor's children who are above 18 years old are the sole exception to this rule.


All of these factors and many other advantages give us more confidence to say "yes" to the question posed above, especially since the person who obtained Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property is able to recoup the cost of the property after three years by selling it and has a good chance of making a profit on the property if he chooses it wisely and uses it well.

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