How to Obtain Title Deed

How to obtain a title deed

How to obtain a title deed

What is a title deed?
An official and legal document that proves ownership rights of property, mentions information about the owner, location, type, and size of the property. The title deed is registered under the TAPU and Cadastre General Directorate.
Property Experts' mission is to guarantee a secured smooth process while buying a property in Turkey. Our job doesn't stop at the purchase level, we offer after-sales services and we provide our buyers with professional attorneys to finish all the documents required and legal procedures.
How to get the Turkish title deed:
1. make an appointment at the local title deed office, buyers should provide their passport and Id cards.
2. Both sided the buyer and seller should state the value of the transaction so the stamp duty can be applied and paid by the buyer.
3. Stamp duty must be paid by wire transfer
4. The seller signs the title deed to the buyer stating that the purchase process was completed and a receipt was given and that the title deed will be transferred without any enforcement.
5. The buyer signs the title deed as well and accepts the title with any additional fees that can have.
6. The original title deed is transferred to the new owner
Types of Turkish Title Deeds:
There are 2 types of TAPU:
1/ Land Possession: For title deeds registered on lands, they cannot be related to any other type of property.
2/Joint Possession: When there is a share on properties between several buyers, the title identifies the rights and obligations of each owner.
This title deed identifies the ownership of personal property, specifies all its details and it can have a mortgage on the contrary of the joint ownership. The individual property can be either under construction or ready to move unit; residential or commercial as it can be identified on the legal documents of the TAPU.
Under construction (kat irtifaki): In this case, the title mentions that there is still construction in progress and it identifies the location of the unit within the project.
Unit Possession(kat mulkiyeti): A document or a license given once the construction is finished after the authorities check and value the development so they grant a habitation license or as called in Turkish "Iskan" which transfers the title deed to a full title deed.
The habitation license presented by the city planning department is very important to obtain and buyers must ensure having it to state their unit otherwise they can face difficulties selling it in the future.
Examining the title deed:
The attorney in law appointed by the client must examine the title deed as the last step to make sure it identifies the unit and if there are any charges, mortgages, or any other restrictions against the title.
The cost of the Title deed:
Once you purchase a property in Turkey there are additional fees for transferring the title deed which is called stamp duty tax: It is 4% of the purchase price.
Buyers will pay this fee declared by the seller when they complete the exchange of the title deed.
The cost of transferring a title deed:
It is also called Duty stamp tax and costs 4% of the purchase price. It can be paid completely by the buyer or split between the buyer and the seller depending if there is an agreement between them.

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