What and Where to Eat in Istanbul

What and Where to Eat in Istanbul

What and Where to Eat in Istanbul


Istanbul is a cultural melting pot with a delicious food culture that influences all of its guests. They are all unrivaled joys to enjoy, from unique and traditional drinks like Boza to the timeless foods like Sultanahmet meatballs with enticing flavor. But with so many different food choices available, where do you even start? It's time to sate your appetite and learn what and where to eat in the renowned city of Istanbul!

Beşiktaş’s Turkish Breakfast

Are you trying to find a hearty and satisfying breakfast? Go to the Kahvaltclar Soka now! Literally meaning "breakfast street," it is dotted with stylish, upscale eateries that mostly serve whatever breakfast item you would desire. This location is quite well-liked, especially among young people and students, so make sure you go early to find empty seats because it tends to be very packed on weekends. It is definitely time to embark on this amazing brunch adventure in Istanbul's winding back lanes!

Taksim’s Islak Hamburger

Islak Hamburger, which translates to "wet burger," is a well-known street snack that is typically eaten at buffets near Taksim Square. After a hard night out or whenever you need a fast snack, you can enjoy this tempting treat. The taste is highly addictive, so use caution! It's improbable that you can get by with just one piece. Islak Hamburger chunks are kept waiting to warm up inside a steam box before being served. Do not worry; these burgers are so well-liked that they are never left in the box for an excessively lengthy period of time, especially late at night.

Sultanahmet’s Meatballs

Sultanahmet, which gave this distinct flavor its name, is of course the best location to enjoy Sultanahmet Köftesi. Pul biber (pepper flakes) can be used to season the meatballs, but be careful—it could get hot! A refreshing drink of Ayran pairs nicely with this outstanding lunch. Sultanahmet meatballs offer more than just the traditional meatball flavor because of their long history of custom and culture. Sultanahmet's central location in Istanbul also makes it possible for you to easily explore the other wonders of the area following your delectable lunch or dinner!

Ortaköy’s Kumpir

Since Kumpir is just a baked potato, you're undoubtedly wondering what makes a baked potato distinctive. Inside the baked potato, the delicious ingredients tussle, pile up against, and generally have a good time with one another. And Ortaköy is the best place to indulge in Kumpir of all the places to eat this delicacy. In Istanbul, it's unquestionably a must-try street snack. Before cutting into the silky, creamy, buttery potato, choose your toppings, and be sure to order a plate of different sauces to give your Kumpir more flavor!

Kanlıca’s Yoghurt

Since the 17th century, the Bosphorus suburb of Kanlıca has become renowned throughout the nation for its delectable yogurt. Its yoghurt is quite distinctive, and its unmatched flavor is derived from the ideal blend of fresh, well-fed goat, cow, and sheep milk variations. The famed Kanlıca Yoghurt can be found in the neighborhood of Kanlıca's historic eateries and coffee shops. This delectable snack is topped with icing sugar to give it a unique texture and flavor. Take a relaxing vacation to Bosphorus and sample this local delicacy while you're there!

Sütlüce’s Uykuluk

The soft meat cut that is removed from a calf's neck is known in Turkish as uykuluk. Although it is drunk across the nation, Sütlüce in Istanbul is undoubtedly the most well-known location. Uykuluk is inexpensive and delicious enough that you can eat it without a lot of bread and yet feel satisfied. You will undoubtedly appreciate this special occasion because uykuluk is a genuinely wonderful treat. You may either eat it on a platter with some salad or sandwich it between two slices of lavash bread with onions and spices on top. Choose the sandwich version of your Uykuluk and serve it with a large glass of an Ayran beverage to get the most out of it.

Vefa’s Boza Drink

The fabled Vefa Bozas is a delicacy from the Vefa neighborhood of Istanbul. The sourness of fermented millet grain and the sweet flavor of sugar that is released during fermentation give it its unique flavor. Ground cinnamon and roasted chickpeas are placed on top and it is presented in glasses on big trays. It is also very nourishing. Boza drink is a traditional Turkish beverage that will transport you back in time. Head to Vefa area to have some!

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