The Types of the Turkish Passport and features each one provides

What Are the Types of the Turkish Passport?

What Are the Types of the Turkish Passport?

The Turkish Passport Types

The Turkish government issues four different types of passports to its citizens. We will explain the features each type offers and under which conditions each type is given.

1. The Red Turkish Passport (Ordinary Passport)

The public passport, which is recognized by its bright red color, has 60 pages, and has a validity period of up to ten years, is given unconditionally to all citizens of the Turkish Republic and the Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The Advantages of the Turkish Red Passport:

  • 44 countries allow for visa on arrival for access whereas more than 57 countries require no previous visa.
  • Through its diplomatic representatives and missions abroad, you are covered by it while traveling, and the Turkish state will step in if any of its people experience difficulties.
  • You can use it to live lawfully in Turkey and the Republic of Northern Cyprus and to conduct all other legal business there.
  • The ability to participate in Turkish elections and cast a ballot is granted.

2. The Green Turkish Passport (Private Passport)

The 52-page private passport is issued by the Turkish government to individuals with high work levels, such as parliament officials, Turkish university professors with advanced degrees, former ministers and legislators, as well as top-tier Turkish government employees. It is issued in green. Considering seniority and years of service, second and third.

The Advantages of the Green Turkish Passport

  • As it indicates a citizen with a high job position in his country, it simplifies the visa application process for nations that demand an entry visa for holders of Turkish passports.
  • The elimination of some mandatory requirements for obtaining travel visas for some countries, such as bank account statements or certificates proving the absence of judicial records, etc., given that those who possess this type of passport are state employees who are supported by the Turkish government.

3. The Gray Turkish Passport 

The passport is issued by the Turkish government to state officials, including those working in embassies and consulates, who are sent abroad on official business. It has 28 pages and is gray in color.

The Advantages of the Gray Turkish Passport

  • In accordance with international diplomatic conventions, the holder is given permission to live legally in the country to which he or she is assigned.
  • Granting some authority within the scope of the mission for which he or she has been designated, and this is done in collaboration with the competent authorities in the host country by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

4. The Turkish Diplomatic Passport

High ranking state officials are eligible to receive it, including the President of the Republic, ministers, lawmakers, ambassadors abroad, the Chief Justice of the Court, army generals, previous presidents of parliament, retired ministers, prosecutors, and the Secretary-General. for the Republic's Presidency, high-ranking vice presidents, governors, endowment directors, and municipal mayors.

The Advantages of the Diplomatic Turkish Passport:

  • it provides its holder the freedom to move between countries without being stopped or searched.
  • The holder of this passport receives exceptional treatment in terms of movement and passage without hindrance or arrest.

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