Turkish Citizenship By Work Permit And Required Documents

Turkish Citizenship By Work Permit And Required Documents

Turkish Citizenship By Work Permit And Required Documents

This article will cover the requirements, processes, paperwork, and timeframes for obtaining Turkish citizenship through a work permit.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Via a Work Permit

Foreigners who work for Turkish companies are allowed the right to live there temporarily. A person who has found job in Turkey is entitled to a number of benefits, including health insurance for the worker and his or her family. It is initially issued for a period of one year and is then renewed for another two or three years.

Work Permit  Requirements For Obtaining Turkish Citizenship

  • Having the ability to act legally in accordance with Turkish legislation in the case of statelessness, as well as the law of his country of origin.
  • Stay in the Republic of Turkey for a continuous period of five years, with a maximum of 360 days allowed to leave Turkish territory during that time, according to Turkish law.
  • Evidence indicating the desire to live permanently in Turkey, such as the purchase of real estate or the operation of a business.
  • Having the Turkish language skills to go about their daily lives and communicate with the water around them.
  • They are able to sustain themselves and their dependents in Turkey because they have a job or source of money that is legal.
  • According to examinations at a hospital or recognized medical facility, the person is free of any communicable diseases or conditions that could have an impact on the public health.
  • Being well-mannered and reputable.
  • A clean judicial record, in which no judgment affecting criminal, economic, or political security has been rendered in Turkish courts.
  • The applicant does not belong to the group of people who pose a danger to Turkey's security.
  • Promising to adhere to Turkey's laws and regulations.

What Documents Are Required in Order to Get Turkish Citizenship Through a Work Permit?

The following documents are needed in order to gain Turkish citizenship through employment:

  • Application form (packaged by expert advisers).
  • Four biometric photos.
  • A passport translated and certified by the notary.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Marital status certificate.
  • Medical Report.
  • documents describing the state of income.
  • Document indicating the duration of stay.
  • Image of a valid residence permit card.

All the documents issued abroad should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country. Then the documents should be translated into Turkish and certified at the Turkish Consulate in the source country.

The Procedures for Obtaining a Turkish Passport through a Work Permit

The requirements to gain Turkish citizenship are the same as those to obtain a Turkish passport. You can get a passport in two days by taking up residence and voluntarily obtaining citizenship. Turkish passports have universal validity, and many countries that demand visas offer them to citizens of Turkey on convenient terms. The possessor of a Turkish passport may enter more than 80 countries either with or without a visa, or on a visa issued at the airport.

The following steps must be taken in order to obtain a Turkish passport:

  • Request an appointment through the Ministry of the Interior's Population Department website.
  • Two biometric photos with a white background.
  • Valid Turkish ID.
  • Payment for Turkish passport fees can be made online at the IRS website.

How Long Does The Work Permit Process Take to Obtain Turkish Citizenship?

The supplied information has an impact on how the application for citizenship through employment functions. It is not acceptable for the information or supporting materials submitted with a citizenship application to be slightly false. If the information is accurate, nationality should be determined within three months, albeit this could have a detrimental effect.

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