The Top Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship And Their Answers

Top Questions About Turkish Citizenship

Top Questions About Turkish Citizenship

The following are the most significant questions that have been addressed about Turkish citizenship, along with their precise answers.

Is it easy to get Turkish citizenship? Is obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment difficult?

It is simpler to become a citizen of Turkey than of many other countries. The appropriate laws' requirements must be met, and the essential paperwork must be filled out entirely and precisely.

You don't need to speak Turkish, live in Turkey, or declare your riches if you seek for Turkish citizenship through investment. The Turkish government has approved dual citizenship in Turkey.

Do I need a residence in Turkey to get Turkish citizenship?

Several options exist for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Other than through investment, obtaining Turkish citizenship requires a continuous 5-year stay.

You do not need to live in Turkey, nevertheless, if you plan to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment (real estate, deposits, government securities, etc.).

What privileges come with Turkish citizenship? What are the advantages of becoming a Turkish citizen?

Anyone who acquires Turkish citizenship has the same rights as natives of that country. It offers rights like voting, education, health care, and Turkish heritage law.

Which kind of passport will I use if I'm a citizen of Turkey? When I obtain a Turkish passport, which countries don’t require a visa to enter?

The Turkish government issues passports in 4 different categories. Passport types include public, private, service, and diplomatic.

Turkish nationals utilize a maroon-colored passport that is visible to the general public in addition to the three special passports mentioned above.

One of the most durable passports in the world is the Turkish one.

You can travel to 73 countries without a visa after receiving your passport showing Turkish citizenship, for 50 countries you can easily obtain a visa at the border gate.

Do I Have to Serve in the Military Once I Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

In case you get Turkish citizenship after the age of 22, you will be exempted from doing the military service in Turkey. Otherwise, you have to do the military service.

Can I give someone permission to apply for citizenship on my behalf?

Yes, you can set up an agency for anybody you choose to follow up on your behalf with the proceedings at the Turkish Embassy in your country or the Notary Public in Turkey.

When I become a Turkish citizen, may I keep my original citizenship?

There is no obligation that you give up your original citizenship when you obtain Turkish citizenship, therefore you can preserve both citizenships.

Will my wife and children automatically acquire Turkish citizenship once I do?

Yes, while applying in the same file as the property owner, the wife and children under the age of 18 receive Turkish citizenship.

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