Who Can Buy a Property in Turkey

Who Can Buy a Property in Turkey

Who Can Buy a Property in Turkey

Since 2012  the Turkish government has opened the real estate market for foreigners and has passed a law allowing foreigners from 129 different countries to purchase property such as apartments, villas, offices, and land anywhere in Turkey except military zones. However, there are some restrictions applied on certain nationalities.

What are the restrictions in buying a property in Turkey:
⦁ Foreign buyers can buy a maximum of 300.000 sqm of property in Turkey
⦁ Foreign buyers can buy property up to 10% of the total area of the district

Who can buy property in Turkey:

• the USA                                 • Germany                                        •Argentina                               • Benin        
• Bulgaria                                •Australia                                          • Belgium                                 • Belize                 
•Bosnia and                            •Brazil                                                 • Switzerland                          • Namibia            
• Herzegovina                         • Burkina Faso                                  • Burundi                                 • Chad                   
• Denmark                               • the Dominican Republic             • Estonia                                  • Republic of 
Cote    D’Ivoire                        •China                                                • Finland                                  • France                
• Gabon                                   • the Gambia                                    • Guinea                                  • South Africa                
• South Korea                         • Georgia                                            • Croatia                                 • Tunisia
• the United Kingdom           • Spain                                                • Ireland                                  • Iran         
• India                                       • Sweden                                            • Iraq                                       • Italy               
• Canada                                 • Kenya                                               • Northern Cyprus                • Holland                      
• Colombia                              • Kosovo                                             • Mali                                       • Lebanon          
• Moldova                                • Monaco                                            • Libya                                     • Luxembourg              
• New Zealand                        • Niger                                                 • Nigeria                                  •Norway              
•Palestine                                • Pakistan                                            • Serbia                                   • Yemen                       
•Poland                                    • Portugal                                            • Peru                                       • Romania                    
• Slovakia                                 • UAE                                                    • Saudi Arabia                       • Kuwait              
• Azerbaijan                             • Kazakhstan                                     • Turkmenistan                      • Uzbekistan                

Nationalities who cannot buy a property:
⦁ Armenia
⦁ Syria
⦁ North Korea
⦁ Cuba

Restrictions of some nationals who can still buy a property in Turkey:
⦁ Jordan
⦁ Israel
⦁ Fiji
⦁ East Timor

These nationals can still purchase a property in Turkey but there are some restrictions applied on them. Other nationals have restrictions related to the region they want to buy in in Turkey. For instance, Russian and Ukrainian buyers are not allowed to purchase a property on the Black Sea coast of Turkey. Greeks as well are not allowed to buy a property in the Black Sea and some Aegean districts of Turkey

Restrictions on the type of property purchased:
Nationals from 31 countries are subject to some restrictions related to the type of property they can purchase in Turkey.
⦁ Egypte: Not allowed to purchase an Agricultural land
⦁ Morocco: Not allowed to purchase an Agricultural land
⦁ Latvia:  Not allowed to purchase an Agricultural land
⦁ Afghanistan: Not allowed to purchase Agricultural land and permission is required for the other types of properties.
⦁ Albania: Only residential properties and offices are allowed.

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