How to Apply for Visa and Residence Permit

How to apply for the turkish residence and visa

How to apply for the turkish residence and visa

Residence permit and Turkish Visa:
Foreigners must apply for a tourist residence permit or visa when they are visiting Turkey, some internationals can obtain the visa once they arrive at the airport and some must apply for it from their countries through a Turkish governmental website. This visa grants a 90 days stay in Turkey in a 180 days period. Those who want to stay more in the country must apply for a longer tourist residence in Turkey and provide a reason for the stay.
However, property buyers and investors have the advantage to grant an automatic residence permit for a year and easily renewable, it is part of the government plan to encourage more buyers to invest in the Turkish real estate market.
The normal residence permit can be valid for a 6months or 1 year and must be renewable for a stay reason. Foreigners who are working in Turkey must apply for a work permit valid for the work period.

How to apply for a Turkish visa:
Foreigners who want to apply for the visa must log in to the DGMM website (The Directorate General of Migration Management). All the information must be submitted in order to get an appointment. After filling the form an appointment will be given at the nearest DGMM as well as the available times and dates also the required documents 
However, foreigners can stay in turkey and apply directly from there but they will have to stay in the country until the residence permit is issued and accepted then they can travel and leave and re-enter the country.
Cost of the residence permit:
Once foreigners apply for the permit online and choose the date at the DGMM, the fees will be automatically calculated. It depends on the stay period applied. The fees can be paid visa credit card or at the Turkish tax office for foreign residents in Turkey.

Documents required for the Turkish residence permit:
The DGMM website will provide information about the documents required but in general, the following are the required papers:
1/ 2 copies of the passport + must show the orginal+ photocopy of the entry stamp (passport must be valid for the period you are applying for)
2/ Turkish tax number (can be obtained for a local tax office near you)
3/ 2 Photocopies of the rental contract in Turkey or the TAPU( Turkish title deeds) for property owners
4/ 8 passport size photos
5/Online application for the residence permit from the Turkish government website and must be filled with your personal information
6/A bank statement proves that you are able to spend on yourself while staying in the chosen period.
7/ Documents for your children and spouse( birth certificates-passports-photos) if you're applying for a family residency permit


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