Discover the regions of Turkey with the highest investment value

Regions of Turkey with The Highest Investment Value

Regions of Turkey with The Highest Investment Value

Discover The Turkiye Regions With The Best Investment Potential

Turkiye's real estate market, particularly in recent years, has experienced significant demand, which has resulted in records-breaking numbers of both internal and external real estate sales. This demand has also been accompanied by a steady rise that peaked in 2022, when real estate prices increased by rates exceeding 200% in some areas!

The most recent statistical report, which was produced by the Endeksa Real Estate Studies platform, tracked price changes in the most significant Turkish states and regions. According to this report, the regions of Turkish states ranked first in the rise in the prices of their apartments over the course of a full year, from August 2022 to August 2022.

With 220% Sariyer, Istanbul Is The First In Turkiye!

The Sariyer neighborhood in Istanbul was placed first among the areas of the Turkish states that experienced the biggest increase in the prices of their flats during the year before August 2022, according to the statistical information provided in the aforementioned Endeksa platform study.

The average price of an apartment in the Sariyer neighborhood was 9,075,312 TL, and the yearly growth in apartment prices there reached 220%. The cost of a square meter of property in this location was 63,045 TL.

Besiktas, Istanbul Comes Second

Among the Turkish localities that had the greatest increase in apartment prices, the Besiktas neighborhood of Istanbul came in second. In Besiktas, the rate of price growth for apartments over the previous year to August 2022 was 217%.

A residential unit in the area typically cost 9 million 2,868 TL, whereas the average price per square meter in Besiktas was 61,503 TL.

Cesme, Izmir Ranks Third

Cesme, Izmir, which saw an annual growth in apartment prices of 147% in the year before August 2022, held the third-place position among the Turkiye regions with the highest investment value and the largest increase in apartment prices.

Gesma's typical apartment cost $7 million, 684,340 TL, with a price per square meter of 45,247 TL.

AreaProvinceAverage price per square meter August 2022 (TL)Average apartment price August 2022 (TL)Annual increase percentage (%)

Average apartment size in the area

(Square meters)


Average investment life for construction (years)
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