Discover Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

Where to Buy Property in Istanbul


If you are already familiar with the city, you may be aware of the best places to purchase real estate in Istanbul, whether it be for a primary residence or a vacation home. International businessmen and tourists who want to learn more about Istanbul, however, frequently aren't sure which district is best for them. This is comprehensible.

As the largest city in Turkey, real estate investors are interested in learning which locations offer the greatest potential for capital growth, as well as prices per square meter and recent market trends. Istanbul is a huge city, so before we look at the neighborhoods that are driving the property market there, let's look at some basic geographic information and lifestyle patterns.

Istanbul divides into the European and Asian sections, which are located on either side of the Bosphorus, and spans the northern and southern regions of Turkey. Off the Asian coast, there lies a collection of islands known as the Princes. Istanbul's Bosphorus is a key strategic location. Empires have fought for control of it for many ages, with the Golden Horn waterway off of it. It acts as a link between the European and Asian sides these days.

Prominent Districts to Buy Real Estate in Istanbul

1- Best for Tourism – The Fatih District

The Fatih district is the most well-liked according to tourism statistics. Given that it is home to numerous famous historical structures including the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace, this is logical. Anyone searching for a buy-to-let income from short-term vacation rentals should take this region into consideration.

As we pass the Golden Horn while remaining on the European side, we reach Taksim and Beyoglu, which the locals refer to as "new Istanbul" because this is where tourists can find the best nightlife and shopping options. In these neighborhoods, a lot of tourists also reserve self-catering accommodations.

2- Best for Business - Levent

Istanbul is a success due in large part to tourism, but it is also a center for commerce, banking, and the economy. Levent, Maslak, and Esenyurt are a few specific districts that stand out as hotspots for investors searching for commercial properties.

The first two frequently fight with one another for the distinction of being the highest building, but Levent has the extra benefit of being located on the major metro line, making it simpler for commuters to get to their place of employment. Sisli, Kagithane, and Esenyurt are other areas with commercial real estate.

3- Most Expensive District - Besiktas

When investing in Istanbul's real estate market, you should be aware that residences around the Bosphorus are among the most costly in all of Turkey. Yali palaces, which were constructed by Ottoman monarchy and wealthy people to use as summer residences, are a part of that sector.

Some of them now serve as hotels and museums, while others are still privately owned and preserved. One of them, the Erbilgen Mansion, is valued at an astounding 200 million dollars to give you an indication of their cost. Otherwise, the most costly residential region in terms of pricing per square meter is the Besiktas neighborhood on the European coasts.

4- Istinye

Istinye meets all the requirements for a district with a high end market. Being a part of the Sariyer area, it is difficult to obtain building permits, and if they are, there is a defined height in place; as a result, the real estate market in Istinye is different from that of places like Levent. Residents enjoy easy access to Belgrad forest's jogging paths and picnic spots, and the neighborhood is home to the same-named shopping mall, one of Istanbul's biggest and best.

5- Zeytinburnu

Look into the Zeytinburnu neighborhood if you want to live the Bosphorus lifestyle and enjoy a stunning view at the same time. When compared to other affluent neighborhoods like Bebek, Istinye, and Sariyer, experts forecast significant appreciation returns from the area. Shopping aplenty made possible by the Olivium outlet center and Zeytinburnu's good access to Istanbul's huge transportation system are two more noteworthy features.

6- Bahcesehir

Bahcesehir, located in the Basaksehir district, is well known for its lush surroundings. This residential location also attracts to overseas purchasers because it is only 40 minutes from the new international airport and only 6 kilometers from Istanbul's proposed canal route. Its crown jewel, Bahcesehir Lake, draws inhabitants to the neighborhood on weekends during the summer to enjoy the playgrounds, cafes, and picnic spaces. In Bahcesehir, many off-plan developments also have 3-year interest-free payment plans.

7- Buyukcekmece

The market is dominated by this region. Many people purchase real estate because of the bustling town's commercial centers and growth from a sleepy village over the past 50 years. The main landmark is a sizable lake that is located nearby. The real estate market in Buyukcekmece also caters to both luxury and high-end buyers, making it versatile.

8- Kucukcekmece

For many years, residents of the city centers made Kucukcekmece, which is located on the Catalca peninsula, their preferred weekend escape. This changed as locals began to purchase vacation and retirement houses and real estate developers realized the possibilities in the area. Nowadays, both Turks and foreigners live there, taking advantage of the area's beauties including Kucukcekmece Lake. On the proposed canal route, this is another location.

9- Cheapest District - Esenyurt

Esenyurt, located between Kucukcekmece and Buyukcekmece on the fringes of European Istanbul, is the least expensive neighborhood. The fact that it is an inland location means that it is less expensive than residences with beach or sea views. Esenyurt is undergoing extensive development for off-plan and newly constructed residences, and it has a lot to offer for purchasers on a tight budget.


Istanbul is an excellent location for real estate investment, and there are many wonderful areas to take into account. Istanbul has something to offer whether you're looking for a hip neighborhood with lots of cafes and nightlife, a quiet residential suburb, or a historic quarter with loads of charm. Investing in real estate in Istanbul is a wise move due to the city's robust real estate market, expanding economy, and rich cultural legacy. In this exciting and dynamic city, whether you're buying a property for yourself or as an investment, you can be sure that you're making the right decision.

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