Modern-styled Residences and Offices in Istanbul's Vibrant City Center

Modern-styled Residences and Offices in Istanbul's Vibrant City Center

Price From: 1,374,000$   Ref: PE-238

Why This Property?

There is a promise of an opulent life with its prominent location, distinctive and modern architecture, social amenities, and materials, each square meter of which has been lovingly woven. The pinnacle of real luxury may be found in rooms that are spacious, light-filled, and packed with details included to promote a comfortable living environment. It has a unique spirit thanks to the luxurious kitchen furnishings.

It is surrounded by a fantastic atmosphere, the gorgeous Bosphorus Strait, unique architectural marvels, a rich cultural heritage, and thousands of years of history.

The development offers its residents a luxurious lifestyle, numerous amenities, and 5-star facilities right at their doorstep, as well as a beautiful sea View and shopping district with high-end boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, an indoor pool, and a sizable exercise facility with a play area for kids. Nearby walking trails and a sizable park give locals a chance to escape to nature while still in the city.

Property Amenities:

  •   24/7 Security
  •   Restaurants and cafes
  •   Concierge
  •   Lobby
  •   Commercial space
  •   indoor swimming pool
  •   Sauna
  •   Spa
  •   Recreations area
  •   Basketball Courts
  •   Child play areas
  •   Gym
  •   Mall
  •   Valet parking
  •   shops and malls
  •   pet training

Unit Types:

Type Rooms Salons Bathrooms Min Area Max Area Price From Price To
Apartment 2 1 2 158.00 M2 164.00 M2 1,374,000$ 1,671,000$
Apartment 3 1 3 186.00 M2 208.00 M2 1,684,000$ 1,920,000$
Apartment 3.5 1 4 242.00 M2 265.00 M2 1,698,000$ 2,282,000$
Apartment 4.5 1 5 240.00 M2 342.00 M2 1,970,000$ 2,511,000$
Duplex 5 1 6 421.00 M2 498.00 M2 2,738,000$ 3,796,000$
Duplex 5 2 6 494.00 M2 494.00 M2 3,554,000$ 3,730,000$

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