Discover the benefits of the green Turkish passport

The Green Turkish Passport

The Green Turkish Passport


Holders of Green Turkish passports can visit various nations in Europe without a visa. With Property Experts Real Estate, find out about its significance, benefits, and how to get it.

A Summary of The Turkish Green Passport

The green passport, also referred to as the special passport, has many benefits and grants its holder extensive freedom of movement as well as access to visas for entry to nearly 156 countries around the world with extensive facilities, including direct entry or visa on arrival, or electronic visas that can typically be obtained via the Internet without issue.

A particular level and seniority of civil officers, public employees, former members of parliament, mayors, and their families are eligible to apply for this passport.

Who is Eligible to Receive a Green Turkish Passport?

Green passports are issued to the following people as well as government employees and their families:

- people who have accounts with the retirement fund.

- members of the Grand National Assembly in the past.

- former members of parliament.

- During their tenure as mayors.

- athletes who compete overseas for Turkish national teams.

- Along with giving it to important investors.

The Significance and Benefits of the Turkish Green Passport

In addition to the simplicity of acquiring a visa and external travel, the most significant benefit of the green Turkish passport is its higher freedom of mobility to the standard passport. Its costs are restricted to the purchase of the passport book alone, and it is also excluded from additional levies.

It should be emphasized that in order to extract it, an application must first be made to the Ministry of Interior after completing certain requirements, which we shall cover in a moment.

Countries Where Turkish Nationals With Green Passports Can Enter Without A Visa

The green Turkish passport permits its holder to entry into a number of nations without a visa, with a visa obtained at the airport or online.

The passport must be valid for at least three months, and certain nations, like Bulgaria, demand that it be valid for a full year.

Countries In Europe That Turkish Passport Holders May Access

Germany (90 days)

Andorra (90 days)

Austria (90 days)

Azerbaijan (90 days)

Belgium (90 days)

Belarus (Belarus) (90 days)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days)

Bulgaria (90 days)

Czech Republic (90 days)

Denmark (90 days)

Estonia (90 days)

Finland (90 days)

France (90 days)

Georgia (90 days) No passport is required to enter Georgia. Where it can be entered with the new identity card.

Netherlands (90 days)

Croatia (90 days)

Spain (90 days)

Sweden (90 days)

Switzerland (90 days)

Italy (90 days)

Iceland (90 days)

Montenegro (90 days)

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (unspecified)

Kosovo (90 days)

Latvia (90 days)

Liechtenstein (90 days)


Luxembourg (90 days)

Hungary (30 days)

Macedonia (90 days)


Moldova (90 days)

Monaco (90 days)

Norway (90 days)

Macedonia (90 days)


Moldova (90 days)

Monaco (90 days)

Norway (90 days)

Poland (90 days)

Portugal (90 days)

Romania (90 days)

San Marino (90 days)

Serbia (90 days)

Slovakia (90 days)

Slovenia (90 days)

Ukraine (90 days)

Vatican (90 days)

Greece (90 days)

Countries In North America That Turkish Passport Holders Can Enter

These countries include those that permit entry without a visa, with a visa obtained at the airport or online, as well as the following:

Antigua and Barbuda (6 months)

Aruba (90 days)


Barbados (90 days)

Belize (90 days)

British Virgin Islands (30 days)

Curaçao (30 days)

Dominica (21 days)

Dominican Republic (30 days)

El Salvador (90 days)


Guatemala (90 days)

Guyana (90 days)

Haiti (90 days)

Netherlands Antilles

Honduras (90 days)

Jamaica (90 days)

Costa Rica (30 days)


Nicaragua (90 days)

Panama (6 months)

Saint Kitts (Saint Christopher) and Nevis (90 days)

Saint Lucia (6 months)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)

Sint Maarten (30 days)

Trinidad and Tobago (30 days)

Turks and Caicos Islands (90 days)

Countries In South America That Turkish Passport Holders May Enter

The following countries can be accessed without a visa, with a visa obtained at the airport or online:

Argentina (90 days)

Bolivia (90 days)

Brazil (90 days)

Ecuador (90 days)

Colombia (90 days)

Paraguay (90 days)

Peru (90 days)

Chile (90 days)

Uruguay (90 days)

Venezuela (90 days)

Asian Countries That Turkish Passport Holders Can Enter

Countries that permit entry without a visa, with a visa obtained upon arrival, or via an internet application, and they are:

Bahrain (up to 90 days)

Bangladesh (90 days)

United Arab Emirates (90 days)

China (30 days)

East Timor (30 days)

Indonesia (14 days)

Philippines (30 days)

Palestine (30 days)

Hong Kong (90 days)

Iraq (30 days)

Iran (90 days)

Israel (90 days)

Japan (90 days)

Cambodia (90 days)

Qatar (90 days)

Kazakhstan (30 days)


Palestine (30 days)

Kuwait (90 days)

South Korea (90 days)

Lebanon (90 days)

Macau (30 days)

Maldives (30 days)

Malaysia (90 days)

Mongolia (30 days)

Myanmar (online visa 28 days)

Nepal (Visa on arrival)

Pakistan (90 days)

Russia (30-day online e-Visa)

Singapore (90 days)

Sri Lanka (30 days)

Syria (90 days)

Tajikistan (60 days)

Taiwan (30 days - visa at the border)

Turkmenistan (30 days)

Sultanate of Oman

Jordan (90 days)

Vietnam (90 days)

Yemen (30 days)

African Countries That Turkish Passport Holders Can Enter

Countries where entry is permitted without a visa, with a visa obtained upon arrival, or online, namely:

Botswana (90 days)

Algeria (90 days)

Djibouti (90 days)

Morocco (90 days)

Ivory Coast

Ghana (60 days)

South Africa (30 days)

Cameroon (90 days)

Kenya (90 days)

United Islamic Republic of Comoros

Libya (90 days)

Madagascar (90 days)

Mauritius (30 days)

Mauritania (90 days)

Mozambique (30 days)

Egypt (90 days)



Seychelles (90 days)

Sudan (30 days)

Swaziland (30 days)

Tanzania (90 days)


Tunisia (90 days)

Cape Verde Islands

Zambia (30 days)


Pacific Countries That Turkish Passport Holders Can Enter

Countries where entry is permitted without a visa, with a visa obtained upon arrival, or online, namely:

Cook Islands (31 days)

Fiji (120 days)

Niue (30 days)

Palau (30 days)

Samoa (60 days)

Tonga (31 days)

Tuvalu (30 days)

Vanuatu (30 days)

New Caledonia

How to Get a Green Turkish passport?

A green Turkish passport is issued in the same way as a regular one, with the exception that there are no additional payments. Additionally, the Ministry of Interior must be contacted in writing to request this passport.

The aforementioned passport can also be obtained after delivering the necessary paperwork, which includes the following, in around 4 days:

- A green passport application sent to the interior ministry.

Personal identification card

- Two biometric images that are no older than six months

- A previous passport, if any.

- Legal consent for children or people with disabilities.

- If the applicant is retired, a document confirming his employment at the time of retirement must be on hand.

- If he quits his job, a record of his employment during the time he was employed must be made available.

How Much Does A Green Turkish Passport Cost?

In Turkiye, only the basic fees need to be paid in order to obtain or renew a green passport. The price for a green passport in 2022 has been set at 225 TL.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate by Property Experts Real Estate

The option of owning and investing in real estate is the quickest way to obtain Turkish citizenship for foreign investors. After discussing the significance of the green Turkish passport, which excels with its varied advantages and the prospects for mobility and travel to many important global destinations, we must remind the foreign investors aspiring to obtain the benefits of Turkish citizenship and its green passport, which can also be made available to major investors in Turkiye.

We invite you to review the details by taking advantage of our expert services and no-obligation consultations because many of Property Experts Real Estate's clients have benefited from the advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship as a result of Property Experts's leading experience in the real estate industry in Turkiye.

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