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Property Experts Turkey works to be the most secure and quick reference for Turkey’s property investment. Therefore, we offer a set of significant services that will help you in making the right investment decision.

Real Estate ConsultationChoosing the best real estate property to invest in is not easy in Turkey. That is where Property Experts Turkey comes in to guide you and offers you unbiased market advice. Our significant consultants provide a feasibility study that fits your needs.

Project VisitsWe organize pre-planned visits to construction sites and projects where you can directly meet with the sales team and get up-to-date information regarding the project's status.

Legal SupportFrom following up on title deed and related legal matters to the legal work needed to apply for Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey, we have a Turkish lawyers team here to assets you with legal advice and consultation services. With there long-term substantial experience in real estate law, they offer you a basis that guarantees your rights in every step.

After-Sales ServicesOnce you are sure about your dream property, we offer to be with you and help you to prepare your purchased property for living or rental. Our help includes setting up all utilities and furnishing it.

Resale ServicesSuppose you have a property that you want to resale. In that case, our team will find all available opportunities to hook you up with potential buyers that will guarantee a sizeable return on investment for your property.

Property ManagementWe provide you with an excellent property management service. It includes year-round maintenance for your property, regular check-ups, bills' and tax payments, or any other related issue.

Rental ManagementIf you have a property that you want to offer for rent and earn the maximum return on investment, Property Experts Turkey help you find the right tenant. Our team will organize your property viewings and follow-up with prospective tenants.

Citizenship by InvestmentAfter you purchase a property in Turkey, and according to Turkish law, you can apply for Turkish citizenship for you and your family. Our experienced legal counselors will walk you through the application process and will help you to prepare all the needed paperwork.

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