Turkey Real Estate Market

Turkey Real Estate Market

Turkey Real Estate Market


The real estate market in Turkey has been attracting international investors for several decades now. The country has seen its fair share of ups and downs, but it's currently experiencing a period of strong growth. In this article we'll give you an overview of the current state of Turkish real estate investing, including information on prices, opportunities for investment, and more. We'll also tell you how to get started with your own property search if this sounds like something that interests you!

Getting to Know the Turkey Property Market

You may have heard that Turkey has a growing real estate market. This is true, as the country has a population of 80 million people. It's located in the Middle East and has an economy that continues to grow by 6 percent annually. But what you may not know is how much Turkey's real estate market has grown since it was first established in 2008 with only one developer: Dostlar Holding A.S., which owns two shopping malls and three housing projects across Istanbul.

Since then, there are now over 200 companies offering property development opportunities for both local and foreign investors who want to build their own homes or businesses in Turkey's capital city, Ankara (or Antalya if you prefer), as well as other locations such as Izmir on Turkey's Aegean coast or Trabzon further north along Black Sea coastlines!

One thing you should keep in mind when considering this opportunity however is that while these companies offer great returns because they've been able to sell off most property before construction starts without having any loans against them yet (which means less risk).

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

There is no requirement to live in Turkey in order to get citizenship by investment.

The government has made it a goal to encourage foreign investment, so they have created policies designed to make things easier on those who want to invest in real estate here in Turkey. For example, anyone who purchases a home worth more than $400K gets citizenship automatically! This makes it possible for someone who wants citizenship (but doesn't have time on their hands) to get one quickly by buying a luxurious home here in Turkey.

One of the benefits is that with a Turkish passport in hand (and other documents), it will make traveling easier for those who need a visa to enter another country. There are also tax breaks on income earned outside of Turkey and other perks such as free healthcare and education for children living in Turkey with their parents who hold a Turkish passport.

Istanbul Homes for Sale

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the most visited cities in the world. It is also the most populated city in Turkey, with over 14 million residents living within its limits. Istanbul has been an important cultural center since antiquity and contains numerous historical buildings, including more than 100 mosques and over 30 churches, many of which are located within walking distance of each other.

The homes for sale in Istanbul are located throughout the city and on each side of its Bosphorus Strait waters. Homes range from ultra-modern high rises to historic mansions with hundreds of years of history behind them. They can be found on land or water; some even boast private docks where you can park your own boat!

Once you find that perfect home, you can begin to plan your move. Moving to Istanbul is a unique experience and requires careful planning. You will need to make sure that your passport is up-to-date and that you have all of the necessary paperwork for entry into Turkey.

Once you have moved into your new home, the fun begins. Istanbul is a city that never sleeps and is filled with endless opportunities for adventure. The beautiful landscape of this ancient city will inspire you to explore its many wonders and unique cultures.

The best way to get acquainted with Istanbul is by exploring its many historical sites. The Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which is also known as the Blue Mosque because of its blue tiles, is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Built in 1616, this mosque features six minarets and over 20 domes.

5 Reasons Istanbul, Turkey Is a Great Place to Live

Istanbul is a great place to live for many reasons.

  • The weather here is great year-round, with warm and sunny summers and mild winters.
  • Istanbul has a rich culinary culture that includes many delicious types of food.
  • Nightlife in Istanbul is often lively, especially if you're into clubs or bars!
  • The city's famous historical sites include iconic structures like Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia.
  • Culture lovers will be delighted by the museums, theaters and performances available here!

There are also lots of things to do outside the city itself: visit nearby towns such as Antalya (which has beaches), Izmir (which has historical sites) or Bursa (for shopping). A trip up Mount Uludag offers panoramic views over Istanbul at its highest point—and it's only about two hours away by car! On top of all this goodness comes another bonus: Turkey still offers affordable property prices compared to other European countries like England or France--so if you're thinking about moving here from abroad but worried about high costs then rest assured because not everything costs more than usual!"

If you're looking for a new place to live and still have some money in your pocket, then Turkey might be just the ticket! The country has a rich culture and history as well as an exciting future ahead of it. Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe—with plenty of things to do around town or nearby.

The Top 5 Things to Do When You Visit Istanbul, Turkey

Here’s a list of Istanbul's top 5 things to do:

  • Visit the Bosphorus Strait and enjoy the fantastic views. There are plenty of activities you can do there. You can have a tour in boats through the Bosphorus and enjoy your time. You can sit on restaurants and cafes and enjoy the Turkish cuisine and drinking the Turkish tea.
  • Visit the Blue Mosque. It’s one of the biggest mosques in the world. You can go there and live the history of this great mosque.
  • Visit Hagia Sophia and take a guided tour of this historic building, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. It was built in 537 AD by Emperor Justinian I and was designed as an Eastern Orthodox cathedral originally dedicated to St. Sophia (Holy Wisdom). The floor plan is a Greek cross with four columns supporting each dome, surmounted by a bronze horse-drawn chariot decorated with Byzantine mosaics and arabesque patterns; it was converted into a mosque after 1453 when the Ottomans conquered Istanbul, but it was secularized by Ataturk in 1935 and reconsecrated as - you guessed it - Aya Sofya once more (although now only religious ceremonies are allowed inside).
  • Visit the Topkapi Palace Museum that houses one of world history’s greatest collections including artifacts from Alexander The Great all the way up until modern times – including Napoleon Bonaparte’s sword! Don't miss out on visiting during Ramadan when they offer special tours at night when no one else is there; it's truly spectacular!
  • Visit the shopping malls. Istanbul is full of great and modern shopping malls. To name a few: Istinye Park, Zorlu Center, Istanbul Cevahir Mall, Mall of Istanbul, Via Port Outlet, Emaar Square, … and the list goes on and on. We’ll be publishing an article on Istanbul shopping malls soon and provide you with all the required information.

The Takeaway Is That The Property Market in Turkey Is Growing

Turkey is a prime location for real estate investment. The country has an abundance of residential and commercial properties available, as well as a growing economy that’s attracting foreign investors. The Turkish property market has seen an increase in demand over the last few years, which means now is the perfect time to invest in Turkey's real estate market. With this growth, now is an excellent time to invest in Turkey's property market and make some serious cash.


Whether you’re looking to invest in Turkey or just explore the country, there are many opportunities available. Istanbul is an exciting place with an ever-changing real estate market. Whether you’re thinking about buying property here or just visiting for vacation, it would be wise to do some research before making any decisions. We hope our content gives you some insight into what makes Istanbul such an attractive place for investment and tourism alike!

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