Buyer's Guide

Buying a Property in Turkey

Buying a Property in Turkey

What  you need to know about purchasing a home in Turkey

A detailed manual to make the purchase process easy and sade for foreigners who want to own a house in Turkey. It can be a challenge for them since they are not familiar with the laws and process of purchasing a property in a foreign country for many reasons:

  • Many unprofessional real estate companies may take advantage of buyers and defraud them and waste their money and valuable time.
  • The long process, laws, and legal procedures concerning the property purchase as well as the legal gaps that buyers may not be aware of.
  • The language barrier while dealing with legal laws and legislations
  • Being away from the country makes it hard for buyers to be up to date with the purchase process

Our mission is to help buyers find a suitable property for them and guide them step by step through all the procedures and purchase processes and also provide them with after-sales service.
We will introduce to you our guide of buying a property in Turkey:
1/ Finding a property
Turkey nowadays is known for the growing real estate market and more buyers are investing in real estate every year and more families are looking to settle in Turkey. Buyers may be overwhelmed with the high number of properties and projects across the country and this makes it harder for them to choose the right property or the best investment. Property Experts' mission is to imply its long years' experience and knowledge of dealing with hundreds of clients, to understand your needs and wants, and try to provide you with options that suit you. We will also provide you with our best advice and information about the most recommended projects in Turkey, the best investment opportunities, and information about the regions and areas in Turkey.
2/ Finding the right agent 
While checking projects and properties buyers may deal with a lot of agents who have one mission which is to sell in the fastest and easiest way and only see clients as a money source and profit. We teach our agents to build trust relationships before profit, to understand the needs of the clients, and make the whole experience smooth and easy. It is a challenge when buying a property in a foreign country, with different laws, different cultures, and languages, buyers should have the best agent to guide them in the best direction.
The most important part is to build a trust relationship between the buyer and the agent before coming to turkey. A good professional agent must put the clients' interests first, understand their needs and requirements and prepare a number of options that may suit them so when they come to Turkey the path would be clear. We understand in Property Experts that some of the clients might be annoyed by the huge number of agents trying to reach them and sell them any property, there is a thin line between being a professional agent and an annoying agent but in the end, the agent has a work to do in order to help the client purchasing their dream houses and inform them with the latest news and offers available.
3/ Discovering the country :
Visiting Turkey and getting to know the country, cities and get close to the culture is the main factor of buying a property. We don't sell you bricks and walls we sell your dream home and your lifetime investment opportunity. 
A city like Istanbul is very huge and have many cultural differences, every region is different to the other in term of quality, lifestyle, services, and distance to the city center so at property experts we make sure to let you discover everything about the cities so you can make the right decision.
4/On site visit 
After taking your requirements into concern and filtering the options for the client, we organize a professional inspection trip to visit the projects. We make sure the client sees a good number of properties in order to be able to differentiate between the projects and their advantages and disadvantages. A 3 days site visiting will help you explore the locations, services, and amenities available in the area and especially we make sure to visit projects that suit the client's budget so we don't waste any valuable time in the city. 
5/ Getting prices and offers
while buying your property our next mission is to negotiate on your behalf and get the best offers we can have relying on our big network connections and our close relationship with project developers. We will work on getting discounts and good prices and get the property you chose. It is important to bear in mind that there are some extra charges while finishing the purchase transactions, these should be aware of so we can have the estimated budget.
6/Reserving the property
Once the buyer chooses the property, a deposit must be put to reserve the flat and freeze the price and begin with the purchase procedures. The amount of reserving a property is 1000$ and non-refundable. It is given to the seller for reservation and will be deducted from the total amount of the flat but if the buyer cancels the purchase after reserving the property, the deposit will not be returned.
7/ Appoint an Attorney
To finish the purchase process in a smooth secured way, buyers must appoint an attorney in law to take care of all the legal transactions on their behalf. The buyer can be out of the country so this will save valuable time and the burden of dealing with long procedures. We can help with this manner by providing a trusty attorney or can be the client's choice.
8/Final Check and Title deed
Signing the contract is one of the last steps of purchasing a flat which can take up to 4 weeks, a final check must be done by your attorney to make sure that the property is registered under your name and all the legal transactions and municipality registration is done correctly.
Note: Since March 2019, military clearance is no longer required on properties.
After finishing all the legal obligations and secure all the papers required, the final step is to register your title deed( TAPU) so the name can be registered under your name and receive the title deed to your home.

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