Discover the top cities in Turkey to study

Top Cities in Turkey to Study

Top Cities in Turkey to Study


In terms of the availability of cutting-edge, top-notch colleges as well as the caliber of housing and services, Property Turkey Real Estate lists the best cities in Turkey for study and for students.

Top 6 Cities To Study In Turkey

Follow the specifics with us as Property Experts Real Estate provides you with information on the top Turkish cities for students and academic pursuits in 2022 through this post.

What distinguishes Turkey as an educational and student destination over other countries?

There are numerous elements that must be taken into account for the student while choosing the best city to study in Turkey, including living expenses, transport costs, accommodations, and other factors linked to food, drink, and housing expenses, among other things.

Despite this, attending Turkish institutions is far preferable to attending ones in European nations because the prices of living, housing, and tuition are far lower in Turkey than they are in Europe and some Arab countries.

In addition, Turkish colleges particularly benefit Arab students in numerous ways. The credentials issued by Turkish institutions, whether public or private, are recognized across the world, and many university majors use English as their primary language of instruction.

One of the most significant advantages that sets Turkey apart from other nations in terms of the number of foreign students attending its universities is the Turkish Scholarship Program, which is offered by the Turkish government each year with the goal of luring international students to study in Turkey.

What are Turkey’s best cities to study in 2023?

The following categories apply to the top Turkish cities for students in 2023:

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is the most popular city for international students due to a number of factors, including: Istanbul is one of the most Turkish states that has had enormous educational progress in recent years and the most beautiful in terms of construction and tourism.

- The robust infrastructure of Istanbul's educational institutions, which includes libraries with thousands of publications on a variety of topics, open-door scientific institutes, technologically advanced labs, and large lecture rooms at universities.

- Elite academic staff in several universities in Istanbul.

- Many disciplines rely heavily on English, while several universities in Istanbul also use Arabic, albeit to a lesser extent.

- The abundance and diversity of employment prospects across various industries, for students who wish to work in addition to their studies or for students who want to get experience while they are still in school.

- Universities are easily accessible due to the presence of an extensive transit network, including the metro, Metrobus, and motorways.

- All countries throughout the world accept the diplomas that Istanbul's universities award graduates.

- Numerous public and private universities may be found in Istanbul, where there are about 57 total institutions of higher learning, 13 of which are public and 44 private.

- In addition to being the most advanced in terms of global university rankings, universities like Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Boaziçi University, Koç University, and Sabanci University stand out as the most prestigious universities available in the city.

2. Ankara

Ankara is the second best city in Turkey to study in because it has the greatest infrastructure for students to achieve their educational goals. The most important of these are as follows:

- The top global rankings for both public and private universities in Ankara.

- Ankara is extremely similar to Istanbul's benefits for students in terms of infrastructure and the availability of big educational facilities because it is the country's political capital and is equal to its economic capital.

- Additionally, Ankara has a system of fast transport lines that makes it easier for students to get to colleges.

- Students in Ankara have the option of studying university majors in English at some universities.

- Around 19 public and private universities are located in the state of Ankara.

- The most prestigious universities that attract foreign students in Ankara are Middle East Technical University, Hacıtepe University, Ankara University, and Çankaya University.

3. Izmir

Izmir, one of the most well-known student cities in Turkey, is ranked third among the best cities to study because it offers affordable living prices compared to Istanbul and convenient access to colleges because of the expansion of its transportation system.

Aegean and Dokuz Eylul universities, as well as numerous student cities like Aslancak and Konak, which are highly well-liked by students, are all located in Izmir, which offers a gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea. This is one of the reasons that draws students to Izmir.

4. Eskişehir

According to data from last year, Eskişehir ranks 91 out of 100 institutions worldwide in terms of "student-friendly university cities," making it a popular choice among Turkish students. It is also one of the top towns in Turkey for studying.

Students are encouraged to attend its colleges because of the affordable tuition prices, convenient transportation, and flexibility in dealing with the city of Eskişehir's youth.

Eskişehir University, Anatolia University, and Osmangazi University are the three universities that are located in the city. These universities are the top-ranked in the world, having one of the most technologically sophisticated educational structures in Turkey, and a robust educational system that offers students a lot of flexibility.

5. Trabzon

Due to its lovely surroundings, Black Sea views, and plenty of well-known tourist attractions, Trabzon is one of Turkey's top cities for students.

Trabzon is home to only Karadeniz Technical University, and the Black Sea Mermaid placed 83rd out of 100 nations in last year's study on "Student-Friendly University Cities."

6. Antalya

In terms of the towns favoured by university students in Turkey, Antalya, the gem of the Mediterranean, comes in at number six. Most students are really happy with their experience at this university.

One of the most well-known universities in Turkey, Akdeniz University, is located in the center of Antalya with a lovely view of the Mediterranean. In addition, students who are awarded an Erasmus scholarship favor Antalya as one of their favorite cities.

How can Property Experts Real Estate assist people who want to buy a home close to colleges and universities?

Property Experts Real Estate has created a thorough plan for customers to acquire property in Turkey. This strategy covers every aspect of ownership from A to Z since it considers everything that affects investors and their families, from picking the ideal property in the ideal location to the process of house cladding. Pulse, the post-purchase phase, involves getting a Turkish passport and enrolling the kids at Turkish colleges and schools.

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