Turkish Citizenship and Investment

Turkish Citizenship and Investment

Turkish Citizenship and Investment

Along with the new Turkish investment law and its revision from October 15, 2018, investment and Turkish citizenship are two related concepts. The following conditions must be met for foreign investors to become Turkish citizens:

  • Being the owner of a $250,000 USD property in Turkey.

            Note: As of April 2022, the legal limit for real estate transactions leading to

  • A bank deposit of at least $500k must be made at one of Turkey's banks.
  • Investors who have at least 50 employees with Turkish citizenship.

Luxury Real Estate, Effective Investing, and Turkish Citizenship

The Turkish government has been successful in pumping fresh life into the Turkish economy by making its doors open to an increasing number of international investors who want to become citizens of Turkey and benefit from its passport and security by acquiring property worth $1 million. The ruling was then changed to cap eligibility for Turkish citizenship at $400,000 for any purchased property or real estate.

Is Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investing The Best Option?

Real estate investment is one of the most significant investment options in Turkey for a variety of reasons, including obtaining citizenship. We therefore attempt to outline the factors and motivations that have led foreign investors to Turkey at this time through the following criteria, with the desire to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship ranking as the most significant factor:

  • Laws do not require investing in a particular kind of real estate. In other words, the foreign investor is free to choose from a variety of possibilities, including homes, land, businesses, and others.
  • Family members of foreign investors are given the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship alongside the investor, with the investor's children who have reached the age of 18 being the only exception.
  • Tax breaks or reductions on foreign investments have increased the appeal of investing in Turkey.
  • Facilities provided by the government for foreign investments that benefit the foreign investor.

Factors for a Profitable Real Estate Investment

The following guidelines are among the most crucial in successful real estate investment since they guarantee the finest outcomes:

  • Selecting the busiest and most lucrative real estate site. One of the key components of a successful real estate investment is carefully selecting the location of your investment inside the most promising contemporary neighborhoods because the property values in these locations double so quickly over time.
  • Investment within the investor's financial capability: Since real estate investing is a long-term endeavor, the investor must thoroughly assess its financial status and ascertain its capacity for investment.
  • Real estate investment diversification: Buying an apartment and a shop, for example, is a good strategy to diversify your real estate holdings. The profitability of a real estate portfolio is increased by diversification, which is also safer in volatile markets.
  • Choose a reputable and honest real estate adviser or consulting firm. We, at Property Experts, can guarantee you the profitable and stable investments. With our long experience, we can assist you through the whole process to ensure you the best outcome.

Property Experts Real Estate Services Offer a Variety of Services in The Fields of Citizenship and Investment in Turkey

Property Experts for Real Estates, with its skilled workforce of staff, provides the best and most prestigious real estate options in terms of investment and Turkish citizenship.

We also offer a variety of services required by foreign investors to make the process of choosing a property and making the payment method easier, including real estate counseling services from the greatest professionals in the Turkish real estate market.

With the execution of real estate residency procedures or the transaction of citizenship for those who buy from one of our real estate projects, we welcome individuals desiring to know the most significant real estate projects from the airport and give free real estate tours.

We support our clients to manage their properties in order to guarantee the after-sale services.

In order to eliminate the language barrier for investors, our technical staff is always prepared to assist its clients in the most widely used languages, including Arabic, Turkish, English, Persian, and a lot more.

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