Discover the Turkish passport visa free countries in 2023

Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries in 2023

Turkish Passport Visa Free Countries in 2023


Find out which countries a person with a Turkish passport can enter and which countries they cannot enter as well as which countries a person with a Turkish passport can enter without a visa in 2023.

Which Countries Can a Turkish Passport Enter?

The Turkish passport is placed 37th globally according to the Passport Intex website, which specializes in classifying passports around the world.

A person holding a Turkish passport is eligible to enter 74 countries without a visa (free visa), 50 countries with a visa on arrival, and 74 countries that require visa.

Countries That a Turkish Passport Holder Can Enter Without a Visa in 2023

Any type of Turkish passport can be used to enter any country, and under the diplomatic relations and foreign policy of the Turkish state, its holder is allowed to travel to any country in the world, either without a visa or after applying for one.

Given Turkey's prestigious status in the globe as one of the G20 economies, the Turkish passport is one of the passports for which obtaining entry visas to other countries is simple.

The most significant nations to which the Turkish passport grants admission without a visa, a visa upon arrival, or an electronic visa are listed in the tables below:

QatarVisa not required90 days
JapanVisa not required90 days
SingaporeVisa not required30 days
ArgentinaVisa not required90 days
BelarusVisa not required30 days
MalaysiaVisa not required90 days
VenezuelaVisa not required90 days
BrazilVisa not required90 days
UkraineVisa not required90 days
Australiavisa upon arrival-
Kuwaitvisa upon arrival-
Sultanate of Omanvisa upon arrival10 days
Lebanonvisa upon arrival30 days
Libyavisa upon arrival90 days
The United Arab EmirateseVisa-
MexicoeVisa180 days

Can A Turkish Passport Holder Enter Europe Without A Visa?

Geographically speaking, Turkey is a part of Europe and is close to other member states of the EU. As a result, talks over Turkey's membership in the EU have gone through multiple rounds. If this happens, Turkish citizens will be able to travel to all of Europe without a visa.

Nevertheless, a number of European Union nations had to come to unilateral arrangements on travel and movement between Turkey and their nations for Turkish citizens and citizens of those nations because a number of things did not materialize.

The possessor of a Turkish passport is not required to have a visa to enter various European nations, including Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and Montenegro.

Given that Turkey has significant commercial agreements with Europe, the most recent of which was the Customs Union Agreement between Europe and Turkey, holders of Turkish passports can easily travel throughout and access all of the member states of the European Union.

For some European nations, such as Germany and Britain, where Germany has the largest Turkish community abroad with a population of 4 million, as well as the free trade agreements between Britain and Turkey following the first's exit from the European Union, it is simple to obtain a visa for holders of Turkish passports in special circumstances.

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