Top 6 Benefits of Being a Turkish Citizen

Top 6 Benefits of Being a Turkish Citizen

Top 6 Benefits of Being a Turkish Citizen

Turkey, like many other countries, has established a number of immigration channels that make it simpler for those who want to immigrate there to do so and eventually become citizens. What are the advantages of making Turkey your new home, even if you are looking for a new place to call home? What you need to know about the advantages of being a citizen of Turkey is provided here.

Turkey in a Glance

Turkey is a distinctive country because it is situated on two continents. Officially, some of it is in Asia and some is in Europe.

It also has one of the longest histories in the world, dating back thousands of years.

Turkey is a bustling, multicultural country today, home to sleepy small towns, megacities, and fishing villages. In addition to being able to purchase every modern convenience and luxury, you can also visit a traditional hammam and stroll through neighborhoods that haven't changed much over the years.

Turkey is a well-liked destination for retirees and digital nomads since it has all the modern conveniences of home but is far more cheap for the majority of expats.

How Can I Get Turkish Citizenship?

There are numerous ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

First of all, if you are born in Turkey, you are by default a citizen of Turkey. You could also work or live in Turkey as a legal resident and then submit an application for citizenship after five years, or you could marry a Turkish citizen.

Additionally, there is a program recognizing exceptional accomplishments in sport, the arts, or science, but citizenship by investment is probably the most well-known. This program allows you to invest money in one of several projects, starting at $400,000, and upon approval, you instantly gain Turkish citizenship.

The last option on this list is, by far, the fastest and simplest way to acquire Turkish citizenship; if you can afford the investment, it's a terrific option.

The Major Advantages of a Turkish Passport

You might be debating whether naturalizing as a Turkish citizen is worthwhile. What advantages come with having Turkish citizenship? The perks of Turkish citizenship are numerous. Let's examine a couple of them in more detail.

1- High Quality of Living Standards:

Although Turkey has a long history, it is also a very contemporary country with all the comforts and conveniences you would find in any other European country.

High levels of security, high-rate medical treatment, outstanding business prospects, and more are to be expected.

Large Turkish cities like Istanbul have amazing historical and cultural landmarks in addition to all the well-known stores you would find in any other major city. There are several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and some incredible waterways to explore.

You may get more for your money in Turkey because the cost of living there is far lower than in many other parts of Europe.

2- The E2 Visa:

The fact that Turkey and the United States have an E2 visa arrangement is another important benefit of Turkish citizenship. This means that those who want to launch or join a business in America can apply for a five-year resident visa for themselves and their families.

This enables Turks to reside, work, and even petition for citizenship in the USA if they satisfy all immigration conditions.

3- Easy Access to European Countries:

Due to its dual citizenship as an Asian and European nation, Turkey is exceptional. Even though Turkey is not yet a member of the EU, several European nations allow citizens to travel without a visa, and accessing them by air or road from Turkey is extremely simple.

Many people who relocate to Turkey are also from European nations, and as Turkey permits dual citizenship and even several citizenships, you can keep your passport from your native country. This makes it much simpler to organize trips home for the holidays or for any other purpose!

Turkey actually has borders with a number of European countries, including Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

4- High Quality Education Standards:

With basic, intermediate, and university schools that are on par with the best in the world, Turkey boasts a remarkable educational system.

Turkish is the primary language of instruction at many local schools, but there are also private international schools where children of expats are taught in English—at least until they master it well enough to enroll in a public school, that is!

In Turkey, there are many universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions, many of which are regarded as global leaders in a variety of academic subjects.

5- Pension Rights:

You can still move to Turkey as a temporary resident even if you decide against using the immigration by investment option to retire there. You are now able to reside in Turkey. You can then seek for Turkish citizenship via naturalization after five years of residency and after meeting the immigration conditions.

Expat retirees are increasingly moving to Turkey to take advantage of the wonderful climate and low cost of living.

6- Fast Growing Economy:

Turkey's economy is expanding quickly, and there are many commercial opportunities there. Natural resource discoveries made recently in the country will also soon have a positive impact on the local economy.

This implies that Turkey is the ideal place for anyone wishing to relocate so they can launch a business.

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