What Are The Benefits Of A Turkish Passport?

What Are The Benefits Of A Turkish Passport?

What Are The Benefits Of A Turkish Passport?

Property Experts enables investors seeking Turkish citizenship to discover how to obtain a Turkish passport, the procedures for doing so, the features it contains, and the most significant benefits offered to passport holders.

An Overview of The Turkish Passport

When leaving Turkey, citizens use their passports as their form of identification. Law No. 5682 of July 15, 1950 established the first rules governing the use of the passport.

The Directorates of Souls, which are located throughout Turkey and are officially connected to the Ministry of Interior, are responsible for issuing passports. The benefit of biometric passports is available for those issued after June 1, 2010, and they have varied validity dates, with a maximum of ten years.

The Turkish State issues a variety of passports, with different colors for each type, according to the person, their official documents, and the position they occupy in the Turkish Government. The following major passport categories are available in Turkey:

  • Public Passport:

The public passport is used by all Turkish citizens, and it is also given to investors who meet the requirements for naturalization outlined in the Turkish Ministry of Interior and who want to become citizens of Turkey.

The 60-page red public passport allows its holder to travel to many different countries across the world and has a maximum validity of 10 years from the date of issuance.

  • Passport of Employees Abroad:

Employees that work in government offices abroad, including embassies and consulates, issue this sort of passport. It is 28 pages long and is written in gray.

  • Special Passport:

Former Turkish Parliamentarians, former ministers, and Pension Fund employees are eligible to apply for the 52-page special green passport.

  • Diplomatic Passport:

The diplomatic passport is designed for dignitaries and government representatives. It is gained by ambassadors, consulate heads, members of parliament, presidential appointees, ministers, judges, prosecutors, army generals, parliamentary leaders, the secretary-general of the president of the republic, the head of endowments, and other high-ranking officials.

Notably, the black diplomatic passport is among the highest in the Turkish State.

Benefits of Having A Turkish Passport

There are a number of benefits exist for the holder of a Turkish passport, the most notable of which are:

  • Take use of the rights offered to Turkish citizens.
  • having unrestricted ownership of real estate, free from restrictions imposed on foreign ownership.
  • Real estate projects can be established with ease, and investing is really comfortable.
  • Acquiring the right to vote and run for office, and living a democratic life in Turkey.
  • Due to Turkish law, holders of Turkish passports are permitted to preserve both their native citizenship and Turkish citizenship.
  • Take advantage of inexpensive hospitalization, care, and health insurance services.
  • Gain access to the top international schools and Turkish universities in the world, as well as the choice of learning in Arabic or English.
  • Travel and mobility without restriction around the world.
  • The potential for further use of the e-government portal's services and the efficiency with which procedures relating to Turkish government institutions are resolved.

Advantages of Turkish passport in 2022

  • Easy to Obtain:

One of the most significant benefits of the Turkish passport is how simple it is to acquire one through the proper investment choices available in Turkey, where the Turkish passport may be acquired fairly simply by following the steps listed below:

  • On the website of the Directorate of Population (https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr), you can make a passport appointment.
  • To promptly visit the state's Directorate of Population and deliver the aforementioned papers:
  • An ID card or a copy of the foreign national's residence permit
  • Picture biometrics.
  • Paying the passport issuance fee.


  • Global Mobility:

Turkish passport holders have easy access to the rest of the globe. The Turkish passport ranks at position 39 in the Passport Index website. It allows its holder to enter 74 countries with no visa, 49 countries with visa on arrival and 77 countries require to apply for visa.

  • Taking Advantage of Investment Opportunities:

Turkey is seeing an extraordinary rebirth in infrastructure projects, which is turning it into a magnet for foreign capital, businessmen, and investors from all over the world. Turkey has seen a quantum increase in terms of real estate investments.

Based on the implementing regulations on citizenship decisions that were released in the latter part of 2018, the investor was able to obtain Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate by paying $250,000 for a property, as long as the property wasn't sold for three years after the date of purchase.

Note: As of April 2022, the legal threshold for receiving Turkish citizenship in return for real estate has changed from $250,000 to $400,000.

As a result, the investor has the right to apply to the Turkish government for Turkish citizenship; after receiving a Turkish identity card, another application for a Turkish passport may be made.

Other options for foreign investors to gain Turkish citizenship include investing at least $500,000 or depositing at least $500,000 worth of shares in an authorized Turkish bank, provided that the money was not removed three years prior to the deposit.

  • Utilizing The Range of Services Available in The Fields of Health and Education:

One of the most notable advantages of having a Turkish passport is being able to take advantage of the variety of services offered in the fields of health and education, as the foreign investor who holds a Turkish passport is entitled to all the rights outlined in the Turkish constitution for Turkish citizens. Starting with the advantages of health insurance, which ensures the provision of services offered in hospitals and clinics and enables patients to receive care at a lower cost, all the way to the opportunity to pursue a degree at some of the most prestigious public and private Turkish universities, which offer instruction in both Arabic and English.


The Turkish passport is among the strong passports in the world and obtaining it will be an advantage for its holder.

At Property Turkey, we offer a variety of real estate projects in Istanbul, which guarantee a comfortable residence in Turkey on the first hand, and obtaining a Turkish passport and enjoy its various advantages on the other hand.

Not to mention, we provide free services through the presence of a cadre of professional personnel, in the running of naturalization files in Turkish State services from A to Z, from reception at the airport to the receipt of Turkish passports.

Additionally, we offer free services through the presence of a cadre of qualified employees in the administration of naturalization files in Turkish State services from A to Z, from reception at the airport through receipt of Turkish passports.

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